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Inflated nipple gland/hair follicle?

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woodstock2 Wed 13-Jul-05 12:27:25

I have noticed a swollen hair folicle on my left nipple which has almost grown to the size of my nipple itself which looks rather odd! It is not painful but I am worried at the rate this has grown, has anyone else experienced a similar thing? I don't think it is a swollen milk duct, I am 25 weeks pregnant.

Tipex Wed 13-Jul-05 20:44:20

Hiya woodstock2, is it definately a hair folicle? sounds infected if it is altho that would be painful I'd have thought? Could it be a montgomery tubercle? they are the normal little spot type things that are on the areole, they get bigger during pregnancy and maybe one of yours has gone for it and got a whole lot bigger!! why dont you pop along and have your GP have a look at it.

good luck with the rest of your pregnancy BTW!
25 weeks is a lovely stage I remember, lots of movement and not too much bump!

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