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Share your stories of ridiculous crying and make me feel better!

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musicposy Sat 06-Mar-10 11:45:00

I am 6 weeks pregnant with a very much wanted 3rd baby after 8 years of trying and much IVF expense. So I should be skipping over daisies singing happy songs! hmm

The reality is I keep crying about how I want my normal life back (I don't, I would be devastated if this pregnancy didn't come off), and bursting into tears over stupid, stupid things.

Yesterday, I took my two girls to the ice rink where they have a skating lesson. DD1's lesson is always at a quarter to 9. I was sat upstairs in the cafe watching her down on the rink, thinking I might get a hot drink, when she starts signalling frantically for me to come down. I'm thinking "this better be good!" (because I'm an irritable cow at the moment), go down there, and she says can she have the lesson ticket now as her skating teacher has said she'll take her at a quarter to 8. Rather irrationally I say "but I wanted to come and watch your lesson at a quarter to 9, I want a drink now." DD1 says, well I have to go now, takes the lesson tickets and has her lesson. At which point I sat at the side of the rink and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed because I had wanted to watch her lesson at a quater to 9, not a quarter to 8. The other mothers were looking at me like I was a total, utter, head case, and no wonder! What a totally stupid thing to cry over. Later on I sat upstairs at the cafe and I still couldn't stop crying because my plans had been turned around.

So, come on, pregnant people. Share your stupid crying stories and make me feel better! Please tell me this is part of pregnancy and I'm not completely losing it....

moominmarvellous Sat 06-Mar-10 11:49:38

I cried after watching the live episode of Eastenders the other week....blush

For some reason I was overcome by the wonderful job they had all done in pulling off a live show!! What a fool! grin

musicposy Sat 06-Mar-10 11:52:27

lol grin that does make me feel better!

moominmarvellous Sat 06-Mar-10 12:01:26

I thought it might! It's something I'm keeping quiet about in the real world! ha ha!

PixieOnaLeaf Sat 06-Mar-10 12:16:33

Message withdrawn

muddler Sat 06-Mar-10 13:08:27

With my first, I was late for work when I couldn't compose myself after seeing on breakfast news that Martin Scorsese had won his first Oscar. I have no idea why I was so upset, he just looked so little and happy. I was in pieces!
I seem to have escaped it this time, although well up a lot at daft things on telly too.

Principle Sat 06-Mar-10 13:30:40

I cried the other day because my other half was at work and I was at home, alone and wanted him here with me, Plus the sun was shinning and i wanted him to be here to enjoy the day with me. Ahh well heres to the next cry.

BalloonSlayer Sat 06-Mar-10 13:51:41

I made the effort once to take DS1 to church. Got up there and found I had mis-read the service times and the service was just finishing. The sidesman was kind but I thought a bit patronising and I felt stupid.

I went home and cried and cried and cried. After a while I thought "Why are you getting in such a state? What's the matter with you?"

I remembered I had a spare pregnancy test lying around and used it - BFP!

hmmSleep Sat 06-Mar-10 14:01:44

When pregnant, I always cry at large gatherings, carnivals, marathons, concerts, especially if everyone starts clapping together hmm. Currently 6wks pregnant so avoiding such situations.

Joolyjoolyjoo Sat 06-Mar-10 14:06:07

When I was pregnant with dd1 I watched one of those wildlife documentaries about migrating caribou, and cried so much I thought I would never stop! First I cried for the caribou when the mean old wolves were trying to hunt them. then I cried for the wolves when they failed to catch any and their cubs went hungry- it was absolutely heartbreaking! My DH was away, but phoned home about 1hr after the thing was finished, and was hugely alarmed at my level of hysteria blush

hmmSleep Sat 06-Mar-10 14:14:44

musicposy Does that mean you're due end of October, or right at the beginning of November, if November, there is an anti-natel thread here if you fancy joining us smile.

hmmSleep Sat 06-Mar-10 14:16:14

antenatal blush thought it looked odd as I typed it!

EvilTwins Sat 06-Mar-10 14:19:49

I cried at nearly every episode of Neighbours whilst on maternity leave before DTs were born. Even worse, before I left work, I cried every time something positive happened - I'm a drama teacher, so every time a child got a good grade, did something kind for another child, said something nice to me (or someone else) It was awful.

