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Are the dates wrong?

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1yummymummy Wed 13-Jul-05 20:54:11

Hi, I would be grateful for any info if anyone can help~not sure if there is a midwife who posts? I am asking for a friend, she is 35wks and went for a check up today with her midwife but the midwife has said that she is measuring 41wks? Of course this has worried my friend but she has an appointment on Monday to be booked in for her c-section so the midwife said they will rescan her, surley from her two previous scans the dates cant that much out or is it a case of a big baby? Anyone ever heard of this?

Joseyjo Wed 13-Jul-05 21:54:14

my midwife has NEVER measured my bump at all. she (in fact all the mws in my area) think it is too inaccurate to bother with. i would only worry about size differences if the data comes from a scan and even then it is plus or minus 4 days.
hope that helps...

kgc Wed 13-Jul-05 23:25:17

I have never been measured but have had a scan and told I was 35 weeks and then the midwife telling me I was 36 weeks!!!! so can be done....

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