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how early can you have a scan?

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dappymoo Sat 20-Feb-10 14:30:32

I am pregnant for the first time, unplanned, and due to being off the pill, then back on, and period being all over the place, I have NO IDEA how far gone I am.
Doctor guessed at 4 weeks, but at that stage I was actually 4 weeks late for period so surely that would make it 6 weeks at least?
Although I think it could be even more potentially, as I can't remember having a period the month before either. Or am I getting confused with the whole way they date it..?

ANYWAY, I'm seeing the midwife for first appt in 2-3 weeks so should be at least about 8 wks. Is there any chance she can do a scan to try and find out how far gone I am or do I have to wait til 12 wks?

Thanks for help!

KentuckyFriedPenguin Sat 20-Feb-10 14:33:45

Ually you wait until 12 weeks to see how far along you are - at least that is it where i live.

You can have an internal scan where you can see "things" from around 6 weeks but its not routinely offered.

The 12 week scan is called the dating scan for a reason

jumpyjan Sat 20-Feb-10 14:38:48

Yes the 12 week scan can confirm dates and is very accurate. I have had an 8 week scan both times but that is due to previous miscarriage and they are not routinely offered - I have got a feeling the 8 week scan isn't so good for dates either as you really can't see much. It seems like a long time to wait doesn't it. Best of luck.

pinkheart Sat 20-Feb-10 14:40:04

there would be medical reason to have a scan if you are unsure of your dates. the dating scan is usually done between 10+6 weeks and 12+6 weeks due to the new combined screening tests for the nuchal test. when you have your scan and if you are further than you thought they can offer you the triple test which is done from 15 weeks. (if you were to have an early pregnancy scan done for a medical reason, they would not date your pregnancy until you have the first offical scan done at the combined test scan/dating scan)

dappymoo Sat 20-Feb-10 14:49:20

ok thank you! Yes it does seem a really long time to wait!

I don't know how everyone does it, I've only known for a week and I'm driving myself crazy!

rubyslippers Sat 20-Feb-10 14:50:43

you can pay for a private scan

they are ££££ tho

i had one at 10 weeks ish as DH couldn't make it to the 12 week scan

dappymoo Sat 20-Feb-10 14:55:21

ok thanks ruby, something to bear in mind if I get REALLY desperate!!

rubyslippers Sat 20-Feb-10 14:56:39


good luck with your PG

CMOTdibbler Sat 20-Feb-10 14:58:03

My friend got an NHS dating scan as well as a nuchal scan as in her first pg she turned out to be 4 weeks more pg than she thought, so was only just in time for her nuchal scan. So in her 2nd pg, she got a scan at 6 weeks to be sure.

tobago04 Sat 20-Feb-10 15:00:42

How about getting a clear blue digital test that tells you how many weeks you are? I did one and it matched with my scan date when i had one

Besom Sat 20-Feb-10 15:07:54

You could try one of those digital pregnancy tests that says how far along you are? I don't know how accurate it is though. When I did mine it came up 1-2 weeks which was correct.

However, these tests tell you the number of weeks since conception, which is different from how they calculate your pregnancy weeks.

Pregnancy weeks are counted from the day you had your last period usually and not from the time of conception. So I am 6 weeks pregnant but it is only 2 weeks since I missed my period, and about 4 weeks since I conceived.

But if you have been on the pill and your periods have been all over the place then I don't know! Only the scan will tell you for sure.

dappymoo Sat 20-Feb-10 15:48:55

Thanks for replies, yes it's totally confusing.
I have a feeling the 6 week mark is about right, but would not be surprised if it was up to 4 weeks more really.

I did the clear blue test and it said conception over 3 weeks ago (over 5 wks preg) but that's as early as it goes on that test(unless there's another one...?)

I suppose i just need to chill out (!) and wait for the scan, and if I lose a month i lose a month!

katiecubs Sun 21-Feb-10 12:16:35

Hi Hun i would say to your doctor/midwife that you are unsure of dates and they should be able to organise an early dating scan for you. It would be really helpful to know as if you wait for 12 weeks you may miss the window for the combined test (if you are having this).

If they don't agree to scan you early i would just go with the max number of weeks you think you are (i.e 10). If the 12 week scan then finds this to be wrong you will just be asked to come back again later for another one.

Congrats BTW xxx

lockets Sun 21-Feb-10 12:22:14

Message withdrawn

tids1 Tue 31-Aug-10 00:06:50

can a vaginal ultrasound pick up a yolk sac two weeks after actual sex??? im worried bout my dates please help!!!!xxxxx ps can a pregnancy test, test positive after a week after actual sex??

excitedmummy2be Tue 31-Aug-10 08:03:14

No. A vaginal scan won't pick up anything before about 6 weeks and a pg can be done from the day you miss your period. Some claim you can do them a day or so before your period us due but the accuracy is much less reliable. Good luck!

japhrimel Tue 31-Aug-10 10:04:12

A test will go positive 1-2 days after implantation, which occurs 6-10 days after conception, which can be anything up to 7 days (but more likely 1-3) after having unprotected sex. So you could have a positive test 8-9 days after unprotected sex, but a bit later would be more usual.

Scans can't pick anything up till 6 weeks (4 weeks past conception).

ILoveDonaldDraper Tue 31-Aug-10 10:19:34

You can have a private scan at 7 weeks which will give you an estimated due date. I did, and it was only 1 day out from the date they gave me at the 12 week dating scan.
They are about £100 and well worth it in my view.

serendipity16 Tue 31-Aug-10 10:44:29

Due to previous losses i was seen at the RMC at 3+6 & was given a scan.
Although he wasn't 100% sure, on the scan pic he pointed out a 'circle glow' which he believed indicated that we had a pregnancy in the womb (previous early losses + ectopic) so this was good news for us.
They normally say they don't see a positive sac until you hcg levels are over a certain amount.
I was given scans every week, sometimes twice a week.
I wouldn't recommend such early scans though as its really stressful.
They saw a definite sac & HB at 6 weeks.

With my 1st baby, i found out i was pregnant at 11wks. I went to the doctors with heavy, prolonged bleeding.... never for 1 second thought i was pregnant. She did some blood tests, didn't tell me she was also checked my hcg levels. Went back for the results & nearly died on her floor through shock when she said i was pregnant. I was sent for a scan the following day as i didn't have a clue how far along i was, scan showed i was 11+4.

Jstall90 Wed 31-Aug-16 01:01:26

I've had some upheaval last feels months and am ashamed to say i had unprotected sex with 3 different people one onThe 26th of July (no proper ejaculation) one on the 5th of august and one on the 11th august I know its disgusting but im here for advice so please no judgement. I thought my period was due on the 12 a maybe 13 the of this month (august) and i took 5 tests over the course of the month all came back negative until the 25th of august when i got an almost invisible positive.. I took another test on the morning of the 26th which came back as another light bit more visable positive..could someone please help me figure out with os the more likely time of conception. Im so ashamed i thought about termination but i cant go through with it and waiting for a dating a can will shred my nerves ..thank you in advance sad

ConvincingLiar Wed 31-Aug-16 20:11:32

I think those dates are so close together it's going to be impossible to say. Sorry.

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