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5 weeks and really bloated stomach, probably trapped wind but

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Nymphadora Thu 18-Feb-10 22:49:17

Could it be anything sinister? Have had quite a lot of wind but it's not gone down much. Stomach is a bit tender but that could be linked to the wind

Am I worrying over nothing?

QuestionsAnswered Fri 19-Feb-10 08:10:02

I am not sure nymph, but didn't want your post to go unanswered.

My tummy has felt a little bloated, as if I have had a large meal and I am definitely feeling pressure, but it is not tender iyswim.

Maybe try on the oct thread and see if any more of us are feling the same way or if you are worrying, just go and see the GP for a quick check. It can't hurt and I am sure they would rather do a quick check if it stops you from worrying. smile

Nymphadora Fri 19-Feb-10 08:19:48

Thanks, I googles around and bloating seems to feature on the symptom list ( progesterone surgesget the blam)

It has gone down today( with lots of farting blush) but am tender ( but dh pointedout that this sometimes happens when I'm not pg.

Think I'm just been paranoid & sat in car for hours yesterday didn't help the wind or the aching<<fingers crossed>>

I don't remember being this anxious with dd1&2

blacksmith Fri 19-Feb-10 09:04:02

have you tried some prune juice? quite unpleasant but worth a go?

ellabella2 Fri 19-Feb-10 09:39:45

I really think 'worrying' should be listed as the number 1 early pregnancy symptom wink

I totally empathise with how you feel. I am nearly 7 weeks with my first and am obsessing over every bodily sensation or lack of!! Get myself in a quite a state sometimes hmm

I'm sure your bloating is down to wind (like you said a common side effect of the increased progesterone levels in your system) and will settle down. smile

Biw Fri 19-Feb-10 10:40:38

I suffered horrendous bloating with DD1 from 8 weeks. It turned out my stomach was producing too much acid - was given Ranitidine by my GP which worked very well.

Symptoms stopped at 12-13 weeks along with all the other unwanted symptoms.

I'm 25 weeks with DS2 now - this time took no chances and escaped early weeks with Ranitidine straight away. But alas, from about 20 weeks the bloat has arrived. It's really horrendous, pushes against my ribs and hurts when baby kicks. If anyone can help with bloating in 2nd/3rd trimester I would really appreciate it.

Jules80 Sun 21-Feb-10 15:21:28

Hi, Girls your not alone!

Im now 14 and a half weeks and suffered with gas, acid, sicknes since the day i found out at about 5 weeks. I could not eat hardly anything without feeling rough. I used gaviscon to ease the symptoms. Its normal to feel worried, hopefully they say it should ease as time progresses, tho I am stil waiting. Try to eat little and often and drink water often. Avoid gassy foods- pulses cabbage etc

hope that helps. not sure if anyone else has any suggestions for moi! im stil feelin so ill!

Elsa123 Sun 21-Feb-10 16:12:29

Hiya- I've been getting this and wrote about it in the Oct antenatal thread. It is the progesterone and for me, the bloating and champion burping kicks in shortly after food- any food- so I'm upping my fibre intake, eating decent natural yoghurt and drinking more. I MUST try chewing my food more thoroughly! It can also cause constipation. For me, avoiding gassy foods makes no difference (in fact- had baked beans at lunchtime and it hasn't felt so bad oddly enough). I'm also getting excess saliva- nice- so when I swallow, I also keep feeling like I'm swallowing air. Its so glamorous.

anyagujraal Thu 18-Jun-15 13:48:41

I had bloating when I was at 8 weeks. I googled about this and came to know the causes and few tips. This is because of changes in hormones, uterus swelling or gas. We can avoid this by following few tips like taking more fluids, having regular small meals, kept gas inducing foods at bay and exercising. fenugreek worked out for me. Check here to know how to use fenugreek for bloating

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