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Share your stories of ridiculous crying and make me feel better!

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musicposy Sat 06-Mar-10 11:45:00

I am 6 weeks pregnant with a very much wanted 3rd baby after 8 years of trying and much IVF expense. So I should be skipping over daisies singing happy songs! hmm

The reality is I keep crying about how I want my normal life back (I don't, I would be devastated if this pregnancy didn't come off), and bursting into tears over stupid, stupid things.

Yesterday, I took my two girls to the ice rink where they have a skating lesson. DD1's lesson is always at a quarter to 9. I was sat upstairs in the cafe watching her down on the rink, thinking I might get a hot drink, when she starts signalling frantically for me to come down. I'm thinking "this better be good!" (because I'm an irritable cow at the moment), go down there, and she says can she have the lesson ticket now as her skating teacher has said she'll take her at a quarter to 8. Rather irrationally I say "but I wanted to come and watch your lesson at a quarter to 9, I want a drink now." DD1 says, well I have to go now, takes the lesson tickets and has her lesson. At which point I sat at the side of the rink and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed because I had wanted to watch her lesson at a quater to 9, not a quarter to 8. The other mothers were looking at me like I was a total, utter, head case, and no wonder! What a totally stupid thing to cry over. Later on I sat upstairs at the cafe and I still couldn't stop crying because my plans had been turned around.

So, come on, pregnant people. Share your stupid crying stories and make me feel better! Please tell me this is part of pregnancy and I'm not completely losing it....

colie Sat 06-Mar-10 18:10:14

One born every minute. Have only managed to watch 15 minutes of one episode.

Also at the fact that Elvis died. I am nearly 40 and found out he passed away when i was about 10 but found it extremely distressing to get the news again recently. blush.

MarineIguana Sat 06-Mar-10 18:40:01

I think I would cry at Up anyway, but went to see it in the cinema during this pg, and OMG, I thought I would be escorted out, I was sobbing and gasping so much (while poor DP had to reassure DS that I was OK)

Today we were in John Lewis for baby stuff, I'm now 38 weeks and desperately needed a sit-down, so headed for where I knew there was one of those nice gliding breastfeeding chairs. I got there and some dad was sat on it daring to feed his baby! The git! I had to quickly turn round and go away so he didn't see me burst into tears that he and his selfish baby had taken MY chair. blush

pandora69 Sat 06-Mar-10 18:41:40

This thread is fab! Particularly like the one about crying because Michael Jackson wouldn't be able to see the leaves. Snort!

Today I had to walk down the main street in town with tears in my eyes because 2 opera singers were singing the song from my wedding day in aid of dementia research. I couldn't get the loose change out of my purse fast enough.

MarineIguana Sat 06-Mar-10 18:43:43

(DP has said he doesn't want me to watch One Born Every Minute because he can't cope with the crying - so I sneakily watched it during the day while he was at work. Had to turn it off, I was bawling so much I could hardly breathe.)

MummyElk Sat 06-Mar-10 18:50:48

<sob> at "Daddy, My Daddy" pidgin, you had to go and say it didn't you grin<whilst manically brushing tears away>
grin at pixie
Also find the creme egg adverts disturbingly emotional, i'm torn between "it's what he would have wanted" to "but he's someone's creme egg son, how would his mother feel"

ohnelly Sat 06-Mar-10 18:56:07

I cried at that RSPCA advert where the old dog is out in the rain chained up & they come and put a blanket on him! Poor him! sad

chainedtothedesk Sat 06-Mar-10 19:23:21

Even post pregnancy it doesn't get any better - i cried every time i saw the SMA formula ads with the little baby shoes next to the Dad's shoes.

rollerbaby Sat 06-Mar-10 19:29:54

I just wailed like a baby after pulling a saucepan lid down on my head from the top shelf in the kitchen. The dog sat on my feet to comfort me luckily.

pregnantpeppa Sat 06-Mar-10 19:52:20

34 weeks here and crying like a baby at everything. Cried for about 2 hours the other night because I watched 5 mins of One Born Every Minute, where a lady was havign a painful sweep and got hysterical about medical staff in hospital "doing things to me". Messed up my babysitting arrangements last night, booked at the wrong time so was late to where I was going and cried like mad because I was going to be late. Today in Tescos cried round the aisles as I felt tired and DH is away for the weekend and I thought what would happen if I went into premature labour (he's 4.5 hours drive away, was quite happy to let him go as only 34 weeks). Cried at work on Thursday as I missed my train and was 10 mins late for my childminder - she was very good about it and and came and dropped my DD off on her way out, but I cried on the train all the way home as well for having put her out. God, I am a mess! Now I am crying as I have gt D&V (for second time this month) and DH still away. Think I am justified in that last though, really feel ill, looking after toddler on my own and vomiting!!

thislittlesisterlola Sat 06-Mar-10 20:22:39

I've sobbed a lot this evening as I've had such a lovely day and its made me exhausted. Also dp is out tonight and I havent seen him all day and want a rest tomorrow and wont get that as there is so much washing up to do. I want him here with me for a cuddle. Also my dinner tasted disgusting

YorkshireTeaDrinker Sat 06-Mar-10 20:52:17

Was congratulating myself at not being tearful and hormanal until i read Pidgin's post. Crying at the idea of The Railway Children now.

