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Baby Beats Doppler hire

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teuch Fri 08-Jul-05 12:45:52

Hi...has anyone hired a doppler from babybeats? I have just ordered one to hire, and belatedly thought of getting feedback from here!

Someone had mentioned getting one with a display...any idea if the BB doppler comes with that? It doesn't say on the website and I can't tell from the picture as don't know what I'm looking for!

ChaCha Fri 08-Jul-05 16:22:17

Hiya Teuch,
I just ordered mine from there last week. No monitor though, but a great service. Received it the next day and am very pleased with it.

teuch Sat 09-Jul-05 10:52:06

I am struggling to get to grips with mine! I get the wooshing sound (comes in waves?) and i get a heartbeat but I think it might be mine...

I am fllowing all the tips, right on pubic bone, lots of gel, moving slowly...just not convinced I am doing it right!!

Any hints? I am 10+5

Nemo1977 Sat 09-Jul-05 10:56:54

when u go on ur pubic bone leave it in one place for a bit then dont move doppler but point it in different directions around ur tum...u will deffo know the babies as it sounds like a train so a lot faster than ur own. if nothing then move it over a little bit as baby is soo small at 10/11wks that if u go too fast u could miss it. I always found if i got the whooshing..biut like a gail in ur tum then baby was never far.

bayleaf Sat 09-Jul-05 18:42:38

Agree with Nemo - you 'll probably know it when you hear it - IS very like a train. If you go to ( sorry, too lazy to do a link!) then look under 'sounds' you can hear recordings of heart beats and that really helped me - at 10 weeks I found it but it wasn't easy and took ages the first few times.

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