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Chances of MMC after seeing a heartbeat at 8 weeks?

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Clarky1980 Sat 23-Jan-10 09:17:49

I've got my 12 week scan on tuesday and basically I'm worrying myself sick.
I had quite a bit of bleeding early on my pregnancy and was told that it was more than likely I was going to lose my baby, but a couple of weeks later a heartbeat was found and then a week or so after that we saw our baba (8+2). I'm 12 weeks on tuesday and have my scan then and I'm basically terrified that something has gone wrong in the meantime.
I had morning sickness (well evening nausea if I'm honest) till about 10 weeks and I'm still totally exhausted.
Sorry for starting a post a bit similar to another one but wanted to explain my circumstanes and basically I've been fretting for about a week and need to try to do something about it. Trying to stay away from google because I just seem to find sad stories (I know it can happen but I'm actually trying to make myself feel better here not worse!).
Thanks in advance for any advice

llareggub Sat 23-Jan-10 09:24:28

Relax. Stay away from google and enjoy your pregnancy.

I had a massive bleed very early on in my first pregnancy and we were shocked to see a heartbeat at 7 weeks. He is now 3 and running around our house shouting very nosily!

Obviously things can go wrong but once a heartbeat is detected, the risk of anything happening falls dramatically. I never had any sickness, just that awful tiredness.

Good luck!

PS If this is your first child you'll soon learn that you never stop worrying...

greensnail Sat 23-Jan-10 09:26:22

Hi, I don't know any statistics or anything but I was told that once you've seen a heartbeat the risk of miscarriage is low. I had a similar situation in my first pregnancy, lots of bleeding early on, saw heartbeat on scan at 8 weeks, carried on bleeding on and off until 15 weeks. She's now a healthy 13 month old. The fact that you're exhausted is a good sign I would think. Good luck, I hope you get good news on tuesday x

Clarky1980 Sat 23-Jan-10 09:27:04

Thank you! It's actually my second pregnancy. My first was very straight forward and to be honest I don't think I had even thought about MMC. I was quite relaxed then as I got to 12 weeks with no bleeding so sort of assumed everything was ok. Oh to be so blase now!

Alicetheinvisible Sat 23-Jan-10 09:28:10

I had read that after a heartbeat has been detected that you have a 95% chance of a successful pregnancy. However, i read it on MN third hand so not sure how accurate it is.

girlsyearapart Sat 23-Jan-10 09:29:48

same same same as you.

lots of bleeding, thought I was def miscarrying, a & e also thought so.

Early scan next day. Shocked to see a heartbeat and a 7+3 pregnancy rather than a 4 week miscarriage.

Did not stop worrying. Had my 12 week scan yesterday baby is there all healthy and as it should be.

The leaflet I took from the first scan said less than 5% chance of miscarriage after seeing heartbeat.

Good luck.

girlsyearapart Sat 23-Jan-10 09:35:59

x posted with alice about the stats. Yes that is true.

Clarky I know what you mean about being blase- this is my 3rd pregnancy and I didn't have a single bit of bleeding either time.

Clarky1980 Sat 23-Jan-10 09:49:54

Thanks ladies. Its really helpful to know that other people have had the same thing and gone on to have good results.

sunshineandshowers Sat 23-Jan-10 12:43:47

my morning sickness literally went over night at about 10/11 weeks. Am now 32+3 and fit to burst. Try not to read much into symptoms.

Good Luck.

ToriMc Sat 23-Jan-10 18:24:32

Relax! I've had spotting on and off since 10+5 (am 14+4 now) and so far so good - it is scary but you just have to think positive - my doctor said that you have a less than 5% chance of miscarrying after the heartbeat is heard (I heard my bubs at 8w too) and that missed miscarriages are pretty rare at the 12w mark - they are more likely when bubs is a heck of a lot smaller in there.

I've been staying away from Google (there is always going to be a heavier weighting on the sad/negative stories rather than the positive) and from Bounty as there are a couple of REALLY hysterical people on there that were freaking me out ;-)

My sickness went overnight too btw... and the extreme tiredness followed shortly after.

Good luck!!!!

Clarky1980 Sat 23-Jan-10 18:29:32

Thanks so much. It's more the missed miscarriage that's worrying me as I haven't had any more bleeding etc. Glad that they are rare at the 12 weeks mark, baba was definately having a big dance in there at 8+2 so fingers crossed all is well!

ToriMc Sat 23-Jan-10 18:33:08

That's great - I'm sure that bubs will give you another little wiggle next week. I felt loads better after the 12 week scan, loads more chilled - hope you do too!

Clarky1980 Sat 23-Jan-10 18:51:39

I'm sure I will. Feel really cheered after hearing your story. Fingers crossed for tuesday!!

jen6jen Sat 23-Jan-10 20:56:28

hi clarky, i too had bleeding frm wk 4 2 wk 11 and thought i was having mc...was told by doc 2 go home and let nature take its course!!! im 24 wks 2day and baby doing fine so try nt 2 worry. jen. xx

jen6jen Sat 23-Jan-10 20:57:35

good luck 4 tuesday. xx

EdgarAllenSnow Sat 23-Jan-10 21:04:50

hmm..mother bled throughout last pregnancy. brother 2# is still here. And as normal grin

read good stories! MC very unlikely now - worry doesn't help.

BellasYummyMummy Sun 24-Jan-10 08:25:15

Lots of luck for tuesday, as the others have said once you have seen the heartbeat the chances drop considerably. dont want to be the bearer of bad news but we saw our baby's heartbeat at 8 weeks and went on to have a MMC (baby died a few days after the scan and we didnt find out til 12 weeks). However, my symptoms suddenly went around that time whereas yours have still continued up to 10/11 weeks which is when most peoples symptoms subside, so baby is probably happily kicking away!

Wasnt sure if i should post or not but I didnt want you to go in totally unprepared, I was told all the same things you were so it hit me so so hard when we went for our 12 week scan. But like I say, my circumstances were different to yours and I felt different earlier on.
Wishing you all the best, and hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well.


Sazzlerazzle2016 Wed 27-Jan-16 08:06:26

I've been following this thread as I'm
In a similar situation. Eager to find out how you got on yesterday?

zaza86 Wed 27-Jan-16 08:53:51

I think it's a zombie thread sazzle - looks like 2010

Sazzlerazzle2016 Wed 27-Jan-16 09:47:59

Oh gosh!!! Haha now I'll never know... Silly billy 😂

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