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Anyone done Slimming World whilst pregnant?

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BettyButterknife Sat 16-Jan-10 11:01:25

I'm feeling so fat, about 2 stone overweight (I'm only 14 weeks pg so it's not the baby!) and had heard you can do Slimming World while you're pregnant.

Just wondered if anyone could tell me what the plan is and how you found it? Thanks.

I haven't done it whilst pregnant but they do have a good plan for pregnant/breastfeeding women, with extra milk and protein allowed etc so you're getting everything you need whilst still losing a little bit of weight. It's more just a healthy eating plan, than a restrictive diet, but you're bound to still lose something.

I know how you feel, I'm 23 weeks, vastly overweight anyway and I feel so sluggish and huge right now (and it's only going to get worse!) waaah

peppapighastakenovermylife Sat 16-Jan-10 11:21:00

I am doing the 'bleurgh' diet - can only eat certain foods without feeling awful or being sick grin.

However both slimming world and weight watchers are fine for pregnancy. With weight watchers I know you just have some extra points - you would need someone who knew how many to tell you accurately but I think its around 6 extra points a day.

Would you be able to 'just' concentrate on eating healthily rather than dieting as such which would keep things under control?

fakeblondie Sat 16-Jan-10 13:02:04

I`ve just started SW and i`m 18 wks pregnant . I just need something to sort of rein me in iykwim .
I`d recommend it because i`ll be eating far more fruit and veg than i have been so it has to be good !

BettyButterknife Sat 16-Jan-10 13:06:24

I'm glad to hear I'm not alone!

My morning sickness has been worse in this pregnancy (my second) and I've been surviving on what I've been able to tolerate, which more often than not is stodgy and not entirely healthy food.

I just don't want to put huge amounts of weight on now that I'll have to shift later, so perhaps more of a 'healthy eating' shift will do it.

I'd be interested in hearing what they recommend at SW during pregnancy, fakeblondie - can you give me the lowdown?

fakeblondie Sat 16-Jan-10 13:50:16

I was just like you .
I managed my sickness for 16 weeks by eating every couple of hours-crap mostly .
I`ve now put on 8 pounds and hate it . So i thought i`d concentrate on healthy eating now i dont feel sick.
SW in pregnany , unlike SW whilst breastfeeding , is no differrent to the usual SW diet .
You can go on line and join but i prefer to weigh in in front of someone .
Basically you have free foods-all very low fat yogurts, skimmed cream cheese (quark ), cottage cheese , quorn, lean meat and fish, poatoes, beans most friut and veg . On top you can choose a milk option (or cheese 0 and one healthy extra which i use for my porridge . You have 2 fill 2/3rds of your plate with free foods so i eat loads of veg . I have lots of fruit and natural yougurt for dessert . On top you also get sins, which in the past i saved for my wine, but this time i`ll enjpy them at the weekend for a take away or something.
They do some fantastic recipes too so i cook lovely meals, like shepherds pie , chicken korma, full english breakfasts and roast dinners.
my fav. trat is SW chips (made with par boiled pots, dried slied into wedges and sprayed with fry light before popping in the oven,), and egg . Eggs are free too !
The more you eat the better .It really works . Good luck x

boodleboot Sat 16-Jan-10 16:48:01

oooh. that is sounding like just what i need to do aswell.....i am way early in my pregnancy but hadn't lost the christmas podge {well ok, 2 stone has crept on since feb last year...blush}before falling pregnant so really don't want to be soooo overweight at the end of this one....

perhaps we could do like a support preg SW thread here?? keep eachother on the straight and narrow and share tips etc?

IndigoMonstA Tue 19-Jan-10 21:16:28

My midiwfe has adivsed me that I should try the SW diet to loose weight before my labour happens! shock

I am 29 weeks, is it just me or is outrageous that she should advise me to try and loose upto 10kg in less than 10 weeks?

