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37 weeks and very heavy discharge - is this normal?

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Mayandbump23 Mon 22-Feb-10 15:49:47

Sorry if TMI but I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my first child and in the last week or so have noticed a dramatic increase in discharge - I now have to wear pantyliners all the time or risk wet pants (and trousers), sometimes I can even feel the discharge 'gushing' out as it is so heavy. Apart from the quantity the discharge appears 'normal', ie. does not smell or have a funny colour, and I don't have any other symptoms (e.g. itching). Is this incrase in discharge normal at this stage of pregnancy or should I get tested for strep b/thrush/uti?

MrsBadger Mon 22-Feb-10 15:56:11

bet it is thrush

TubbyDuffs Mon 22-Feb-10 16:00:19

Its not your mucus plug is it? Mine came out at 37 weeks and the next day my waters broke.

I would check though, that it isn't your waters. Just give the midwife a ring, as mine wasn't obvious and I actually thought it was incontinence because it was a trickle every time I stood up.

It was a bit embarrassing as it was my third child, although to be fair, I had never actually gone into labour before!

Get it checked out.

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