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How long did you all take to get pregnant.

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paperchase1 Fri 15-Jan-10 16:39:33

not sure if this is the right place for this but I just wondered

1) How long did you take to get pregant?
2) Did you do anything different if you were trying for a while?
3) What were your first signs?

I am 32; size 16, have regular periods, 31 day cycles. I came off the pill 10 months ago and ttc. On 11th month.

Just looking for a bit of hope.

midori1999 Fri 15-Jan-10 16:49:44

It didn't take me long at all, I concieved on the first month, despite being 33 and only having had sex once on day 14... blush

That said, my sister took almost two years to concieve her first, then the second was much quicker, although can't remember how long it took her.

Have you tried ovulation tests etc? Is it your first baby?

ShowOfHands Fri 15-Jan-10 16:52:06

It's normal for it to take 1-2yrs to conceive. Your chances of conception if you do everything exactly right, at the right time and are young and healthy is 25%. The odds are stacked against you a little bit.

It took us 14 months and a miscarriage before conceiving dd. We were 25 and 24 respectively, non smokers, non drinkers, fit and healthy, no fertility issues.

paperchase1 Fri 15-Jan-10 16:52:48

yes it's my first. Did an ovulation test one month (just to make sure I was ovbulating) I was. Maybe I should do it for a few more months.

Good to hear that it's not just me taking forever to conceive!

Also starting a new job soon and worried that this will hinder things more.

ShowOfHands Fri 15-Jan-10 16:54:22

We did nothing different btw (though I did know my own body and the signs I was ovulating). I knew I was pg about a week before my period was due because I just knew. Can't tell you why or how. I just knew I was pg.

GuernseyFrench Fri 15-Jan-10 16:56:51

I stop the pills in September 08 and become pregnant in May 09 after having been on the pill for 15 years. I'm 30 and my cycles were 35 days.
What help me is when my GP told me that ovulation day is 14 days before your expected period date (I always thought it was half way ie 28 days cycle - day 14 ovulation IYSWIM)

Good luck...

InStyle Fri 15-Jan-10 17:08:42

Happened the fifth month of trying for us. The thing I did differently that month was use ovulations sticks rather than counting on my fingers...

Also - apologies for graphic sexual references - we did it woof woof and my DH is convinced he felt a little bit of magic shoot out of him and into me. He swears that's the night it happened.

We were 31(he) and 32(me) by the way. I had come off the pill in the September before we started trying in the January. Conceived in May. Both normal weights and average drinkers.

I think it's actually more scientific than people realise. Some docs say just have lots of sex and eventually it'll happen. but really you do need to keep an eye on the dates as you really only have a 24 hour window of opportunity each month.

You've loads of time before you need to start worrying. Good luck smile

Tigresswoods Fri 15-Jan-10 17:09:28

1) How long did you take to get pregant?

18 months in total but in the end it was my 3rd cycle of Clomid as they found I had PCOS

2) Did you do anything different if you were trying for a while?

Yes I went on the Low GI diet but just to help the PCOS really and for my own sanity to try something! We did BD at vaguely the right time once I was on the Clomid but still thought we hadn't done it on the right day the month I "fell"

3) What were your first signs?

I was a freak about knowing my (typically) 35 day cycle and I didn't test until day 36 when I had no period. It sounds bizarre and very unhelpful but I "just knew" and had slightly sore boobs but nothing like people tend to report on here. Other than that I had no other symtpoms and didn't really for ages after that.

MY PCOS wasn't obvious as I am not over weight but I did have VERY irregular periods. They diagnosed it based on an internal and a blood test at what they thought was the right time of the month.

Good luck!

BusyMissIzzy Fri 15-Jan-10 17:15:15

I came off the pill in Dec 08, periods didn't come back till May 09, got pregnant in July 09 (or possibly June 09 in which case I'll be having this baby in 3 weeks rather than 7hmm); they had to work out my EDD from an early scan since my periods were irregular. So I'm not sure whether that means it took us 7 months or 2 months! We're in our late 20s, fairly fit and healthy.
I know 11 months must seem like a long time but I don't think it means you have anything to worry about. As ShowOfHands said, 1-2 years is considered normal.

illuminasam Fri 15-Jan-10 17:21:48

First time, got pregnant almost immediately, was 37. I lost the baby quite late on and it took me nearly 2 years to get pregnant again, with one very early miscarriage in that time. I'm now 36 weeks and 40 in May.

What worked for me in the end was vitamins, omega 3 and a bottle of rose!

I also spent some time temperature charting to get to know my cycle. On the month I conceived I knew early on as my temp didn't drop as it normally would do on cycle day 26, ready for period on day 27.

emsyj Fri 15-Jan-10 17:24:27

1) How long did you take to get pregant?

6 weeks.... I took my last pill on 28th July and we conceived on 19th September I think.

2) Did you do anything different if you were trying for a while?

No, nothing - except I stopped taking the pill and started with the folic acid.

3) What were your first signs?

No signs for me!!! Not til about 6/7 weeks, when I began to feel sick. This passed by week 9/10. I only found out I was pregnant because I'd bought some whizzy Clearblue Digital preg tests from ebay and I was dying to use one to make the words come up blush so I did one the morning my period was due and it was positive - shock of my life.

I am 30, size 10/12 (well am 19 weeks now so maternity 10/12...) and had been on the pill (Dianette first for 10 years, then latterly Femodene) for 15 years with a one year break in 2004/05, during which my period never returned. This time it was back immediately and I had one period at the start of September before conceiving that month.

