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Is the hygeneist free?

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Flamesparrow Wed 13-Jul-05 12:20:43

Or just the dentist?

spidermama Wed 13-Jul-05 12:21:18

I have to pay for the hygenist.

Flamesparrow Wed 13-Jul-05 12:22:34


Nat777 Wed 13-Jul-05 12:53:10

Yep I have received dental treatment for free but have had to pay for the hygenist, I was disappointed!

Flamesparrow Wed 13-Jul-05 12:53:55

Think I'll put my appointment off for a month then!

NomDePlume Wed 13-Jul-05 12:57:36

My dentist does the scale & polish himself so it was all free

pesme Wed 13-Jul-05 13:15:24

I had a free appointment with the hygenist when i was pregnant.

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