Nymphadora Sat 06-Mar-10 21:04:53

Dh smells funny has been my worst so far (7 weeks)

hmmSleep Sat 06-Mar-10 21:21:03

LOL at Dh smells funny!

Hermya321 Sat 06-Mar-10 21:21:13

I kept bursting into tears on my driving course, I cried in front of most of the instrutors. Two days after that finished, I found out about LO.

One born every minute gets me, I cried when Joy and Fabio had their baby. My DH took the remote off of me when that happened. What can I say I was invested.

2andcounting Sat 06-Mar-10 21:33:30

christ alive- mall the bleedin' time!
last week at the end of my dd2's 1st birthday party- it was lovely hmm

a wee girl in my class got full marks in her mental maths test this week- i went on and on about how proud i was of her blush

we r totally skint and so dh working v. bizarre night and wk/end shifts and i cry every time he leaves the house- also telling him how much i love him and his sacrifices- even though i too work full time and he certainly never says this to me...

am constantly mortified by my crying- esp as dd1 2.8yrs, keeps asking if im okay, then rubs my arm or strokes my face- and then of course this sets me off again blush

so glad its not just me

Ariesgirl Sat 06-Mar-10 21:49:06

Oh God, I'm not even pregnant ( was just reading this thread for amusement) but now have tears in my eyes at the thought of "Daddy it's my Daddy!". And if anyone's watching Braveheart, Murn's about to be executed. And whenever I see Barney the dog in the RSPCA advert I blub like a baby "Barney loved his owner. He thought his owner loved him." sadsadsad

Nymphadora Sat 06-Mar-10 22:00:59

hmmsleep - Being pg is the only time I can smell things and I REALLY don't like it!

thecoffeelady Sat 06-Mar-10 22:02:24

I cried at the help for haiti video. while I was sobbing DP said if it upsets you why are you still watching it? I replied 'because I want to know who sings what bit' and then sobbed for about 20 minutes, I cry at EVERYTHING dog food adverts, got to dance on sky 1 when akai won........... I could go on but I would be here all night (and most of tomorrow) blush

ariesgirl I cry just thinking about poor old Barney

Amapoleon Sat 06-Mar-10 22:12:28

I cried because I was craving a Macdonalds burger[enough to make you cry in itself] and thought dh hadn't got the one with mustard on it.

nattiecake Sat 06-Mar-10 22:21:34

i just cried because the men on the national lottery won the money!!
i cried earlier today because i was watching the birds out my garden and they flew away!! lol

j0807bump Sat 06-Mar-10 22:28:33

i cried the other day when DH phoned my totally uninterested 2.7DS to tell him he would be late and wouldnt beable to play trains with him that night.

HellBent Sat 06-Mar-10 22:31:17

Pixie that is the funniest thing I have read in a long time, I hope you have got over it now?

HellBent Sat 06-Mar-10 22:39:29

I once cried inconsolably for about ten minutes a few days after DS was born, after I peeled the last banana and put it in the bin and was left holding the skin! DP made me a cup of tea after he realised there wasn't something wrong with the baby. Oh how we laugh about it now!

blackcurrants Sat 06-Mar-10 22:48:33

@ mummyelk yeah - just reading that 'Daddy! My Daddy!' made me well up, too! Darn it!

I cried in big shuddery sobs for about twenty minutes last night, my own fault, I shouldn't have watched "Wendy and Lucy." It's a sad film at any time, but now DH has (tactfully) suggested I don't watch anything with dogs in until I've had this baby (EDD 24th July!) because sad stories with dogs in make me cry for ages and mournfully hug my own dog, who then looks a bit embarrassed and tries to lick my snotty, wobbly face....

I was walking along the beach today when a mum and dad walked past with a 5/6 year old daughter, who was holding a kite, with a massive grin on her face. DH gave my hand a little squeeze and that set me off. He's so excited about being a parent! I'm crying just thinking about how sweet he is! blush

spiderlight Sat 06-Mar-10 22:48:36

I'm not pregnant either, but I cried for four hours the other day (had raging PMT, in my defence) because my best friend had absent-mindedly signed off an email with 'Regards' and not put any kisses.

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