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Had pre-eclampsia with DS. when is first scan normally?

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desperatehousewife Mon 11-Jul-05 08:51:52

With DS I had a scan at 6 weeks and again at 12 weeks (triple test nuchal scan).

Am in week 6 of second pregnancy and no longer live in London. So will have 'normal' scan - when is this - is it 12 or 14 weeks?

Phoned docs to tell them I was preg and they said they didn't want to see me until a few weeks past AF date.

I had a horrible time with DS - pre-eclampsia at 37 weeks, induction, 6 hours of contractions, discovered he was breech, tried to turn him twice, then emergency c-section. PND for a long long time afterwards. The most hideous hospital which gave me nighmares for weeks afterwards. Had our phones and wallets stolen from labour room whilst in theatre having c-section....all in all pretty vile.

This is a massive thing for me being preg again 3 years on. Am terrified but excited.

Want to be really on the ball with the health service and want to make sure I get 'looked after' properly.

Any advice from anyone?


PeachyClair Mon 11-Jul-05 10:09:20


I had a similar first pregnancy with an induction at the same point, pre-eclampsia (PET- pre-eclamptic toxaemia) etc, so hopefully understand a little.

DS2 was conceived when DS1 was 5 months old (I kind of needed closure I think). we booked into a different hospital as I nervous due to a few errors made with DS1. I didn't have the 12 week scan as it wasn't offered at that particular unit and I knew my dates. I had the next at 20 weeks. At 30 weeks I had a scan to measure the flow of blood through the placenta which was a little weird but measured OK. Had it not I would have had this weekly to keep an eye. At 34 weeks he seemed small so I had another scan just in case, that was OK too.

On top of that, if I had flu or anything like that the midwife would pop out (unasked often) to check me as occasionally pre-eclampsia can have flu like symptoms attached.

I never developed PET, and most second time Mothers don't. My BP raised a little in labour above what was expected and I think I was about to become a caesar candidate but DS2 arrived too quickly after that thankfully!

I went to ds3 a few years later, and needed no extra checks booked, even booked a home birth (cancelled but for different reasons such as anaemia and random power cuts in the village!). When ds3 stopped growing at 32 weeks I was placed
on early maternity leve rather quickly, but that helped a LOT and placental blood flow improved and DS grew again.

anchovies Mon 11-Jul-05 10:17:17


I had pre-eclampsia with ds and am now 6 weeks pg. I went to the docs last week (5 weeks) and was referred for consultant care due to emergency cs (not pre-eclampsia). Am booking in with the midwife at 8 weeks and have first appt with consultant at 12 weeks. Am going to request an elective cs this time as went to 40 weeks (3 weeks in hospital) with v high blood pressure, was induced but never progressed and eventually 3 days later had an emergency cs where ds was born weighing 10 pounds. All in all very stressful too! As far as the pre-eclampsia goes doc said it would be unlikely to occur again.

I am exactly the same as you in that I have decided I am going to be much more assertive 2nd time around!

anchovies Mon 11-Jul-05 10:19:38

By the way our dating scan is 12 weeks but I am booked for one at 8 weeks but this is only cos ive got a bicornuate uterus, no other reason

desperatehousewife Mon 11-Jul-05 15:06:48

Peachy thank you for yr story - really glad it all worked out for you - so you went on to have 2 more children? Wow!

Anchovies - oh my god we've had the same experience (shame - anchovies are my worst nightmare!!).

I really really want to be assertive and strong and ballsy this time round.

Do you think I should book a docs appointment soon so that I can be referred to a midwife/specialist?

Will you stay in touch with my anchovies and let me know how you get on - we could support each other and share our NHS experiences?!

Are you happy with your midwife?

desperatehousewife Mon 11-Jul-05 16:49:59

Anchovies - don't know if it's of any use but there is a charity that deals specifically with pre-eclampsia - APEC (action on pre-eclampsia) who might be useful to read up on just to see what the latest suggestions are for avoidance etc.

I too think I would probably opt for election c-section as I just don't want there to be any shocks this time round.

Donbean Mon 11-Jul-05 17:40:48

Hello, hope you dont mind me butting in.
I was almost identical to you DHW in that i had pre eclampsia (from 34 weeks though), in and out of hospital. Induction at 36 weeks fully dilated to discover breach presentation (undiagnosed).....general anaesthetic, c.section tiny weeny 5lbs 4oz baby boy.
I had scans at 12 weeks and at 19 weeks as i had suffered 2 miscarriages prior to ds. The norm at my local hospital though is only 1 scan at 18 weeks, i pushed for my early scan.
I am reassured that pre eclampsia is a complication of first time pregnancies and is rare in subsequent pregnancies (unless with a new partner)
We are planning baby no 2 in about 2 years time and i, like you am very very anxious about this.
I feel that under the cicumstances, we/you are completely justified in your wish to push for your individual needs.
When my time comes, i will be unwilling to settle for in my opinion "late appointments". I shall be pushing to be seen early, to have my condition monitored and for a midwife who i can relate to.
These are all fundamental requirements to me and i will not be settling for any thing else.
I make no appologies for sounding bolshy as this is very very important to me.
As a health care worker myself, i have some insight and understanding of how the system works, i want control this next time as i had none with ds.
Sorry to ramble but your posting has really touched a nerve for me and i think that because you have been (and are again) in the same boat as me, you will possibly understand where im coming from.

