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Hyperemesis Awareness

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LucindaE Thu 21-Jan-10 10:55:06

Message withdrawn

OhToBeAMan Thu 28-Jan-10 22:00:32

Hi there, I think a campaign to raise awareness is a great idea. Having suffered it myself I understand the need to do something to support sufferers and take a step towards finding a cure/cause.

I agree a lack of understanding and sympathy on other peoples part can make you feel worse. When I was hospitalised for drip etc a nurse told me to get out of bed and I'd feel better! I literally couldn't point to my nose (if I could I'd have swung for her). And the sights and smells in hospital oh no the thought is bringing water to my eyes!!! Another nurse told me she just got on with it when she was pregnant! The problem is people relate their morning sickness symptoms to what you're going through - which is not comparing like with like at all!!!

I also was diagnosed with obstetric cholestatis (liver function problem) around 30 weeks. I scratched intil I was drawing blood! But being told there was a risk my baby could be still-born after getting strength back from hyperemesis was worst thing! Thankfully my beautiful little daughter arrived healthy and well and is now two. My Consultant told me that hyperemesis and obstetric cholestatis are connected however didn't seem to know much about it.

Anyway there is a possibility that I could be early stages pregnant now and I am literally bricking it and I have a toddler to look after this time and I'm scared how she will cope seeing me sick. I just don't want her to be an only child. I am hoping my GPs theory is right and that I might not have hyperemesis this time but think I'd be kidding myself. I'm trying to think positive and am taking preg vitamins in the hope it might not be as severe this time.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Also has anyone not had hyperemesis in second pregnancy? I'd love to hear about it.

LaTrucha Fri 29-Jan-10 20:18:06

I'm on my second pregnancy and I did not get hyperemesis this time, and so is my firend and she didn't either (although I do know people who did).

The level of ignorance in the general public is probably abou tthe same as any other illness. It just is very annoying when you've been housebound and feeling like death for five months and people think you've had morning sickness.

What shocked me was the ignorance amongst GPs. I was diagmosed with it and went to see numerous GPs for three weeks before anyone recognised that it's not the sort of thing you can hold down a full time job with. It was utterly miserable. Only when I saw my midwife for the first time did she say, 'No, puking that many times a day is really not normal. Get yourself signed off work now, or you'll be spending time in hospital pretty soon.'

So, yes, I think from that point of view, an awareness campaing would be good.

When I was on the Blooming Awful chat group, one woman had the idea to compile our stories in a book and try and get it sent to GPs etc with up to date information of treatment. Sadly, she couldn't continue with it, but it's not a bad idea.

LucindaE Tue 02-Feb-10 17:46:31

Hello, OhToBeaMan and LaTrucha!

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you - computer problems, not lack of enthusiasm for the idea!

OhToBeaMan I can imagine how apprehensive you are, partiularly about coping with a toddler at the same time. Still, as LaTrucha says, a lot of women don't get it again, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I think the book of experiences is a great idea.

Would a support forum be a good idea, too?

I have been wondering if I wasn't an unknowing member of the Hyperemesis Club without knowing it.

I was talking to a doctor (not the one who wouldn't treat me) later who said that if the migraine like pains I got in my head came on after the days of vomiting, and not before, then it was dehydration headaches rather than migraine.

The vomiting was awful, certainly, and my urine was the colour of (tmi) builders tea, but the GP I had when pregnant was one of the old school and when I complained about 'awful sickness and then headache' didn't bother testing it.

Sorry again about delay, and let me know what you think.


OhToBeAMan Fri 05-Feb-10 22:34:17

Hi LucindaE and LaTrucha,

Thanks for your messages! Sounds like you both know all about the joys yourselves. I am getting so much strength from just reading your stories and knowing there's a possibility I might not have it this time. But if I do I know I'm at least not alone.

I'm quite certain I am pregnant (4 weeks roughly) as period late a boobs starting to get sore. Going to make appointment to see GP next week for confirmation. Had also thought I might get supply of cyclizine now and use in moderation as a preventive measure when/if nausea kicks in. (Hate to take it but so scared of alternative!) They made me so drowsy last time and didn't help until I was over the worst of it but I think I had gone too far before I took them. Sickness started at 7 weeks last time.

