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Funny things Children say about pregnancy?

(104 Posts)
moominmarvellous Sat 06-Mar-10 11:47:23

My DD is really making me laugh about this second baby, she's got it all figured out in her own little way!

So far she has said that the baby in my tummy has the same name as her, and that she has a tiny baby in her tummy too which has the same name as me.....

I asked if she'd help me take care of the little baby and she said yes, but not if it leaves poo on her arm, because that will stink! (no rose tinted specs here!)

Also while getting dressed this morning she said 'Ooh Mummy I LOVE your new boobies! They're just so big and.....wobbly!' whilst she did a little wobble!

She cracks me up! grin

notnowbernard Sat 06-Mar-10 11:56:53

DD2 told me yesterday that she remembered being in my tummy, and that it was really nice. She had a little bed in there, toys and everything

She really did, IN TRUE LIFE, MUMMY! grin

moominmarvellous Sat 06-Mar-10 12:00:24

ha ha! In true life! So sweet smile

notnowbernard Sat 06-Mar-10 12:01:46

Yes, 'tis very comical

Heated Sat 06-Mar-10 12:15:04

DD says she has a baby in her tummy too, that the baby is to be called Charlie Cowley(?) but maybe she'd like a frog or a duck instead. Ds thinks it should be called Gordon!

purepurple Sat 06-Mar-10 12:23:25

When I asked a 2 year old if his mummy had a baby in her tummy, he stamped his foot and shouted at the top of his voice
"My mummy did not eat a baby!"
It was so funny!

jojochanel Sat 06-Mar-10 17:32:43

DS1 (31/2) keeps telling me about my imminent birth plan at the moment:

'mummy - you will lie down and say 'ouch' and baby sho sho will come shooting out super quick'.

I fear it's not going to be that easy or quick!

SmilerJane Sat 06-Mar-10 18:01:53


love this thread.. My 2 DC are hilarious atm. I am 20wks preg and have had severe mornind sickness. On tablets to stop me Grrrr.

My DD aged 3 is adamant she has a baby in her tummy too, my DS aged 8 said no kezia when you start school and get a boyfriend then you can have a baby!!! I said i dont bloomin think so lol..

When i went and heard babys heartbeat my DD said baby wants to come out.. apparently banging 'let me out, let me out' lol.. she kept tellin everyone this for ages ha ha ha ha

Now my DS said if its a girl he'd really like us to try for a boy asap!! i said 'what, when i am so ill..?' he said 'but mum its all worth it in the end and it be nice to have a big family' lol

I have 2 DC and my DP has 2 DC for a prevoius relationship!! I think our family is big enough ha ha ha ha

My DS n DD always put things up their tops sayin i'm just like mummy... yes kids i'm huge and have 20 wks still to go... lol

My 2DC have really kept my spirits up bein so down with hyperemesis... but yet hard work at the same time

pigleychez Sat 06-Mar-10 18:17:08

My DD is only 19mths and im almost 30 weeks.

At first she would say that DH had a baby in his tummy too.- Much to his dismay

Now she is soo cute at kissing my bump and telling everyone its my "baby tummy".-Anyone she sees, In the supermarket, Dr's waiting room etc.

Raahh Sat 06-Mar-10 18:31:07

My DD is very funny about DC3- she draws pictures at nursery of me with babies in my tummy.

Best bit was when she stood in front of me and very seriously proclaimed that I couldn't drink coffee anymore, as the baby wouldn't like it, and can only drink milk and juice. She is 3.5, with quite an advanced sense of how and where babies develop, it seems!grin.

hophophippidtyhop Sat 06-Mar-10 19:39:41

DD tells me that the baby in her tummy is making her hungry when she wants food. She also said when we went for a midwife check up as I laid down to hear the heartbeat, "mummy, you're getting bigger!"

dinkystinky Sat 06-Mar-10 19:46:01

DS1 said "naughty mummy - you do wee and no use the potty" when my waters broke grin

hobnob57 Sat 06-Mar-10 19:52:41

DD (2.5) 'mummy can you get the baby out please there's not enough room for a hug. It's in the way!'

sunshiney Sat 06-Mar-10 20:21:13

I'm 28 weeks, my 2.5 yr old dd tells me the baby is going to 'walk out of my bottom'.

Trying to decide if that will be better or worse than labour!

SqueezyB Sat 06-Mar-10 20:47:03

My 5-year-old niece told me v loudly in a shop that 'your baby's going to come out of your foo foo!'

She also asked, when DD was about 5 weeks old, 'have you got another baby in there? Your tummy's very big'. Trust kids to point out the obvious!

Milliways Sat 06-Mar-10 20:54:38

DD (4) was asked if DS would come out of my mouth! So, I tried to explain how he would arrive, in very simple terms and her next reaction was:

"Eugh, he will get all dirty!"

Cue a more detailed explanation. She thinks and then says:

"Well, that'll hurt the babies head!" grin

(She also grabbed up my skirt gasping "Can I see?")

ItchyTits Sun 07-Mar-10 08:44:20

I took a friend's DD to see Ponyo (a cartooon film about a fish-girl who becomes a land-girl). Afterwards she asked me "If your baby is a fish, will you call it Ponyo?" - hmm

Another friend's DS asked, of her bump, "If it's a boy, can we call him Daddy?"

chimchar Sun 07-Mar-10 08:53:24

when i was very pregnant with my dd, i was wearing a hoodie with a pocket that went across the front of it (you know the type to put your hands in!) a little boy came up to me outside ds nursery and asked why i was keeping ds football in my pocket!

bless. grin

springerspaniel Sun 14-Mar-10 20:53:24

I got asked today, "Is the baby going to be a goodie or a baddie?"

I'm not sure which I'd prefer. An evil genius in the family might be quite cool.

gnatbite Sun 14-Mar-10 22:01:55

DD (age 3) looking at me closely after a shower "I think the baby might have moved into your bottom Mummy" blush

lola0109 Sun 14-Mar-10 22:16:02

When DD1 was a few months old my sister and I took DD1 and my 5yo niece swimming, my niece insisted in coming in to get changed with me.

On seeing my heavily stratchmarked belly she asked if that was where DD was scratching to come out!

38 weeks with DD2 at the moment and I refuse to let mhy niece see my belly! I don't think I could take anymore comments!

gibbberish Sun 14-Mar-10 22:19:22

My sis's little girl had been thinking about babies one day and proceeded to announce that she knew what breasts were for.

When the baby is in mummy's tummy, her boobs are where it rests it's arms.


gibbberish Sun 14-Mar-10 22:20:18

Oops not it's arms. Its. Sorry blush

Sis dd has it all worked out. I bet she can type better too.

lovesaruby Mon 15-Mar-10 07:46:58

What a great thread! When telling dd's (5 and 3) that we were going to be finding out if baby no.3 is a boy or a girl in a couple of weeks, dd2 said "we'll be able to see if its a girl, it will have a bow on its head!"

Holly29 Mon 15-Mar-10 10:01:09

My DS saw me in the shower the other day and shouted "oh Mummmy, the baby is sticking out!" - I almost had a heart attack and actually had to look down to see if a stray leg was hanging out my fanjo, but luckily he meant that my bump was sticking out grin ...

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