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Anyone have growth concerns in more than one pregnancy?

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beatie Tue 05-Jul-05 21:37:14

I'm 30 weeks and measured 26 weeks today. My midwife has referred me to the OB next week.

When I had my dd the same thing happened around the same time. The scan revelaed small for dates and thus I was scanned every two weeks until I was induced at 38. I'm never sure if I was induced due to the growth slowing down or diminishing fluid. I think both were factors at my 38 week appointment.

Is it likely this pregancy will follow the same course? Surely it cannot be coincidence that I measure small AGAIN. I'll be so disappointed if I have to be induced again. everything seemed to be going so well until today.

YeahBut Fri 08-Jul-05 17:03:46

Hi, Beatie. I have had this in both my previous pregnancies and am going to need close monitoring during my current pregnancy. I was induced both times - last time at 38 weeks. My obstetrician explained that as the placenta is a failing organ designed to last only 40 weeks, given that it is not doing its job well before that, baby needs to come out before you reach that marker. Being induced is not fun, I know, but a healthy baby is all that really matters. If you really don't want to be induced and the baby does need to come early, have you considered an elective c-section?

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