LaTrucha - did you do anything different in prep/during your second pregnancy? Also what did you have? I have heard that you are more sick with a girl. I have been taking pregnacare vit tablets for the last few months and I also have ginger tea, seabands and a homeopathic remedy lined up. I am determined to stay out of hospital!!

Support forum would be a great idea. How would we start it? Just by starting a new thread? I'm new to these forums. But I would offer all the advise and share my experience with anyone if it helped - I certainly know I would help me.

LucindaE Sat 06-Feb-10 11:01:07

Dear OhToBeAMan

Congratulations on your Great idea to go about anti sickness meds at once.I hope it goes much better for you this time,though, hun.

I'd like to be here for you and I hope you will see me as a someone cheering you on who will offer cyber tlc is nothing else.

I know a lot of people don't like cyclizine because they say it makes them feel spaced out. What's that other one - stemetil or something?

What do you think of ice cubes made of frozen non-diet coke? That was what I practically lived on at one time. Another friend says its disgusting coming up again, but I didn't find it too bad, myself.

Sorry if tmi - but this must be a graphic thread, I think!

Yes, I think a Hyperemesis support thread/raising awareness scheme would be a great idea. I think all we have to do is start a new thread - I'm a blunderer with IT but we could do that and I suppose I could approach admin about publicity. Perhaps LaTrucha is more clued up, too.

As my (ex!) GP wouldn't treat and I was so depserate I finally made an appointment with an Acupuncturist - nice public puking performance on the way,blush I am sure you know the sort of thing too well - and that did help.

That was at week ten, and after that one treatment I could keep liquid down, and the headaches went away, which indicates that they were dehydration headches.

It was expensive,though there was a big improvement after two weeks. The acupunturist did warn that there was a high failure rate, though.

If you get desperate it might be worth a try. Make sure you get someone well qualified, though.

Do keep posting - I'll check in every day - about how you are, and we can try and set this thing up.


LucindaE Wed 10-Feb-10 17:07:48

Hey, OhToBeAMan and La Troucha
Where are you?

Hope you are OK, OhToBeaMan...



kinnies Thu 11-Feb-10 11:21:13


I'm pg (15+3) with DC3.

I have hyperemesis for the 3rd time sad

It's so crap. Dh has give up work to care for me and look after the DC.

I would really like it if more people understood that it is not 'just morning sickness'
I get really down when people tell me about how they had to struggle on and go to work/look after their Dc.
Its like they want to put me down and tell me how much better they coped than me.

I've had these types of comments from people whom I would have concidered 'nice'.

I'm no wimp. I'm just ill.

Anyway, self pittying rant over with! grin
Its a lovley idea.

LucindaE Fri 12-Feb-10 13:00:27

Dear kinnies

Ah, you poor thing.sad It's bad enough to have that horrible illness,but to have people be self-rightious is too bad. shock

Is anything helping you?

If you've read the thread I expect you know that I didn't even realise that I had it until recently (my GP insisted it was just the pattern of my migraines changing), but I tottered to an acupuncurist (virtuoso puking performance on the way) and that did help me, but she warned me that there was a high failure rate. I do know of others it has helped, though.

Feel free to rant all you like to me, that is what this thread is here for. I do feel for you, and to have had it three times is just too bad, though it proves that you are no wimp or you wouldn't have thought of trying for three babies.

Welcome and I hope we can be friends.


tartyhighheels Fri 12-Feb-10 13:08:53

I had this with my first pregnancy it was because I had undiagnosed hyperthyroidism and it was hell. Not long into it my doctor (the same one that missed my thyroid problem and my daughters type 1 diabetes) would not write me another sick note and i had to return to work. Driving from south coast to london everyday, being sick A3 and M25 so I just handed in my notice and lost all the benefits I had worked for.

I have had less sickness with each pregnancy subsequently because the thyroid thing is under control. It is important that woemn ahve their thyroid checked when they have hyperemesis.

