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If first baby came early then will the second baby come early too???

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oops Fri 08-Jul-05 21:03:42

Message withdrawn

oops Fri 08-Jul-05 22:02:02

Message withdrawn

dinny Fri 08-Jul-05 22:03:51

Oops, my dd was 5 weeks early and was convinced ds would be early too. felt as if I was about to go into labour with him from about 34 weeks (really heavy like you feel) but didn't have him till 40 + 1 day. two weeks early is OK though - a week after "term", I believe.

PiccadillyCircus Fri 08-Jul-05 22:04:49

Can't help as I am 30 weeks pregnant with second baby but I have been wondering this as DS came 11 days early and I am wondering whether this one will too.

From reading some other threads I think that quite often the second baby can be late, which would feel even later (I feel that babies come at 38+3 as DS did, so if this one were 42 weeks then it would feel very late).

moondog Fri 08-Jul-05 22:09:02

Can't offer any hard facts,just personal experience,but both mine were a week early (and dh missed the second birth as a result.)

nerdgirl Fri 08-Jul-05 22:10:00

Sorry Oops, first baby a week early, second one a week late!

lou33 Sat 09-Jul-05 13:32:49

all mine were early, 39, 37, 38 and 36 weeks (last one induced)

sparklymieow Sat 09-Jul-05 13:44:42

mine were all premature, 35,31 and 33 weeks

sweetkitty Sat 09-Jul-05 13:56:49

interesting thread my DD was 37+5 and am pregnant with no2 keep wondering if this one will be early too but knowing babies it will be 42 weeks!

oops Sat 09-Jul-05 14:02:33

Message withdrawn

Miaou Sat 09-Jul-05 14:03:29

Same as nerdgirl, dd1 was a week early, dd2 was a week late.

milward Sat 09-Jul-05 14:27:00

SAme question as you! - my dd3 came 2 weeks early in 1.5 hrs notice weighing just under 4 kilos & 54 cm long. I suppose I physically couldn't have got any bigger (was huge). My first was 40wks + 2 days & dd2 1 wk early as I had a cs for footling breech. Wondering what will happen in september. Every birth is different so preparing myself for 10 days overdue & long, long labour ......

SenoraPostrophe Sat 09-Jul-05 14:30:16

dd was a week early and I was convinced that ds would be too. In fact when my due date minus one week passed I kind of felt that he wasn't coming then.

He was bang on time.

...but I've read that some women have longer or shorter natural gestation times. for many women one early baby does increase the liklihood of a second. My mum had 5 - all at least a week early, except one and the doc said that the last one (bang on time like ds) looked like he was overdue.

bakedpotato Sat 09-Jul-05 14:35:09

Both mine were 5 days early

Sari Sat 09-Jul-05 15:01:22

Both mine were about ten days early. I'm now hoping number three will do the same.

nooka Sat 09-Jul-05 15:14:19

Mine both started two weeks early. Interesting about the gestation times - I wonder if this is related to menstrual cycles.

Redhelen Sat 09-Jul-05 15:38:16

My son was late - so the mw told me to expect to be late again. Imagine the same holds true if you are early!

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