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Hypnobirthing cds recommendations

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MPuppykin Wed 17-Feb-10 14:17:59

Hi, I have been scanning the web for hypnobirthing cds as due to a remote location it will be impossible to attend classes. But I am just confused with all the choices out there.

can anyone recommend ones they particularly found helpful?


puddock Wed 17-Feb-10 21:38:48

I used this one. Very good IMO. There are other ones tailored for twins, home births etc.

MPuppykin Thu 18-Feb-10 09:42:42

Thanks Puddock.

GentleBirth Thu 18-Feb-10 15:24:17

Message withdrawn

emsyj Thu 18-Feb-10 16:25:21

I'm doing a course and the ones I've been given are called 'Rainbow Relaxation' and 'The Comfort Zone', but The Comfort Zone is just music, the main one is the Rainbow Relaxation CD. I think this is the CD you get if you buy 'Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method' from Amazon, as this is the book we've been given on the course. The Comfort Zone CD I've got is just a copy that the teacher made for us and didn't come in a proper case. I haven't listened to that one.

ChunkyPickle Thu 18-Feb-10 19:44:42

I'm very interested in finding one that's not too hippy - I'm just not sure I can take something with 'rainbow chakra meditation' as one of its tracks seriously... (one of the hypnobirthing courses on iTunes)

The NCT recommended one - how much of a flower child do you have to be?

koeda Thu 18-Feb-10 23:55:00

You can download mp3s from either of these sites (both have British accents which some people prefer): pnotherapy-CDs-MP3s-P22

and this forum also has lots of other info you might find useful:

2greatboysandabump Fri 19-Feb-10 13:55:07

I have been using the one Puddock has linked, and am finding it very useful so far. Currently 25 weeks pregnant with DC3. Didn't have a great birth with DC1 was terrified of giving birth with DC2 (breach baby so ended up with a c-section), this time round I'm feeling quite calm about the birth which I'm sure is partly down to the cd. Obviously I am unable to comment on the effect of this cd during labour but I am definately in a much more positive frame of mind and feeling good about the future birth, which is definately a positive.

emsyj Fri 19-Feb-10 16:02:34

I have found the 'proper' official Hypnobirthing Rainbow Relaxation CD quite lentil-weaving, but it seems to work - the first time I listened to it I nearly fell asleep and definitely experienced 'time distortion' as it seemed to last 5 mins. I think you are supposed to experience time distortion when in a state of deep relaxation. I certainly slept better after listening to it and had my first night's sleep without waking for the loo since being pregnant (am now 23+5). I haven't been very good with listening to it this week as I've been working a bit later and I have noticed that my sleep is less good. Don't know if it's linked or not.

In terms of the words and stuff on the CD, I didn't really hear or notice what was being said after the first minute.

midnightsun Sat 20-Feb-10 11:29:51

I've been using the Natal Hypnotherapy pregnancy relaxation, VBAC and birth preparation CDs in preparation for delivering my second child, hopefully any day now (40+4).

Am feeling remarkably chilled and relaxed about the prospect of labour, considering that I had a long and painful time first time round. Can't report yet how well they work during childbirth itself but the CDs are not that hippie-ish ("imagine every in/breath is bathing your baby in a golden light" is about as lentilly as it gets), the voice is female, British and soothing. I find listening to them helps me relax deeply and recommend them as much as is possible without having tried the techniques for the crucial bit i.e. delivery.

Website is

shipsladyg Sat 27-Feb-10 15:51:05

I've got a couple of NatalHypnotherapy CDs that you can get in the NCT catalogue (got mine off e-bay). Quite nice and not too hippyish. Relaxing and Positive.

I've also got Marie Mongan's Hypnobirth book. Sadly there's no CD in it - but it does have scripts so you (or your other half) can record your own tracks that suit you personally - an especially useful thing to do if you or your partner find some of the visualisations a bit cringey. (Plus it'll save you £20 a CD!!!) DH and I are literalists but are both aware that I respond well to suggestion so are going to give it a go for labour.

For instance, I react more to the mindful interaction of body/mind - so when the book describes what happens to your womb muscles in a contraction, I think I can probably use that info during labour to focus me and help me to detach. Plus DH won't feel as daft trying to tell me that my cervix is like a opening rosebud, mid contraction!!

The book has also got a good list of positive affirmations that are worth a daily reading or photocopying to give to your birth partner to say to you for when they get bored of saying "breathe" and "well done" and "you can do it" in as many different ways as they can after 30hrs.

There's a list of terms thrown about in labour with a positive spin translation. e.g. instead of having a false labour and thus feeling daft when the hospital sends you home, it suggests you see it as having a practice labour and actually be pleased with yourself that you coped and used the time to practice your breathing etc. Again, for someone like me who takes things to heart too much, to have this alternative approach which essentially says the same thing, would be very useful and affirming

The book also describes a "programming" technique - much like you see Paul McKenna use. It gets you to associate things like being calm with placing a hand on your bump. Or subliminally reminding you of your breathing technique when your partner touches your upper arm. Hopefully more acceptable than someone saying "Calm down" and me bellowing back "I AM CALM" - which is my usual reaction to such obvious, idiotic suggestions.

My Psychotherapist friend recommends writing down all the things that you think would be useful to you and forgetting about the rest. Same with the CDs - edit out the bits of tracks that aren't useful to you.

However - for it to work, you do need to work it. Probably a couple of months of practice a couple of times a week.

All in all - the NatalHypnotherapy CDs are generally good as a readymade one size fits all approach - but if you want something more specifically good for you, get the book or pay the £300 to go on a course to get the Rainbow CD etc. Book is cheaper and more than adequate IMO.

intravenouscoffee Sun 28-Feb-10 15:03:29

Another recommendation for the natal hypnotherapy CDs. Used the labour one last time and found it very useful - got to 9cms dilated with only visualisations from the CDs and my TENS machine. I'm using them again this time round and hoping for a another good experience.

Not too hippyish although when I listened to the CD with DH he was rolling around laughing at the floaty, hypnotising voice.

The leaflet that comes with the CDs says that it helps your brain to think that it's 'done' labour before and so stay calm and not panic which I have to say did work for me. I felt like I knew what was coming next which helped as I'm a bit of a control freak.

Best of luck.

clairecat80 Tue 25-Oct-11 14:24:00

Here's the link for rainbow relaxation and affirmation audio downloads.

Enjoy XX

wahwahwah Tue 25-Oct-11 14:31:16

The Rainbow Relaxation one is Marie Mongan's HypnoBirthing. The UK version of the book - I think - no longer comes with the CD but the US one does. Look on Amazon. If you have prons, let me know and I can send you one (I used to teach HypnoBirthing so have a few knocking about).

roz1982 Tue 25-Oct-11 16:13:58

I've got the maggie Howell designed for hospital birth and I love it. Only thing is, it's forty mins long and I always fall asleep for last ten mins! Don't know if you still get the benefit of what she's saying or not!

bigmacandhappymeal Tue 25-Oct-11 19:47:42

I've been using the Natal Hypnotherapy CD (birth prep for hospital births) and have really liked it (think this is the Maggie Howell one). Proof of the pudding will be when the baby comes though!

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