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Feeling a bit panicked as 7 weeks pregnant & have a yellow discharge

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nomorewine Tue 02-Mar-10 17:25:59

Just noticed it when I went to the toilet - it is quite a bright yellow. Up until now I had been having lots of discharge but it was white & quite normal looking. I will be 8 weeks pregnant on Thursday.

Live on my own with my 2 boys & work so not easy for me to just pop to the doctors, although I know I will have to try at some point tomorrow. Will just have to bring them along I guess.
Panicking right now though. Am thinking infection or sign of miscarriage.

nomorewine Tue 02-Mar-10 17:40:45

I have had the same DP (who I totally trust) for 2 and a half years so don't think it is an STD of any kind. Panicking here.

InTheZenGarden Tue 02-Mar-10 17:46:57

Standard thing for me when pregnant!

Still got it now at 12 weeks and keeps me reasured that all is going to plan

Worth getting it checked out tho - could be "asymptomatic" (non-itchy at least) thrush?


hippopo Tue 02-Mar-10 18:03:21

I am not an expert but I noticed in first trimester mine was unusual but everything seems to have settled down now. I don't think it is anything too major to worry about maybe mention to midwife at booking in hopefully couple of weeks time?

nomorewine Tue 02-Mar-10 18:15:25

I have my first midwife appt next Friday, but am feeling so alarmed that I was feeling I needed to see a doctor or someone right now!
Feeling quite low right now. Just thinking of how I can get to the doctors seems such hard work. Tried googling but think that can worry you more sometimes. Noticed my urine is also very yellow atm. Don't know if the pregnacare tablets are to blame in anyway.

Ledodgy Tue 02-Mar-10 18:17:59

Mine was yellowish all through pregnancy I wouldn't worry unless you are itchy or anything and then it may need treatment. It can also be caused by any pregnancy vitamins you are taking.

Ledodgy Tue 02-Mar-10 18:18:50

Ahh yes just saw you mentioned pregnacare it will be that.

hippopo Tue 02-Mar-10 19:05:01

Yep defo the pregnancy vitamins, it can be quite alarming at first I remember but used to it now.

flintski Tue 02-Mar-10 19:14:33

I have this too - have done since about 5weeks, (am 9 weeks now)have been checked out for infection which came back clear although like you was a bit worried as can be heavy at times. Its obviously a common occurance according to posts so hopefully nothing to worry about!

nomorewine Tue 02-Mar-10 20:31:17

Thank you all for your posts - I am feeling pretty reassured by them.
Hadn't thought that the pregnacare could play a part in things like this! It is alarming to notice something so unusual, so feel reassured that others have experienced the same thing.

Ledodgy Wed 03-Mar-10 21:45:45

Just never take berocca if the colour of your wee worries you. Honestly it makes it fluorescent! grin

Cheepz Wed 03-Mar-10 21:50:43

I am seven weeks too and have had bright yellow pee and fairly creamy to yellow cm / discharge since before I got BFP - am also taking pregnacare and am convinced its that, mentioned it at EPU this morning (early scan cos of history of mc) and doctor said very very common and absolutely normal.

feel reassured xx

differentnameforthis Wed 03-Mar-10 21:53:58

I notice this when I have berroca. It is your system getting shot of the vitamins it doesn't need.

Was quite alarmed at first (although not pregnant). My dh notices this if he drinks too much orange cordial.

nomorewine Thu 04-Mar-10 15:57:25

Thank you all. I must say that my wee seems almost fluorescent just lately too!

My discharge seems to have returned to a white colour now, so I am feeling a lot less worried. Good to know it is quite common & normal. I will be less likely to freak so much if it happens again!

BryaAmy Thu 02-Jul-15 14:33:42

Started having yellow discharge 2 days ago but it stopped all evening and night went the toilet this morning and it's back it does smell a little& in also having little pains but there bare able, but ii had a miscarriage about 5 years ago so I'm ever so panicky!!

Frillsandspills Thu 02-Jul-15 14:40:56

I noticed I had this when taking pregnacare tablets. I still get it every now and then at nearly 16 weeks. I spoke to my gp and she didn't seem concerned at all she just said it was down to hormones and she said to be fair discharge can come in all sorts of colours, of course only worry when it's red or when it's a bit smelly as their could be an infection, which is always easily treatable!

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