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Aches and pains! (sorry and a moan)

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lulabelle Wed 06-Jul-05 14:06:11


I'm 15+3 pg and I'm having terrible aches and pains, the worst pain is in my cocyx (probably spelt that wrong, I mean the one right down the bottom of your spine) I find that if I sit in the same position for more than 5 mins I have to move and then it really hurts to move out of position, I have pins and needles in my legs and my legs feel really heavy. I noticed last night that when I squatted down to do up DS1 shoes I couldn't get back up. Does anyone else have anything similar? I feel down today, fed up of all day feeling sick, tired and miserable. I keep telling myself I should be pleased as this is a good time in life but I just feel like crying!

lulabelle Wed 06-Jul-05 14:22:49

Is there anyone out there...?

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 06-Jul-05 14:25:52

i can sympathise! I have had the same pains am im now 24+5.... pain in the a££e isnt in it!!! Not sure what the cure is but if you find it - let me know!

bamik Wed 06-Jul-05 14:29:24

I'm 20 + 4 and have had to sithere in the office with my chair as low as possible and I've got them resting on a stool! The top of my legs ache like hell. But this is probably becuase i've not had that many meetings today so have been sitting at my desk a lot.

But then again the same thing happens at home too. Just can't win!

lulabelle Fri 08-Jul-05 11:25:07

Hi Bamik, maybe its working in the office and attending meetings!! I do the same. Its not too bad today but my legs are still heavy and the pins and needles are very frequent. I'm in a better mood as its Friday and have the weekend to rest (as much as you can with a 3.5 yr old). Sorry no suggestions for cures either!

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