desperatehousewife Mon 11-Jul-05 18:00:10

Donbean - totally understand. You just end up doing what you are told to do and not really questioning it don't you? Well this time round I want to be as in control as possible. It's so scary when it goes wrong isn't it.

So do you think I should push for scan earlier than 12 weeks?

anchovies Mon 11-Jul-05 18:07:05

I am sure you could justify a scan before 12 weeks. I would book an appointment with the doc soon to get a consultant referral. I booked in with the midwife first last time and had trouble getting her to refer me. The doc just told me to make the midwife appointment myself and the consultants appt and scan appt would come directly from the hospital.

Noticed you've joined the march thread so we can keep tabs on how the nhs is treating us!

Donbean Mon 11-Jul-05 18:08:05

Well, they told me that at 6 weeks it would have to an internal scan and that the heart beating would be what i would see.
I wouldnt fancy that unless you were bleeding or having problems.
If it were me and my BP etc were all ok then i would be happy to wait for the 12 week scan.
What i would push for is an early midwife appointment, and full health check.
In actual fact i intend on going and getting a full health check about 1 month prior to starting trying to conceive.
I am taking folic acid and have stopped drinking (well havent had alcohol for about 4 years any way)and stopped taking sweetners etc now.
If i am taking this as seriously as that then i expect the health carers to do the same.
Are you nervous about requesting stuff?

desperatehousewife Mon 11-Jul-05 18:09:08

totally nervous - they after all are the 'experts' - what do i know?!

vickiyumyum Mon 11-Jul-05 18:12:35

i hope that you get a scan at 12 weeks, but some health authoritys don't scan until 20 weeks! hope you don't live in one of those!

which area do you live in?

desperatehousewife Mon 11-Jul-05 18:12:45

this is a very dim question, but what sort of consultant am I asking to see? Is it someone specialising in pre-eclampsia? Do I need a consultant or just a good midwife. I'm a bit unsure as to what exists out there for me and what I'm entitled to and what I should be asking for!

anchovies Mon 11-Jul-05 18:13:06

Yep thats right donbean, an 8 week scan is done externally though and might be reasasuring if things were difficult last time around

Donbean Mon 11-Jul-05 18:13:43

You have your previous experience to fall back on though.
We are not experts i agree but i am willing to be advised as a human bieng of what my options are.
I am aware that my pregnancy was not your run of the mill type and that every thing that could go wrong went wrong. Ive lived that and so feel a little bit qualified to push for what my gut tells me is what i need.
I sound like a right gob on a stick dont i!!!!!

Donbean Mon 11-Jul-05 18:15:43

I would defo request an 8 week scan if your hospital does them, Simply to reassure yourself that at that stage things are ok.

anchovies Mon 11-Jul-05 18:16:23

You would be referred to a consultant obstetrician. Think it may be standard, but if they don't offer it make sure you ask whether it's necessary. As I said I was referred this time purely cos of my em cs last pregnancy.

Donbean Mon 11-Jul-05 18:17:50

Consultant is in obstetricts and so expert on pregnancy/pre eclampsia/all things baby/lady related.
We are all automatically referred to one on the NHS.
mine was nice but had HUGE hands...eeeeek

desperatehousewife Mon 11-Jul-05 18:18:35

I wasn't aware of having one last time round.

Thanks girls for the info.

Redhelen Mon 11-Jul-05 18:24:55

Like you I had a hellish labour (without the theft!)Also after suffering a subsequent mc and a long time in getting pregnant I pushed my doctor for an early scan - in fact ended up having scans a 7, 10 and 12 weeks at the normal big scan at 21 weeks. I'm also having a breech/non breech scan at 36 weeks - to prep for another c-section if this becomes the case (Bedford Hospital)!Push for every thing you need-I can understand your delight and terror - I still swing between the two even at 31 weeks!

desperatehousewife Mon 11-Jul-05 18:32:21

Thanks RH - you've not got long to go now have you?! You've all made me feel a lot more confident about what I'm asking for thank you so much.

PeachyClair Mon 11-Jul-05 23:13:12

An eight week scan is fine and should be easy to arrange, had one with ds1 (Hyperemesis) to check for twins.

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