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Due July 2010 - Anyone in the Hackney area?

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jumblequeen Fri 05-Feb-10 14:05:43

...or Clapton, Stoke Newington, etc etc.


upduffed Sat 06-Feb-10 01:06:24

hello...hungry, murderous and living in hackney.

jumblequeen Sat 06-Feb-10 15:46:42

aha! I find myself in much the same boat. are you braving homerton or opting for something less crimewatch?! I'm still undecided...

upduffed Sun 07-Feb-10 01:33:24

homerton - plus they are building whole snazzy new maternity wing which should theoretically be finished by april, so is a possibility then will actually be finished by july.

am thinking the new midwife unit sounds warm'n'fuzzy. with lots of nice drugs and machines upstairs if necessary.

did you have scans there etc?

lowrib Sun 07-Feb-10 01:59:59

I had DS in Homerton just over a year ago. I found the ante-natal care to be fantastic. The staff were lovely, and the equipment was brilliant (e.g. the scanning machines were the latest - if you are told to drink water and not pee before scanning then the place is using the older type of scanners).

When they found I had a relatively high chance of having a baby with Downs, the whole process - telling me about the initial result, having a CVS and getting the - thankfully - negative results to me took just a week from start to finish.

They picked up on another possible problem with my pregnancy which I believe might not have been picked up at some of the other hospitals (and treated us).

It's not all great though ...

Most of the midwives I met were lovely. Unfortunately the one I had for the important bit of labour didn't seem to have heard of active birth and I really didn't get on with her at all. However she was the exception there IME.

The post-natal ward was a bit rubbish I guess. And I think Homerton was slated in the press recently as failing to provide decent maternity care. Perhaps the new maternity wing will make a difference?

If I was to do it again, I'd go back there. But I would ask to change my midwife as soon as I realised we weren't getting on (you're meant to be able t change but it was a bank holiday)

And I would bring my own food - the food on the ward was horrible!

lowrib Sun 07-Feb-10 02:18:28

Sorry I was going to say you're meant to be able to change midwives but they had lots of staff away and didn't have enough cover to allow us to change. Which I was angry about.

jumblequeen Sun 07-Feb-10 16:01:27

upduffed - I am keeping my fingers well and truly crossed for this one! I don't quite have the confidence to give birth at home (it's my first) so a "home from home" environment - with a menu of drugs should I need it! - sounds like the perfect compromise.

lowrib You're right, Homerton definitely has it's good points and it's bad. I've had all my antenatal care there so far and have found it to be a bit hit and miss. the staff are great... as long as you get as far as seeing someone! I've found that I've had to chase things up myself quite often. Perhaps this wouldn't be so much of an issue if it wasn't my first baby, but naturally I'm more than a bit nervous.
It's good to hear that you've had a good experience there though. It's literally 5 minutes away from me so I suppose it would be sill to go anywhere else1

upduffed Mon 08-Feb-10 01:23:49

Also I think a lot of the bad reputation Homerton seems to have dates back a bit, it's been really improved in recent years.

Also my own doctor had her baby there and was very positive. The other thing about Homerton is that it has one of the best neo-natal units around because of all the crack babies etc.
(Sorry I couldn't find a nice Guardian-y way of putting that without wanting to throw up. blush ) Plus they have posh consultants like Dr Katrina Erskine who is famous and that, and also works in posh-people private hospitals.

Basically I think it's great, everyone I have seen has been brilliant, aside from the receptionist at the Early Pregnancy Unit - who was almost comically mean when faced with all these women who might be having a miscarriage - though probably a job like that does eventually drain you of sympathy.

lowrib are you due in july too?

upduffed Mon 08-Feb-10 01:27:59

Sorry lowrib ! just re-read the posts again. You have had your baby already...which is how you have the experience from which we are now benefitting.

Duhhhh...don't care what that study said about pregnant women's brains not being any different, I've gone well stupid.grin

lowrib Tue 09-Feb-10 00:20:58

grin upduffed

Lack of sleep is my excuse now!

jumblequeen Tue 09-Feb-10 14:43:21

very good points, upduffed!

Just one thing, for your first birth, are you supposed to have a check-up with the midwife at 16 weeks? I haven't heard from the hospital but have it in my head that I should be having an appointment about now...
ALSO - If it's been a month since my combined test and I haven't heard back, do you think I'm right not to worry? They said they'd call me in a couple of days if there was a problem (so I have been assuming everything is fine) but as the weeks go past I'm starting to get slightly nervous... Maybe I'm lost in the system!

upduffed Wed 10-Feb-10 00:47:41

just checked my antenatal blue book thing for you - I think I had a gp appt around 16 wk mark but have not got another midwife appt til the day before 20 wk scan. before that just the first one at 9 weeks. hope that helps!

by combined test do you mean all the blood tests etc they do at the 12 week scan? or something else? after that they said the same, that they would contact me if anything was wrong...but I just got a nice letter telling me it was fine.

do you feel like you have had sketchy care so far? I was expecting crapness but has been really good - everyone seems to know what I'm supposed to be doing and when (except me) they just write it in the blue book and I turn up!

did you get given that nhs book?

jumblequeen Wed 10-Feb-10 08:50:39

Thanks for the info... I had a booking in appointment at 8 weeks, then the combined scan and blood test at 12 weeks and nothing since. If you mean sketchy in the sense that I've had to chase up most things myself, then yes. Although once I am actually seen, the staff are lovely and I feel that I'm getting really good care... it's just getting to that point!

