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DESPERATE: Anti-nausea drugs at 8 wks.

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VelvetQuilt Mon 15-Feb-10 12:32:45

Hi ladies,

I'm a newbie here, now into my 8th week with my first baby and into the 4th week of full on nausea. I'm lucky in a sense that most of the time I can keep food (little and often) and fluids down, but the nausea is overwhelming. Normally I'm physically sick 3 or 4 times a week and I have over active salivary glands, meaning I need to spit once or twice every 5 minutes-which means getting up to go to the bathroom sink all the time.

I've resisted going to the doctor until today (appointment at 4pm) as I'm not happy about the possibility of taking drugs to help with the nausea. However, I am absolutely miserable. I'm self employed, run a business from home and need to be in London several times a week but for the last month I've barely even left the house. I feel as though this may be my last resort as I have literally tried everything.

Has anyone else taken any anti-nausea drugs (prescription of course) did they help and how was the baby?

Please help.


just1moreplease Mon 15-Feb-10 12:48:21

have you tried the anti nausea wrist bands? i thnk they about £7-£8. worked for me.

did get a perscription but didnt take it. my doc told me there was no evisence to say it would cause any probs with lo but with a history of mc i want keen to try it.

im sure there are loads of people who have taken them and been fine.

hope you feel better soon.

just1moreplease Mon 15-Feb-10 12:49:28

shock awful spelling there sorry, blush

VelvetQuilt Mon 15-Feb-10 12:56:02

Thanks just1moreplease-I have had the wristbands permanently attached for two weeks now, and threw them off yesterday. Can you remember what the prescription was? I seem to find sites with lots of American women who have taken them but no British, which bothers me. How do women do it? Seriously?!!!

peppapighastakenovermylife Mon 15-Feb-10 13:00:49

I have never taken the drugs but can sympathise as have had bad sickness / hyperemesis three times now. I think unfortunately a lot of the anti sickness drugs are just that - they stop you being sick but a lot of people still feel nauseas. This is one of the reasons (after friends accounts) that I didnt take them as found the nausea worse than the being sick.

I may be wrong though and they may have improved things - I would go and see your GP and ask.

ApuskiDusky Mon 15-Feb-10 13:01:35

Hi, I took stemetil, I felt so bad that it felt like I had no choice. Stemetil is often the one the GPs try you on first, it doesn't work for quite a few people as far as I can tell on here, but it worked enough for me to get me through to 13 weeks when I started to feel better. The GP who prescribed it was the most 'anti drugs' out of my practice, so that made me a bit more OK about it.

VelvetQuilt Mon 15-Feb-10 13:03:51

Oh gawd! Generally it's the nausea I can manage, the problem is the constant drooling (the kind you get before you're sick) which I get allllll day every day and actually does cause me to be sick. I'm literally at my wits end here, so let's see what the doc can do. I'm even willing to sign one of those responsibility clause documents to release all responsibility thereafter to me I'm that desperate!!!

just1moreplease Mon 15-Feb-10 13:59:23

cant remeber sorry. it was a travel sickness drug is all i can remember.

im sure they will prescibe you something.

MumNWLondon Mon 15-Feb-10 14:37:58

have you tried the morningwell CD - can help to take edge off it. Someone posted recently can get itunes version for 59p!

Avomine/phenergan worked for me and no ill-effects on either dd. I was literally going mad with sickness - puking up tp 14 times daily, hospitalised etc. It did not sort the nausea but did allow me to eat so I felt less sick - empty tummy was worse, I found.

Not all doctors/pharmacists will prescribe though. Good luck

VelvetQuilt Mon 15-Feb-10 15:33:32

Ladies I could kiss you all-FINALLY someone who has actually taken the drugs! Believe me, I wouldn't be taking them if I wasn't desperate! Leaving in 15 minutes so that I can take my time and shuffle there slowly!

GothDetective Mon 15-Feb-10 16:02:41

Hope appt went (is going) ok.

I was put on Bucastem at 10 weeks pregnant, didn't really help and changed to cyclizine at 12 weeks. It did help but didn't stop it all together. I rememberthem having to stop the 20 weeks scan so I could puke up half way through it. grin

Only problem was that the cyclizine made me very sleepy. GP signed me off work for whole of pregnancy, I suppose I may have been more motivated to go into work if it was my own company.

For most people it should get better at 12 weeks, I hope it does for you. Eat little and often to try and keep your blood sugars stable.

babyicebean Mon 15-Feb-10 16:10:07

I have been on Cyclazine for all three of the kids, and it helped in as much as I felt rough as opposed to one of the living dead.