I just think it is one of the worst times of my life, i honestly felt like I would die.

LucindaE Fri 12-Feb-10 17:51:46

Dear tartyhighheels

Love the name. That sounds unmentionably horrible, that doctor sounds worse than the one I had.shock

I'm glad that it's been easier with every subsequent pregnancy. smile.

What you say about thyroids is very interesting.

Lovely to meet you.


LucindaE Fri 12-Feb-10 17:53:03

Dear tartyhighheels

Love the name. That sounds unmentionably horrible, that doctor sounds worse than the one I had.shock

I'm glad that it's been easier with every subsequent pregnancy. smile.

What you say about thyroids is very interesting.

Lovely to meet you.


suiledonne Fri 12-Feb-10 18:25:58

I definitely think there needs to be a better understanding of this condition.
It is very difficult to be so ill and have it disregarded by friends/family etc. I think there is a perception that the suffer is being a bit dramatic about morning sickness rather than really ill.

I had hyperemesis in both pregnancies - the first time I was ill and vomiting all the way through although it did ease a little after 5 months.

I left my job during my first pregnancy as my employers were not understanding at all and I couldn't cope with the stress of trying to be well enough to work when clearly I was very ill.

The second time I was extremely ill from 6-14 weeks but then as suddenly as it started it went.

In my first pregnancy I received very little understanding from the GP and ended up in hospital on a drip several times. I took Stemetil but it didn't help at all.

The second time round I met a lovely young locum doctor who had just read up on the subject who prescribed me cyclizine. It did help a little but as I had a toddler I couldn't manage the spaced out feeling when I was alone with her.

I got to the stage that if anyone else suggested I eat a ginger biscuit I wouldn't have been responsible for my actions.

Sorry I am rambling a bit here. The causes of the hyperemesis (dd1 &dd2) are distracting me.

I'll pop back soon.

Best of luck to everyone suffering at the moment. Hope you get the help you need.

LucindaE Fri 12-Feb-10 21:50:17

Dear suiledonne

Hello, and welcome.

I am glad that you had a well informed doctor the second time, but what you went through the first sounds awful.sad
People can be so insensitive! You shouldn't have had to leave your job through a pregnancy related illness, either.

Yes,biscuits and mind over matter...

Hope to hear from you again

Did you fid this thread easy to find? Should we relocate it on Mumsnet so that it may be more visible?


LucindaE Mon 15-Feb-10 06:41:15

Oh dear, OhToBeAMan!{shock]

Haven't heard from you in a long while, and can't contact you as you don't accept messages... Hope you are OK.


OhToBeAMan Tue 16-Feb-10 21:45:16

Hi LucindaE,
Sorry for the delay in repling back to you. I have had a horrible week. I'm really sad to say I'm not pregnancy. We had been trying and my period was a week late so I assumed I was, but I was reluctant to do a test too early (as I got a negative result at 5 weeks when I was pregnant with my little girl).

Last Tuesday I either had a mc or a week late period. Periods have never been more than a day late before so I suspect it was a mc plus it lasted a bit longer and it felt different to pre-men symptoms.

REALLY gutted - was so worried about how I'd cope with sickness I never thought this would happen. Stress is a really bad thing!!!

Treating myself to reflexology tomorrow in an attempt to relax - just praying my period comes back as normal. Desperately want a brother or sister for my little girl and all I hear is people telling me it's time I had another one - if only they knew!

If nothing else it will make me stronger in coping with a hopefully future pregnancy. Will never take anything for granted again!

Thanks for your support - will keep in touch xxxx

LucindaE Wed 17-Feb-10 16:50:18

Dear OhToBeAMan

Ah, I am sorry. sad. Sending you hugs. It sounds like an early miscarriage if you're never usually late, and that is horrible for you. Don't worry, you will get there!

As for worrying about the sickness, who wouldn't? It is so awful that you would be mad if you didn't. Don't feel that you took a thing for granted, because you didn't. All you wanted was a bit of support to deal with it.

Do keep posting, hun. I can't email you as your account disallows emails.


