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Can you have a smear while pregnant

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anchovies Fri 08-Jul-05 19:52:08

Am 6 weeks pg and when at the docs yesterday I saw on the screen that I haven't had a smear since 2001. Can I have one now or do I need to wait til after the baby is born?

WigWamBam Fri 08-Jul-05 19:53:27

I was due for a smear when I was a couple of months pregnant, and was told by my midwife that it's not advisable to have one during pregnancy.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 08-Jul-05 19:54:14

I think you need to wait until after you have a period after the baby is born, which may take some time.

giraffeski Fri 08-Jul-05 19:55:04

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Fri 08-Jul-05 19:56:05

I didn't have to wait until I had a period once dd was born, which is just as well because they didn't come back for over a year.

Check with your midwife or GP, they will know what the current advice is.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 08-Jul-05 19:58:16

Really WWB? Hmm, I probably shouldn't listen to my MIL for these things. (She's a retired obs/gyne consultant, but hasn't done smears for ages I bet.)

Magscat Fri 08-Jul-05 19:58:38

When I went for my post natal check the GP told me I was due for a smear but said they wouldn't do it until 3 months after the baby was born.

I am bf so period still not returned now (6 months) but that wasn't an issue as far as the smear went - it was just birth + 3 months.

marthamoo Fri 08-Jul-05 20:27:53

I had one at my very first "er...I'm pregnant" appointment with my GP when I was pregnant with ds1. She looked at my notes, saw I was due one, and said "well...while you're here." I knew nothing then (I was about 6 weeks pregnant) so went along with it. If I was in the same situation now I wouldn't let one be done. When I was pregnant with ds2 I was also due a smear and I asked my (new) GP out of interest. She said 'technically' there's no risk - but she wouldn't do one (partly because if the woman did subsequently miscarry she might feel it was her fault for having agreed to a smear). Also (I know this from my dodgy smears in the past) giraffeski's right: pregnancy can cause changes in the cells so a smear can't even be relied on in pregnancy.

milward Fri 08-Jul-05 20:34:10

As I understand you can have one done.

Xena Fri 08-Jul-05 20:44:41

I was told that the cells change during pregnancy so they can't get an acurate result.

mandyc66 Fri 08-Jul-05 20:47:59

you are best to wait about 3 months after the birth.

kama Fri 08-Jul-05 21:01:34

Message withdrawn

kama Fri 08-Jul-05 21:01:55

Message withdrawn

mandyc66 Fri 08-Jul-05 21:08:54

there will be now harm to the baby. I had one early in one pregnancy but then was told to weight till the baby was 3 months to go again!

cori Fri 08-Jul-05 21:16:13

Had a smear test recently, I asked this same question as am TTC. They said that if I was pregnant that a smear test would give an abnormal result.

mandyc66 Sat 09-Jul-05 07:52:30

I had to miss appointment at hospital cos of ds being born. Cant get me in for a year now!! So I have to go back to gp and if there is a prob br re-referred so I can get an earlier appointment!!!

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