Have had
Doper something

and the last bout I had was the stuff they give chemo patients,the last bout was for what seemed like hyperemisis but wasn't.That combined with tramadol was amazing.

If you are having trouble keeping anything down TELL the doctor.I struggled for 4 months with the first and the drugs made it all bearable, the second time I went straight away and got them and the third I just told him the dosage and drug needed.

VelvetQuilt Mon 15-Feb-10 16:21:04

Thank you SO much, suddenly I don't feel so much of a failure anymore, not to say that I'm not aware of the risks which I most definitely am. Just to make me feel better, baby is cramping right now-joy!

So I've been prescribed some Prochlorperazine which the doctor told me the hospitals also suggest and I can take up to 3 a day. Here's hoping it works. Interestingly, one of the possible side effects is a dry mouth which I can't WAIT for-I'm so tired of dribbling!!!!


solo Mon 15-Feb-10 16:27:16

Candied ginger always helped my nausea...

PfftTheMagicDragon Mon 15-Feb-10 16:30:10

I went on cyclizine for about 3 weeks at about 15 weeks pregnant.I was vomiting 3 or more times a day every day and ended up in hospital dehydrated.

the drugs worked wonders for the vomiting but they knocked me out so was in bed at or before 7 every night.

PfftTheMagicDragon Mon 15-Feb-10 16:31:18

I think there's an antihistamine in the cyclizine maybe - you won't be able to stay awake!

skihorse Mon 15-Feb-10 16:50:25

I'm using cyclizine on an adhoc basis. It's not making me feel any more tired... I'm sleeping nearly 12 hours a day anyway so what's an extra hour? wink

It is the only drug they will prescribe in the country I'm in (NL) and it's proven safe for pregnant women. Even so my doctor doesn't want me taking it daily.

Stickhasgrownup Mon 15-Feb-10 16:59:38

I think I tried most things when preg with dd. Started taking medication at about 8 weeks... absolutely no side effects at all - she's now 4.
Now 11 weeks preg with dc3 and am worse than ever. I'm currently on cycizine -which my dr assures me is the best thing and admittedly I've tried everything else!
I'm still sick everymorning upon waking and usually after eating something too.
I'm so knocked out by them I then have to go back to bed for an hour or so and get up for lunch. Still feel very sick, but if I manage to eat on time I begin to feel more human- but then need another nap!
However if I don't take them I vomit all day... so I feel I'm stuck.
From about 2ish until supper I feel queezy but am rarely sick.
Sickness with dd went on until about 20weeks, as it did with ds (but less severe).
I'm praying that this time round it will end nearer the 12 week mark as I'm just not coping...
By the way I've tried everything non medical previously... even acupuncture.
So OP we pill takers are here... we're just too ill to make it on mumsnet that often!

VelvetQuilt Mon 15-Feb-10 17:24:11

Hi Stickhasgrownup,

Glad you made it on here today! Your situation is really difficult and I do feel for you very much. Just sitting here now waiting to see if the tablets help at all this evening. I really hope they help, else it's back to the drawing board. I've got prochlorperazine but if it's a fail I might go back and ask for the cycizine.

My major problem is the overactive salivary glands-it virtually fills my mouth and makes me feel even more sick-I can't win!

peppapighastakenovermylife Mon 15-Feb-10 17:44:24

Solo please tell me you havent come on a severe nausea / hyperemesis thread and suggested ginger? Please tell me its tongue in cheek!!! grin

solo Tue 16-Feb-10 02:10:55

Peppa, I had severe nausea with all(4)of my pg's and ginger helped a lot over the 4 1/2 months and then starting again at 6 months. I suggested it as just maybe the OP hadn't tried it and it may have been helpful. Can't see why that is offensive to anyone at all tbh.

skihorse Tue 16-Feb-10 06:06:00

solo It is a little patronising and I think it's number 1 on all women's lists of things to try.

It's a bit like suggesting that smoking is bad for you...

PfftTheMagicDragon Tue 16-Feb-10 06:40:53

peppa: ginger biscuits

But ginger biscuits do have their uses

Principally, to make pregnant people very, very exasperated. As in, the 4,000th well-meaning person intervenes sagely when pregnant person complains of feeling wretched. Asks: “Have you tried eating ginger biscuits?” Pregnant person ripostes: “Have you tried putting your ginger biscuits in your ass?”


Meglet Tue 16-Feb-10 07:34:34

I was prescribed Avomine as I couldn't even keep water down. It made me very sleepy though, I used to take it just before I put DS to bed so I could eat dinner once he was asleep and then collapse in bed. There was enough of it in my system to still keep some breakfast down the next day, but I didn't eat much during the day.TBH I can't remember how much difference it made to the nausea though, I was just happy to eat again.

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