I have several friends who've conceived more or less immediately, and others who've had to wait over a year. If you get to a year with no luck then go and see your GP I guess - although as others have said, doesn't mean there's any problem, you might have just been unlucky til then.

piprabbit Fri 15-Jan-10 17:29:57

1) How long did you take to get pregant?
First time, 2.5 years - fell pregnant naturally. Did have 2 early M/Cs before though.
Second time, another 2.5 years via IVF (following more M/Cs and a ectopic).

2) Did you do anything different if you were trying for a while?
Clomid - didn't help.
IVF - worked first time.

3) What were your first signs?
No signs - but I knew before I tested.

Spannerweb Fri 15-Jan-10 17:31:47

I’m sure I'd conceived before I even finished eating my meal.....

Morloth Fri 15-Jan-10 17:45:26

2 years for DS1 and about 9 months for this baby.

Inspirachion Fri 15-Jan-10 17:51:27

1) How long did you take to get pregant?
ttc took 4 months, 10 months and 2 months added together. the first two conceptions ended in early mc and fingers crossed for the third sucess as I am 11 and a half weeks pregnant now.

2) Did you do anything different if you were trying for a while?
The last time gave up all the charting (also gave up legs in the air after sex!) and relaxed!

3) What were your first signs?
Sore breasts from 4 weeks, ms at 6 weeks.

What helped us was learning about my body and recognising when I was fertile. I learned this from 'Tacking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler' which I would recommend any woman read even if they don't intend to chart their cycles.

That said the last time I decided to give up the charts as I was becoming obsessive and just relied on what I knew abou the signs of fertility (excluding temperature) and it worked quickest but I had charted for about 15 months and learned about my cycles before hand.

I'm 38.

Good luck.

LaDiDaDi Fri 15-Jan-10 17:57:26

1) First cycle with dd, fourth with ds.

2) Last cycle of trying with ds I used ovulation sticks which never indicated that I was ovulating hmm.

3) In retrospect I felt a bit achy tummy with dd at around the date I expected my period. With ds I suddenly felt faint and dizzy on day 23 of my cycle, I'd also felt a bit rough a few days prior to that. Tested on Day 23 and got my BFP.

Very good friend took 18 months to conceive her first and then had her second after a one off accident.

Paolosgirl Fri 15-Jan-10 18:01:50

PCOS here, with low sperm count for DH.

Months of fertility treatment for DS1.

1.5 weeks with no treatment for DD

One miscarriage, after a few months of vaguely trying

Completely unplanned and a big surprise for DS2, with no treatment, a bit of a mad moment on holiday 3 years ago, and a 7 and 9 year age gap between him and the elder 2.

Can you tell we haven't really got the hang of this family planning lark?

Paolosgirl Fri 15-Jan-10 18:02:57

Oh, and I'm nearly 41 and DH is 47.

fruitful Fri 15-Jan-10 18:05:04

1) 9 months with dd, straight away with ds1 and 4 months with ds2

2) learnt to recognise when I was ovulating (and used the sticks to check - I bought lots of cheapy ones off the internet)

3) No signs. 48hrs after the positive test with dd I started bleeding, had 2 weeks of cramps and bleeding but she was fine. no signs with the other 2 either - felt completely normal each time until 7 weeks when the nausea and exhaustion kicked in.

Haggisfish Fri 15-Jan-10 18:06:37

How long?
Eight months of trying.

I used the clearblue digital ovulation monitor - the one where you pee on sticks and insert them into the machine -although it was quite expensive, it was more sensitive than just the pee on sticks and showed I was ovulating two days later than I thought I was. we conceived the second month we used this!
I also stayed lying down after doing the deed - normally I would get up straight away and have a week, but didnt on this occasion - went straight to sleep and it worked.

Bizarrely, I smelled my hubbie and pillow MUCH more keenly than usual one morning and took a test when my period was three days late.

I'd go to your doc now if you are concerned (and lie - say you have been trying for a year) - mine told me the waiting list was six months, so I could have ended up waiitng 18 months for investiagations etc.

Haggisfish Fri 15-Jan-10 18:07:24

Have a 'wee', not 'week'!

Lotkinsgonecurly Fri 15-Jan-10 18:08:48

PCOS here too. Took 3 years, 3rd cycle of clomid with DS and 6th cycle with DD.

Again, with both pg's I just knew I was pg.

Missus84 Fri 15-Jan-10 18:09:40

Lucky first attempt for me, despite having irregular periods. But, I've never been on the pill or any form of hormonal contraceptive so not sure if that makes a difference.

weegiemum Fri 15-Jan-10 18:12:18

We got pg 1st month with dd1, 2nd month with ds, weren't even trying with dd2

Was 28, 30, 31. Always had regular periods, but am seriously overweight, never had a problem conceiving.

JustAnotherManicMummy Fri 15-Jan-10 18:14:36

1) About 20 minutes blush We weren't trying but were using Persona and condoms as contraception and had been using them for about 8 months without getting pg. It works by getting to know your cycle and testing hormone levels on certain days. It also tells you when you're ovulating.

I got a "green" day based on my cycle so we had unprotected sex at 4am... and the next day was the first for testing my hormones at 9am. It gave me a "red" day (would usually be green shock) and the ovulation symbol. And that's when we conceived DS.

So, the reason why I'm telling you this is not to boast about my unplanned pregnancy hmm but to let you know that even the most regular person can have little quirks in their cycle and ovulate at funny times. I also think the fact we were on holiday and very relaxed helped enormously. Oh and vino of course!

3)Sore boobs. And feeling very tired and craving milky drinks. And no period!

Best of luck to you smile

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