I do have the blue nhs book but there's nothing in there to suggest when I might be seen next... the fact of the matter is, I feel fine, but I don't want to be missing out on the chance for a check up or to get to know the midwives better if that's what should be happening.

upduffed Thu 11-Feb-10 01:20:10

how do they think you are supposed to know everything, you've not done this before!

if you had appt booked they would've written it inside the front cover for you? or maybe the midwife I saw just thought I was a bit simple.

probably unlikely to see same midwife twice I guess, though I would be so happy if the first one I saw was there on the day, she was so sweet to me I wanted to sit on her lap and have a little cry. may have been a little hormonal... grin

are your AN appts with hospital then or at gp surgery? you should be due an appt and the 20wk scan soonish I think.

jumblequeen Tue 16-Feb-10 09:53:03

They're at the hospital. I'm just back from a few days away so phoning them is top of the list!
I saw a lovely midwife too the other day - purely by chance... in equal parts sympathetic and stern... if I was giving birth with her to help I'm sure it'd all be over in a couple of hours grin

Has anyone booked into a NCT class?

lill72 Tue 16-Feb-10 15:02:11

Hi, I'm in the stoke newington area and have chosen to go to UCH over Homerton - does anyone know much about UCH?

Emster30 Tue 16-Feb-10 19:09:14

Just thought I'd say hello... I'm in Walthamstow and due in July so I almost count! I'm going to Whipps Cross but I have friends locally who went to Homerton and seemed to have a good experience.

Rach1970 Thu 04-Mar-10 18:29:16

I had my DD at Homerton 8 weeks ago.
Being overdue, got stuck on the induction ward due to no beds in the labour ward (bed blocking?) and actually had to listen to some other women having to give birth around me in the open plan ward. The next day I then managed to get a bed in labour ward by begging (felt too inhibited to give birth in a public ward and why should I have to?).
The midwife for my labour was actually lovely but still ended up having emergency cesarian after spending hours with very little progress.
By far the worst bit of the whole experience however was the post labour ward. Totally shocking. The women who work there were proper jobsworths, told me off for pressing the button by my bed for assistance, looked surprised and shocked when I asked for any help. I had to literally beg for pain meds (having had a cesarian) and each time they made me wait at least 1.5 hours for meds after they had run out. I thought it was very cruel. They woke me up and made me change beds for no good reason in the middle of the night after my cesarian. I could hardly walk at that stage due to epidural but nevertheless they insisted I walk the length of the ward. Was supposed to stay in three days to recover but due to the lack of help, noise, bullying by staff, I discharged myself after one night and was very happy to get home with my baby. I would not go back which is a shame as it's my local hospital. Women of Hackney deserve better.

schipo Thu 04-Mar-10 23:51:57

Ouch Rach1970, sorry to hear your story. Well done for getting out of there quickly I guess. Hope everything has gone well since then!?

I'm in Hackney too, about to move to e5 from e8, and due in May. I'd heard recommendations about UCLH so that's where I'm registered. Been well looked after there so far afaict but rarely see same midwife and no-one it seems can take a tour of the wards. Can't say I've heard the postnatal care is good in any london hospital.

I'm hoping to use the birthing centre at UCLH but not sure what sort of problem it will be to get over there at the right time, or if there'll be space when I get there.

I have just heard the Homerton birthing centre is open now and sounds nice.

upduffed Fri 05-Mar-10 22:40:51

rach1970 you pooor thing, that sounds insanely Victorian - didn't think people ever gave birth in open-plan wards these days. Am shocked.

schipo good news re: homerton birth centre being open already, that's my plan.

Are you all getting kicked lots by your babies now? Mine usually only kicks on one side, think he is --as lazy as his parents-- comfortable where he is.

upduffed Fri 05-Mar-10 22:42:18

rach1970 you pooor thing, that sounds insanely Victorian - didn't think people ever gave birth in open-plan wards these days. Am shocked.

schipo good news re: homerton birth centre being open already, that's my plan.

Are you all getting kicked lots by your babies now? Mine usually only kicks on one side, think he is --as lazy as his parents-- comfortable where he is.

upduffed Fri 05-Mar-10 22:43:32

p.s. congratulations on your baby rach1970


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