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yummyRuth Wed 10-Feb-10 14:05:50

hi i am 39 weeks today with my 3rd and this morning i thought my waters was leaking but when i saw the midwife she said it looks like my backwater has gone not the water around the baby. so said no to worry but keep an eye on it.
ive not heared of this before and i am a little worred as im still leaking from time to time.
any advice would be greatful.

malteser1981 Wed 10-Feb-10 14:28:07

I think your midwife might have meant hindwaters, as in a leak from higher up as apposed to the forewaters in front of the head, its all the same sac but you tend to get a bigger gush if the forewaters break and a trickle if you have a leak from higher up. Wear a pad, keep an eye and if it's wet you need to go in and get checked out and they still class this as your waters breaking. Hope that helps! Good luck!

yummyRuth Wed 10-Feb-10 14:34:08

thankyou that is very helpful.

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