OhToBeAMan Thu 18-Feb-10 16:13:40

Thanks Lucinda

Feeling a bit brighter about things. All in good time I suppose - unfortunately I'm a bit impatient and just want it to happen now!

I changed my set up so I can hopefully get emails now. xx

LucindaE Fri 19-Feb-10 22:58:19

smile Hi, OhToBeAMan.

Thanks for changing the options.

I think it will happen soon, I get these feelings about things...

Be kind to yourself. A miscarriage is really upsetting whenever it happens. sad You feel so cheated.


SmilerJane Sat 20-Feb-10 17:22:38

hi all

well i am at my witts end now.. teary n moody etc

i am preg with my 3rd DC and am so happy apart from the sickness.. With my DS1 (now 8) i had really bad sickness for 4 months and i literally didnt move out the house till then. i was alone then n havin to deal with it all by myself which was really hard..
My DD who is now 3 was the worst, diagnosed with hyperemesis and given tablets which i can remember if worked then?? my best friend said i was sick all the way thru regardless of tablets which i replyed u sure. prob so excited i was havin a girl blurred the preg somewhat.
i was terrified to get preg again but i knew i wanted at least 1 more DC.. i am now 18wks and still bein sick since 4wks i have been to docs for numerous reasons durin this preg which havent been at all helpfull on the sickness front. i have not been diagnosed with hyperemesis this time however i KNOW i have!! i have been throwin up now for the whole 18wks (well apart from 4 days when i wasnt) its been 3 days now since i kept anything down..
my mw is unsympathetic to say the least (she's useless.. missing my stomach infection and messin my bloods up) all she says is oh its morning sickness you'll be fine.. but she not here is she throwin up 10x a day!!! and they say i am not anaemic but how can i not be when i have been sick nearlly everyday for 18wks!!! i am not eatin well at all and am anxious about eating. i get continuous headaches and feel like i am fallin apart. Oh i h8 it bein this ill i just want the sickness to stop and to feel myself again.. the average is 10x a day i'm sick but has gone down to 3-5x a day now but mw n docs still say i'm ok.. my family n DP have all been worried but i have just had to suffer in silence now
my DP is just makin some jacket spuds but even the smell is makin me feel sick.... in fact i am gonna be... brb....
well now i am in tears.. just dont wanna be sick anymore
dont help that my 2DC h8 seein me upset etc.. Wish sum1 who can help me wud listen..

VelvetQuilt Sat 20-Feb-10 17:46:46


I completely understand how you feel. Although I've not been diagnosed and am probably not suffering as badly, I do feel as though I've been over looked.

Currently taking Metoclopramide (3 a day) but don't seem to be helping the sickness or nausea, which means another afternoon spent at the doctors. I can keep food and drink down most of the time, but I can't stop the taste in my mouth and the overactive salivary glands.

Hubby tries his best to understand, but he tells me he is fed up with earning all the money, doing all the cooking and cleaning etc. That's fair enough and I understand that, but I don't feel safe to leave my house should I need to be sick or spit (yes, that happens a LOT). I feel safe here, even though I've not really been out in over 5 weeks now. I'm self employed and haven't been able to function normally for a while now.

The thought of there being another potential 6/7 weeks of this just fills me with dread.

Wish there was more we could do. It's so very miserable.


SmilerJane Sat 20-Feb-10 17:56:25

hi velvetquilt

most the time i dont 'feel' sick.. i min i ok then i am litterally sick till theres nothing left n end up throwin up bile
i'm currently taking nothing as they said i'm not dehydrated or anaemic so i ok!!! OK!!!! I'm not effin ok... i need to eat.. dont help that i'm only 7 1/4 stone anyway.. feelin really weak.. threw up in asda, childs play centre on the way to take my DS to school.. i dont see any of my friends atm..
durin this dinner i have already been sick x2.. so thats 5x today.. nothing has stayed down.... even my paracetamol n water didnt stay down si i still have a headach..
my DP has his pmt moments but he dont work yet so he can moan all he likes.. he been gr8 today tho i just so worried as at 18wks when is it gonna stop... findin this hard to cope with now
its horrible isnt it..
hope ur sickness gets better soon.

