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Help 36 weeks and in agony!

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leahbump Mon 11-Jul-05 09:08:54

Hi all,

No 2 due in 4 weeks......

I have not slept at all basically becasue lying down causes the most awful stomach pains ever. They seem to last too long to be BH but they are sooo painful that I have to get up and move around or get dh to rub my back. I have also have evry bit of food go straight through me (IYKWIM) and generally feel a bit early labour ish. If this labour is like the last this could go on for a week or two before I hit established labour and I wondered if anyone knew if it was ok for me to use a tens machine at this stage (36weeks) as I would like to get to 37 and have a homebirth.....(although am doubting that at the mo as I think bump might land sooner). I just need to be able to cope with the pain!

My other thought is that this could be a stomach upset causing all this but won't know that for a few days.

any advice would be gratefully recieved.

Mamatoto Mon 11-Jul-05 09:15:11

Sounds quite early labourish to me- ring the midwife. I dont know what else to say - i would not hang on in hope of home birth just ring....good luck !

MissChief Mon 11-Jul-05 09:18:24

sorry no advice exactly but my sympathies - i'm with you on the aug thread (due in 3 wks) and have had chronic lack of sleep throughout. also vary between constip & diahorrea - think it's normal at this stage - just body's extra-sensitive.. on the other hand cd also be sign of pending labour as you say..
why don't you call yr midwife for some reassurance/ book to see her? also could check out - look at wks 36-38 and check out what is "normal" as it were.

Redhelen Mon 11-Jul-05 11:16:29

I'm sure you can use a tens machine at 36 weeks - but do speak to your mf - sounds like something may be starting!

Take care


novadandypowder Mon 11-Jul-05 12:39:14

Obv. not a medical professional, but my friend had early labour caused by food poisoning. They managed to stop it, but warned her that the food poisoning could cause probs if still in the system at birth. Always worth checking these things out x

charleepeters Mon 11-Jul-05 12:40:41

Have you reid a warm bath that help off my labour pains for a cuple of hours - i know its not a long term solution, have you rang your midwife?

Miaou Mon 11-Jul-05 12:46:40

OOOh leahbump, hope you are ok, just seen your message on the August antenatal board.

I would second the bath thing too - if it is early labour pains it may help to calm things down and to relax you as well.

when i was having dd2 I was up all night with food poisoning, then went into labour the following morning - so there can be a correlation.

All the best. Ring your midwife and let us know how you get on.

SCRUFF1 Mon 11-Jul-05 14:12:44

symptoms of early labour are a 'dodgy' bowel arent they? If it was me I would just give your midwife a ring just to put your mind at rest. Does your hosp have a triage service for you to ring? I have used that a few times and they are brilliant!

Twiga Mon 11-Jul-05 18:14:40

Leahbump, much sympathy - think tens machine should be ok to use at this stage, check with mw. I'm having my first so no idea what to recommend but the bath thing sounds good and try and relax as much as poss. Hope thinge are more comfortable for you tonight, lol x

Mamatoto Tue 12-Jul-05 11:53:59

leahbump - how are you - any news??

leahbump Tue 12-Jul-05 22:17:52

still here and told can't use tens by mw at the hossie!!

arghhh! Paracetamol helping a bit and still going to loo lots...had a second bad night though and getting tired!

Maybe I will make it to wed next week after all.

thanks everyone for you help though!

Mamatoto Thu 14-Jul-05 17:37:41

Good luck leah - keep us updated - i am on tenterhooks!

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