AliGrylls Sat 06-Mar-10 15:03:59

When I was pregnant with DS I read A Thousand Splendid Suns. For 4 days I cried non-stop.

I think I also cried watching the x-factor. I can't remember why but I just remember thinking "her mother must be so proud".

LaTrucha Sat 06-Mar-10 15:13:02

Last time I was pregnant, I cried because I saw an old man on TV bending down to pick up the hat that had blown off his head. It just seemed so undignified. blush

tiredfeet Sat 06-Mar-10 15:35:13

I cried at the cream egg adverts, both the one where it tries to get in a blender and fails, and the one where it catapults itself and splats blush

GoddessInTheKitchen Sat 06-Mar-10 15:37:32

when i was pregnant i sat and cried and cried one morning because i couldn't find a hairband!

dp couldn't figure out what was wrong. it is funny in hindsight grin

arolf Sat 06-Mar-10 16:15:46

it would probably take me less time to list things which didn't make me cry whilst I was pregnant with DS
the worst was when 2 friends who were due after me had their babies before me, and I got the announcements when I was 40+1 - I just howled for 2 days because I was so jealous blush! then I went into labour which took my mind off things dfor the next few days

berniew Sat 06-Mar-10 16:23:45

I was hysterical after watching 'one born every minute' the other night- probably understandable. Also cried at an episode of 'Ben and Holly's little Kingdom' my son was watching- possibly not quite so...?

muminthecity Sat 06-Mar-10 16:23:53

When pregnant with DD I couldn't laugh without it turning into tears. My sister was the worst culprit as she's so funny - she'd say something hilarious and I'd laugh my head off to the point where I was almost hysterical and I'd be laughing long after everyone else has stopped and they'd all be staring at me looking scared. Then my laughter would turn to crying, not just a few tears but big, heaving sobs which could last ages blush

Bondwife Sat 06-Mar-10 17:25:54

Ok where do I start

This week (wk 34) I cried because:

UP! (yes the Pixar kids film!!!) is just about the saddest film ever when it shows you the old man and his wife's life together and then she dies. Oh I cried buckets at this.

I had to walk the dog.

the baby is sitting on a nerve and I'm not allowed to go to work.

I woke at 3.30am and couldn't get back to sleep.

my husband took a trip to the pub and came home 3 pints later (instead of having a big evening out) with the biggest ice cream sunday with all my fave flavours.

I saw my child on a scan. Then cried again when the lady scanning me told me its estimated weight now is 5lb 5oz and it won't be a small baby. A, because its all now very real and B, because its going to hurt!

after I read a baby Q&A book and realized I know nothing about having babies or how to look after them.

but the best reason I cried this week was that it was Wednesday.

Yep I've been like this since week 4, I hate hormones and the fact that you know how unreasonable/daft your being doesn't help.

FatSeal Sat 06-Mar-10 17:31:10

Crumbs this lot makes me feel a lot better! I have had crying jags every day over usually silly things, and generally feeling very low, bored and cross. Getting very fed up with being a crazy pg woman, and the look on DHs face speaks volumes "there she goes again" which makes me even crosser arg!

siamesecatwoman Sat 06-Mar-10 17:44:49

i cried over the summer when about 10 wks pg because Johnathan Trott got a century in the Ashes - I was so proud of him, and his mum was watching too - I dont follow cricket.

cantmummyhaveabreak Sat 06-Mar-10 17:57:11

with all 3 of my pregnancies it used to always be washing the pots that set me off... i'd do the lot, empty the water out, then turn round and there was a rogue plate/fork/knife sat there- i'd not seen it at all...

I used to sob for ages... 1st time round i sobbed all afternoon thinking if a can forget to wash a knife how will i care for a baby!!

DH found it super amusing!!

I also cried when i didn't think i was spelling a name right that i liked for DC1... I wrote it about 4 times, every different way i thought it possible, and none looked right.... only for DH to come home and tell me i'd got it right the first time!! Hence not calling him that name if i didn't even think i could spell it right!!

Pidgin Sat 06-Mar-10 18:01:16

I just cried snottily at the bit in The Railway Children where Bobby has a surprise birthday party and she says to her mother, 'Daddy would have liked this, wouldn't he?'. To be fair I well up at that film non-pregnant but this time I had been watching for about 30 seconds before I started crying. I had to turn off before the 'Daddy, my Daddy!' bit at the end.

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