LizzieHart Sun 21-Feb-10 18:48:40

Dear All,

Oh it is so good to hear of other people in the same position as me. I was diagnosed with hyperemsis at 12 weeks, even though I had been siffering from it since 6 weeks. I am now 23 weeks and still throwing up. It eased at about 18 weeks, but that I think was largely due to the cyclizine and metoclopramide! I also ended up living with my parents for a few weeks which was sad leaving DH but Ihave been no wife to him for weeks and he was at his wits end not being able to wave a magic wand so I would feel better.

I had a wonderful doctor who had hyperemsis for all 3 of her pregnancies, so she was very sympathetic. I think there are protocols that GP's have to go through before they can prescribe you medication, but it didn't take her long! I saw her weekly for about 6 weeks, and now I am on just repeat prescriptions for my medication.

If you Google "what is the difference between morning sickness and hyperemesis" there are several sites that come up that show the difference in symptoms between the two. I lost about 1/2 stone in a month, I vomited blood clots, I lost my appitite and could barely move from bed to sofa to toilet to bed again, let alone get to work!

The worst thing in the beginning was hearing tales of people having this till term, especially when you are only 8/10 weeks! Even now, the thought of feeling like this for another 17 weeks nearly has me in tears! I was just living day by day, now I am living week by week.

People were very unsympathetic and I did have a lot of "well in my day I just had to get on with it" from the older generation and I get the impression from a lot of my co-workers and some family members that I am being pathetic. Close family and friends have been brilliant!

It is a miserable time but I decided that feeling guilt that I wasn't able to 'soldier on' like some people was not something else I wanted to feel!

Hope that everyone who has hyperemsis copes with it and feels better soon. Just focus on the positive bundle of joy that is sapping the esseence from inside you!! grin

Lizzie xx

SmilerJane Mon 22-Feb-10 13:48:08

Hi lizzihart

my mw n docs just dont seem to believe me when i say i throw up all the time
i have been throwin up for 3 days now and still have a headache. but i dont have the energy to go docs and just feel it wud be a waste of time.. i just hope everyday is one day less to be bein over this sickness
i have had my DD to look after n try potty train today and have to go out to get my DS from school soon i can tell ya i am struggling.... my man is doin my bloomin head in with his moaning... he has no effin idea what i goin thru n keeps jokin he wants more!!! he has this dry sense of humor atm which i am not impressed with at all... and his moaning about the lack of affection n sex is drivin me mad!!! yep.. i am throwin up all day for days then he moans i not doin stuff!!!! FFS.. and then accuses me of flirtin with other men... yh when i bein sick this much i not thinking of it at all!!! sorry for ranting... i just wish i had more support but i dont
cant wait till baby here n this is over...

LucindaE Tue 23-Feb-10 14:37:13

Hello, SmilerJane, VelvetQuilt and LizzieHart and sorry to have been away so I couldn't welcome you onto this thread. smile.

So sorry that you are all suffering. It is so horrible and not understood.

If you've read through the thread, I expect you know that I only recently realised that I had a brush with HG myself, some years ago.The violent headaches I had were dehydration headaches from being sick, not the change in the pattern of my migaine that the doctor insisted on. It was pretty awful, as he kept saying it was ordinary morning sickness and would go off soon, didn't bother checking my urine and refused all medication.

I should have gone to A and E, I suppose,after I'd been unable to keep water down for three days but instead I tottered to an Acupuncturist and the treatment did help a lot, and after a second treatment the symptoms just turned into gagging form bad heartburn, so I was very lucky.

the acupuncturist did warn me that there was a very high failure rate, so I was lucky, and it was expensive, but I have come across several other women who have been helped by it. It might be worth a try, though it's not cheap...

Really sorry, SmilerJane, about your being sick in public, and having to struggle looking after a youngster when suffering. Its so embarrassing, and people just gawp. I don't understand it, if I saw a woman doing that who might be pregnant I would go over and try and help.sad

I hope you girls all feel better soon.


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