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over 40 and trying to conceive??

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joanne40 Thu 25-Feb-10 15:17:13

Hi, is there anyone else out there trying for a baby who is an 'older mum'? I am 40 and have 3 children, youngest 8, and have a new partner who wants children and is 32. we have been together for 4 years. I have just come off the mini pill, and am enjoying practising!! is there anyone else in a similar position, or who have been successful?

nomorewine Thu 25-Feb-10 15:41:29

I am a little younger at 37, but still an "older mum". Found out I was pregnant a few weeks back & it was a complete surprise! Case of being a bit rubbish at remembering my mini pill in the morning!

I have 2 boys aged 10 & nearly 7, and thought 2 was my limit, but like you, I have a new DP who has never had children.

Just keep up the practising & see what happens!smile

cardamomginger Thu 25-Feb-10 15:47:05

I'm 38.5 and 9.5 weeks with my first grin. Didn't happen immediately, but didn't take that long either. Are you using a fertility monitoring system? We used Clearblue digital and found it really helpful - we'd been making all sorts of incorrect assumptions about when we should get down to business! Good luck!!

randomimposter Thu 25-Feb-10 15:56:13

hi joanne.... this thread might be of interest to you?
click here

joanne40 Thu 25-Feb-10 16:00:28

nomorewine......thanks, and congrats!! there's a more wine? i think i would die!! x

joanne40 Thu 25-Feb-10 16:01:51

cardamomgnger....congrats!!! I doubt it will happen that quickly with me, what with being 40 and not having had any children for 8 years!! Hope all goes well xx

joanne40 Thu 25-Feb-10 16:02:32

jollster...thank you

missbone Sun 01-Jan-12 20:36:19

Hello everybody,

I see no-one has posted since February 2010(?!) but i'll leave my message here anyway in case any of you are still around. I am 40.4 yrs and trying for a baby. I've been broody all my life and am desperate to become a mother with my wonderful and loving partner, who has a six year-old from a previous relationship. I became pregnant at 31 yrs and sadly had an abortion at eight weeks. I deeply regret that decision but i know i must consign this episode of my life to the past and remain hopeful that i will indeed know the joys of pregnancy and motherhood. Please don't snigger when i tell you i have only been ttc for ONE month and was desperately disappointed two days ago when an early predictor pregnancy test proved negative. This first month of trying i used an ovulation predictor kit and had sex once each day from the beginning of my LH surge until (and including) the day of ovulation (day 13 of my 29 day cycle - does this mean my luteal phase is 16 days?) Anyway, because i did everything by the book i convinced myself (despite all the ominous statistics telling me otherwise) that i would fall pregnant immediately. Of course, i haven't (i did my early pregnancy test two days ago, which was 11 days post-ovulation) and i fully expect my period to arive this Thursday. I really can't imagine the pain and frustration of playing this waiting game for the next few months, or - even worse - years. Thank you for listening...i hope to make some acquaintances on here very soon x

Ponyphysio Sun 01-Jan-12 20:42:52

Don't despair - I conceived naturally (and completely accidentally) aged 40 and a bit - currently 31 weeks and will be 41 by the due date! Will keep fingers crossed for you smile

Ponyphysio Sun 01-Jan-12 20:43:51

....thats age 41 btw smile

galwaygal Sun 01-Jan-12 20:46:41

Hi Missbone, - you will find a fantastic group of over 40's trying to concieve on this thread in conception. They are always ready to welcome new folk.

blackcatsdancing Mon 02-Jan-12 14:01:22

i'm 8 weeks pregnant and am 43 (almost 44). Got pregnant 2nd month of trying after years of being on combined pill. However got a long way to go yet so very anxious and will be until past 20 weeks. (NB this is my second- there will be 20 year gap!)

wickedorwhat Mon 02-Jan-12 14:56:11

hello, hope you dont mind if i join this thread , well i had a coil removed when i was 40 as it gave me an infection and i just thought if i get pregnant it wont be a disaster. I have two dc 13 and 15 boy and girl. anyway it didnt happen and i came to terms that my family was complete. i am now almost 44 and after a mc at 6 wks a few months ago i now find i am approx 7 weeks gone i think as i dont know the last date of my period. its still very early and anything can happen but i am in shock as i now feel a little old to be going through this again and all other worries like can we afford it? will it be healthy? oh the worry. i have nt told a soul only me and dh know at the moment. feel sick and boobs are killing and have not plucked up the courage to go to doctors yet!!!! ps blackcat... we are almost the same age im 44 in feb! i thought 15 years was a big gap lol. love it!!

10000fireflies Mon 02-Jan-12 15:41:38

Missbone - don't despair. You're still young by many 40-something-and-preggers-standards. Galway (hi there lovey!!) has directed you to a great thread for support on this. If you open all the pages and look around the entries dated towards the end of November 2011 there were lots of starter-top-tips. I think I would add to that advice by saying get to your GP asap and pretend you've been trying for ages so you can start getting things checked out in case you have any issues that need dealing with. You need to make sure you develop a nonchalant attitude to TTC too to avoid stressing as this could be a stumbling block in itself.

Congrats to Wicker and Blackcat and Pony. I am currently 16+2 with first pregnancy at 42, natural conception in spite of blocked tube. You're giving me hope that I won't be too old to have more than just one!

Good luck everyone!

kellzi Mon 02-Jan-12 17:37:01

Hi all, 41 and pg with3 rd child others 20+23, started trying in may/June fell sept, mc October, now 5 weeks again, bit anxious and like you wicker scared thinking am I crazy, then excited, 40 is the new 30, and I think we will make better mums , good luck all x

shinysideup Mon 02-Jan-12 17:58:16

Hi, I'm 45 and currently 29 weeks with dc2. Dc1 is 25 yrs old! Took us 3 yrs to conceive and we had really thought it wouldn't happen and then it did. We are very excited about it. smile

10000fireflies Mon 02-Jan-12 19:03:00

OOo, congrats to Kellzi and Shiney! Keep up the good work ladies!!

missbone Mon 02-Jan-12 22:03:33

Thankyou so much to everyone who replied to me and have made me feel welcome. A quick update: my period arrived this morning...3 days early! This means my cycle this month was only 26 days long. I have NEVER had such a short cycle (usually 29 days). Should i be worried?? Thank you.

Ponyphysio Mon 02-Jan-12 22:51:16

I wouldn't worry too much - I had actually noticed my cycle getting shorter in the year before I conceived. Being a miserable cow natural pessimist I assumed I was heading for an early menopause - when in fact it was quite the opposite!

waite1502 Mon 16-Nov-15 22:00:46

Hi, I'm 40 and trying to conceive, this is my 2nd month of the pill. I have 3 kids already and one with a new partner who is younger than me, trying for number 2 with him., our son is 4. Wonder if it's gonna take longer now I'm older?, .....

cloudjumper Mon 16-Nov-15 23:42:14

waite Check out this thread on the conception forum, lots of advice and support.

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