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Share your stories of ridiculous crying and make me feel better!

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musicposy Sat 06-Mar-10 11:45:00

I am 6 weeks pregnant with a very much wanted 3rd baby after 8 years of trying and much IVF expense. So I should be skipping over daisies singing happy songs! hmm

The reality is I keep crying about how I want my normal life back (I don't, I would be devastated if this pregnancy didn't come off), and bursting into tears over stupid, stupid things.

Yesterday, I took my two girls to the ice rink where they have a skating lesson. DD1's lesson is always at a quarter to 9. I was sat upstairs in the cafe watching her down on the rink, thinking I might get a hot drink, when she starts signalling frantically for me to come down. I'm thinking "this better be good!" (because I'm an irritable cow at the moment), go down there, and she says can she have the lesson ticket now as her skating teacher has said she'll take her at a quarter to 8. Rather irrationally I say "but I wanted to come and watch your lesson at a quarter to 9, I want a drink now." DD1 says, well I have to go now, takes the lesson tickets and has her lesson. At which point I sat at the side of the rink and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed because I had wanted to watch her lesson at a quater to 9, not a quarter to 8. The other mothers were looking at me like I was a total, utter, head case, and no wonder! What a totally stupid thing to cry over. Later on I sat upstairs at the cafe and I still couldn't stop crying because my plans had been turned around.

So, come on, pregnant people. Share your stupid crying stories and make me feel better! Please tell me this is part of pregnancy and I'm not completely losing it....

bloomingbex Thu 08-Apr-10 14:10:52

I cried this morning when "She's Like the Wind" came on my iPod. Dirty Dancing is my all time favourite film and it suddenly struck me that Patrick Swayze will never dance again sad Oh great, I've just set myself off again....

CJK1 Thu 08-Apr-10 14:23:07

Today I cried at the sea, well more specifically at some pebbles near the sea. Now I want to cry because Michael Jackson will never the sea, poor Bubbles.

missdt Thu 08-Apr-10 14:54:10

I cried yesterday because Subway was closed

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