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Travel Systems

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ChaCha Sat 16-Jul-05 12:22:56

Hope i'm posting this in the right place!

After many recommendations and much browsing we have decided that we'd probably like a 3-wheeler Jane travel system. Was wondering if any of you have one/intend to have one and what you think of them.
There are many here but am unsure of which is best - what about colour? We are hopefully having a boy.
Thank you.

hunkermunker Sat 16-Jul-05 12:26:34

We have the four-wheel Jane (the Carrera C), but I do know people who have the three-wheeler. I have to say I prefer mine, simply because it folds up a lot smaller (the three-wheeler often needs its wheels unclipped to go in the boot, not that this takes ages, but it's still quite big even like this).

Also, one person I know has had problems with the front wheel and brake and several of them squeak - and because they have air tyres, they do get punctures).

But these things aren't confined to the Jane model by any means and if you want a three-wheeler, the Jane one is lovely.

As for colour, our Carrera is Titanium as it went with the interior of the car best and we liked it

If you go for the three-wheeler - get a front wheel that swivels. Nightmare to push otherwise!

sarahsausage Sat 16-Jul-05 20:21:02

Im also going for the jane matrix system, but the 4 wheeler rather than the 3.

I must admit the 3 i did prefer the 3 wheeler but it was just far too big to go in the boot of my mums car and i go out with her loads. So if you have a smaller car i would say the 4 wheeler

With regards to colour, i like something a bit different so have gone for the "green teck" although all the pictures on the internet are yellow for some reason but have been assured its green!

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