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How soon did you get pregnant after an ERPC?

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Anastasia1979 Tue 09-Feb-10 18:48:18

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering, as I had an ERPC 3 weeks ago at 12 weeks; feeling ready to try again and was wondering what other peoples experiences were! smile

Mumcah Tue 09-Feb-10 19:07:15

hi,sorry about your MC.I had one last may and it took 6 weeks for my period to arrive after the ERPC and I got pregnant on the 2nd cycle.
I know some people don't wait for their period but with the pregnancy I lost I hadn't had a LMP date as I got pregnant straight after having my coil removed and it was a nightmare as the medical profession never believed I knew when I'd conceived.It caused many problems with scan dates etc so my advice would be to wait until you get your first period then go for it!
Good luck smile

HappySeven Tue 09-Feb-10 19:10:21

Being a stickler for following advice I waited for my 1st period which took about 6 weeks. It took about 3 months to fall pregnant again which felt like an eternity at the time but was probably good for me in that it gave me time to out the whole experience behind me. I hope everything works out for you very soon.

kcoffin27 Tue 09-Feb-10 19:45:10

Hi sorry to hear of your m/c. After my erpc I feel pregnant straight away with no cycle in between. The midwife later said that after m/c you are more fetile. I have had no problems with dating as I had an early scandueto 6 miscarriages. I am due 4th august

ladylush Wed 10-Feb-10 17:25:23

Sorry about your m/c sad I've had two erpcs and conceived quickly after. The second time I didn't wait and conceived straight away (no period after erpc). She is now having a nap upstairs smile Hope you conceive again soon and wish you lots of luck in your next pregnancy <hugs>

Anastasia1979 Wed 10-Feb-10 19:40:14

thank you all for your good advice, but sorry also for your losses... it has helped me a lot to read MN and understand how common it is to mc. Makes you feel less lonely. smile

congratulations kcoffin27! grin

Den26 Wed 10-Feb-10 21:35:12

Hi, so sorry to hear about your mc. I had an ERPC at 12 weeks also, last july. I waited until after first af - about 4 weeks and fell pregnant within 1 month, i'm now 25 weeks

Wishing you all the best...

YearoftheDodo Wed 10-Feb-10 21:37:24

9 weeks until 1st period which = 9 weeks of wishing/imagining I was pregnant again. Was a long time.

But then got pregnant before the next period, for which I am everlastingly grateful.

It's a very difficult and crazy-making time.

amyboo Thu 11-Feb-10 07:56:47

Sorry to hear about your mc. I had a mmc at 13 weeks, followed by an ERPC (end of April 2009). My period came back 29 days after the ERPC. I then had one normal cycle and got pregnant on the next cycle - July 2009. Am currently 32+6.

Good luck!

boodleboot Thu 11-Feb-10 08:03:37

i had my ERPC in the April and fell pregnant in the august.....if you are ready then go for it....

PracticalCat Thu 11-Feb-10 10:47:21

I was told by the ob to wait one cycle - we started ttc after I had a period (which was a weird one day event).

DS was conceived exactly 6 weeks after the procedure.

LSetty Thu 25-Jun-15 12:37:58

I know this is a really really old thread but was wondering how long it took people in the end. I had an ERPC 6 months ago now and still not pregnant and starting to go bananas sad

Notamumyet81 Thu 25-Jun-15 13:47:09

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage - hope you doing ok.

I had a miscarriage at a similar stage last year. Period returned four weeks later and conceived again two weeks after that. So this pregnancy is dated from four weeks after the ERPC. Currently 30 weeks and going fine so far ...

Good luck!

Notamumyet81 Thu 25-Jun-15 13:50:24

Sorry - I responded to the original op, didn't realise it was an old thread! Sorry to hear it's taking you longer than you'd like to conceive again sad I'm sure people will be on with good advice soon. I wish you all the best smile

sianihedgehog Thu 25-Jun-15 15:36:38

LSetty I was pregnant in the next full cycle - about 2 months after the ERPC. Sorry it's taking you longer than you hoped.

Monkeroon Thu 25-Jun-15 15:52:59

Hi LSetty
It took 7 months after EPRC. Are you doing ovulation tests? I was using those along with the clear blue fertility monitor. Frustrating isn't it.

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