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Is 15 weeks too late for first appointment?

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GlasgowNic Thu 21-Jan-10 11:03:43

I'm 11 weeks gone, but can't get an appointment for my first ante-natal appointment until I am just over 15 weeks. They said on the phone it is nothing to worry about, but I read on web that they can't do a nuchal test (or something!) after 14 weeks. Has anyone else had such a late first appointment?

bearcrumble Thu 21-Jan-10 11:09:13

No, I think you are totally right. You need the neuchal scan before 14 weeks - can you get your GP to chase it up? It's not on. I've heard of this happening a few times recently. I think the services are really overstretched right now but they have a duty to book everyone in at the correct time and make sure they get their 12 week scan.

nulgirl Thu 21-Jan-10 11:11:06

Assuming from your name that you are in glasgow then I'm afraid this late first appointment is common. They also only offer 1 scan and not the 2 that are advised. My first NHS scan/ booking in appointment was at 18 weeks for ds so I paid for a private scan at 11 weeks to confirm the pregnancy.

Have anyone confirmed that you will get a nuchal scan? They weren't offering them in Glasgow when I was last pg in 2008. I don't know if anyone else has more recent experience.

MoragG Thu 21-Jan-10 11:18:21

Hi. You don't get a nuchal scan in Glasgow, but I've been told that they are supposed to be ofering the normal 2 scans soon. My first (booking appointment) was also at 15 weeks. Am now at 39 weeks, so let me know if you have any other questions about antenatal care in Glasgow! Where are you giving birth?

GlasgowNic Thu 21-Jan-10 11:22:11

Thanks Bearcrumble and Nulgirl. No, nobody told me there would be a nuchal scan - I just read it on the net. I think there is chaos since the Queen Mum closed and there are no earlier appointments anywhere. If they wouldn't do that test anyway, then maybe I shouldn't worry. I have already rung around trying to find an earlier appointment but nowhere has anything! Maybe I should just cross my fingers and hang onto the appointment I have got...

GlasgowNic Thu 21-Jan-10 11:23:59

Hi MoragG - thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I have asked for the Princess Royal but I have only been in Glasgow for a few months so I have no idea where is best. Where are you having yours? At 39 weeks you must have a HUGE bump?!

MoragG Thu 21-Jan-10 11:30:42

Hi GlasgowNic - I'm going to the Southern, which is now the only alternative to the Princess Royal now that the Queen Mothers has closed. Don't think it is meant to be any better than the PR in particular - both seem to be fine. Actually my bump is not huge - most people don't believe that I am at 39 weeks! I would say that antenatal care in Glasgow is in a bit of a state of flux at the minute - I have had nearly all of my appointments except for the booking apt. at the Victoria Hospital, but will give birth in the Southern as there is no labour suite at the Victoria! Also, unlike in England you are not assigned a specific midwife - I have seen various different people. It can be a bit worrying when you read stuff on forums like this and it doesn't seem to tie in with your own experience (i.e. people will say to call 'your' midwife, but here you don't get the number of a specific person to call), but it seems that the NHS in Scotland (particularly in Glasgow!) does things differently.

GlasgowNic Thu 21-Jan-10 11:33:31

Thanks MoragG - it's good to hear that what I am experiencing in Glasgow is normal for here, as my sister and sister-in-law in England have had experiences more like those set out on the net. I don't know anyone else who is expecting in Glasgow, so I think I will be using this sites for all my questions. I hope all goes well with yours

nulgirl Thu 21-Jan-10 11:42:23

I have given birth at the southern twice and have had great experiences both times. The first was an elective section and the theatre staff were good and the ward staff afterwards were fab at helping establish bf. I stayed for 5 days.

The second time I had a normal birth and the labour ward staff were very good. I was in labour for 18 hours and I had at least 1 midwife with me at all times. By the time I was giving birth I actually had 3 helping. This time the ward staff weren't so attentive but this might have been because I was a 2nd time mum and bf was going really well.

I've got friend who have given birth at the Princess Royal and have been happy there although they said it as quite busy and chaotic. I suppose the Southern will be busy now though as they have closed the QM.

Good luck both of you.

GlasgowNic Thu 21-Jan-10 11:51:24

Thanks Nulgirl. Your advice is really reassuring - thank you!

MintChocAddict Mon 25-Jan-10 23:33:24

Hi GlasgowNic,

I'm in exactly the same boat. I'm 11+3 with no booking appt or scan arranged. Phoned the Southern and was told that the closure of Queen Mum's this month has pushed everything back. Was told to expect my booking and scan to be around 16 week point, but no indication of a date or letter to confirm so far. shock
I feel lucky though as I had earlier scans at EPU due to episodes of bleeding and all seemed fine at that point, but 15 - 16 weeks is an awful wait for someone who's had no other contact.
Hopefully the next few weeks'll fly by for both of us. smile

Fave Wed 20-Jul-11 16:48:38

If people are still researching this, as am i: In Glasgow the first scan can be anything between 12-16 weeks. This is normal. Yes this does not seem fair as my chums in England usually have their first scan at 12 weeks and before that they have already had an appointment with a midwife maybe even two. I am not sure how this effects the dating scan element or the neuchal aspect of it. I will be asking out when i go for my first scan at the Southern General and will surely let you know. If you have £75 quid to spare and you can not wait more than 12 weeks you could go for a private scan, Babybond seems to be mentioned over similar websites, but their are plentiful of businesses taking advantage of this 'delay' in Glasgow. Just make sure the one you chose is reputable. Being new to Glasgow and having no other birth experience prior to this one, i wouldn't know if the Southern General was 'bad' or 'good', i think from my initial research it appears everyone has their own unique experiences of the care they received (or perceived to have). Now i just need to establish if the Southern General in Glasgow reveals the sex of the child. I hope they do, otherwise those pesky opportunist private scan places are going to see £75 from me:-(

SchrodingersMew Wed 20-Jul-11 21:13:45

Hi there. smile

I am at the Princess Royal too and although I got my booking scan early, I had problems getting another appt after that. Just phone them up every day and pester them and also call the community MW's number and ask them as well as they can book you in as well.

If you need any numbers I can give them to you.

SchrodingersMew Wed 20-Jul-11 21:14:54

Fave The Southern does reveal the sex. My friend had a baby with them about 5 months ago.

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