I've heard that SW diet is good, but didn't think it was that good! hmm

Why does every other webiste, information pack warn that it is not advisable to loose weight whilst pregnant?

birdofthenorth Wed 20-Jan-10 09:57:28

Indigo I think I would have given your midwife a slap!! Lose 1kg a week whilst preggers and gaining baby weight? That's a pretty tough challenge!

I'm 2 stone overweight too but had thought (because it says it all over the internet) that you weren't supposed to actively lose weight when pregnant, just to try not to gain weight excessively if your BMI is already high. Now confused!

LeeWT Thu 21-Jan-10 21:57:04

hi does anyone know if you want to do weightwatchers while preg whether you use the same number of points?

following 2 mcs in the last year ive put on half a stone on top of the stone of dd's babyweight and i was hardly fading away to begin with.

just got a bfp and am delighted but had been planning to lose some more weight before getting preg again so would appreciate some advice.

oh and hi boodle!

boodleboot Fri 22-Jan-10 10:19:36

hello hunny.

apparently you can go the ww but they wont weigh you. you have to add six points to your usual amount. We could do a separate little thread for us if you like as i really need to monitor my weight as have ballooned after comfort eating after the MMC and EP. I am 2stone heavier than my good weight of i'm pretty tall i look good at 12 stone but now just look like bit of a

need to keep track of my weight this preg as put on five stone with my son and got soooo depressed. Being fat truly makes me miserable, being a vain cow and all that ha....

i think a thread of support is needed for this

sophieandbelly Sat 30-Jan-10 21:01:28

iam 4 weeks preg and i go to sw and will continue to, while i feel like it! i am eating loads of fruit and veg,chic salads etc i need the strucure of eating plan, can i add not doing it to loose weight now just to monitor that i dont gain a huge amount like last time!!

will in few weeks look at swimming etc. exciting wwwaaahhhooooo

Gingerbics Sun 31-Jan-10 13:51:30

I joined SW the week after I found out I was pregnant, did really well first 2weeks before the nausea kicked in.(I'm now 9weeks) Now I'm really struggling as all I can face is cheese, crackers,toast and marmite, salty crisps or snackajacks.

I've been trying and been cooking up the SW recipes but just can't face it when its cooked so I may go back in a few weeks when the sickness eases. I know if I go to weigh in tomor I'll have put on wt with all the cheese I've 'needed' and will come away depressed.

So thinking I should just eat what I can face for as long as I need to then get straight back on it.

Would love to join a support thread too!

sophieandbelly Sun 31-Jan-10 19:04:52

great idea gingerbics, give ur body what it need/can stomach!!

and re-join wen u feel up to it mayb after the 12 week mark ur body mite settle down! did u loose weight in those first 2 weeks?

Gingerbics Mon 01-Feb-10 19:36:13

I did, I lost 2lbs then another 1 and I'd had 2 meals out so was really surprised. It's all about cheese and pickle sandwiches at the moment but I'm trying to have half fat chedder (it's not the same as proper cheese tho eh!)

Gingerbics Mon 01-Feb-10 19:36:53

ps, I reckon I've put about 5 on in past 2 weeks tho, eeeeeek, not good!

ronx Wed 03-Feb-10 16:49:27

I blame SW for this pregnancy grin because I lost a stone of my baby weight - and promptly fell pregnant again.

I'm sticking to SW throughout this pregnancy. You get the same amount of food as before - but I get 15 Syns as opposed to 10. At my weigh-in today I only put on 0.5lb in two weeks.

loulou1993 Wed 26-Nov-14 21:18:34

I've just started slimming world at 31 weeks pregnant as my sister just started and made me join lol. I put on so much weight with my first pregnancy now with my second I'm self consious of a doing the same so I am doing loads of walking. I lost 8 lbs at the beginning of my pregnancy due to walking everywhere and have put about 9 back on hoping for that to stay the same or close to it near the end. I get an extra a n n heart extra but it's making me eat much more healthy and still gets treats just not to indulge I love it and eat loads

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