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Richie Tue 05-Jul-05 23:31:39

Just to say, following my posting of the AMNIOCENTESIS subject on Monday, I am overwhelmed by the reponse from all of you so far. Thank you all - Fimbo, Blu, Tamum, Jabberwocky, SofiaAmes, FifiLala, Peachyclair, and especially those who have sent additional messages (ie not just one!) - Geekgrrl, Black duck, Gallileo and of course Thomcat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have read each and every one more than once. It is so comforting and reassuring at times like this (crazy how you feel initially so isolated?) - to know that so many others understand, have had the experience and can give assistance and thoughts/feelings too. It really helps. Thanks. xx.

Fimbo Tue 05-Jul-05 23:35:59

Hope you are ok Richie.

Blu Wed 06-Jul-05 22:19:04

What's happening, Richie?

jabberwocky Thu 07-Jul-05 00:07:31

You are very welcome Richie. That's what is so wonderful about MN. I only wish I had found it when I was pregnant with ds.

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