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Is there a thread for the old birds who are pregnant and over 40?

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hippychick66 Mon 11-Jan-10 17:29:15

I'm on a fab thread on the ttc section but am now 7 wks preg grin.

I know it's early days but I wondered if there was a thread on here for the older pregnant woman who might be experiencing all the same things as me.

God, I hope I'm not tempting fate by coming over from the ttc side!!!!!

liahgenisuptheduff Mon 11-Jan-10 17:31:00


I'm an oldie too, (43) and coming up to 9 wks with number 6 grin

Don't think there's a special thread for us geriatrics older ladies but we're very nice on the August thread.

is this your 1st? 2nd? more baby?

hippychick66 Mon 11-Jan-10 17:34:15

I recognise your name Liahgen think we may have met on the ttc threads before.

I'm 43 as well grin and this is my 3rd. Baby is due 30th Aug so I guess I could just join you on the august thread. Is it the bus thing???

30th August is a weird date as it means he/she could be either the oldest or the youngest in the class due to the cut off point being 1st sept.

Still I'm only 7 weeks so am getting ahead of myself a bit.

liahgenisuptheduff Mon 11-Jan-10 17:43:02

definately, could mean an extra year at home with mummy or off to school in his or her baby gro grin

Thought i recognised your name, we do get familiar on those ttc threads.



We have a few at either end, July and I guess there will be a few end Aug early sept too.

We could start a thread if you like.

ande Mon 11-Jan-10 17:50:04

I'm 40, pregnant with my fourth.Baby due on the 31st May.

Feeling every one of my years.

liahgenisuptheduff Mon 11-Jan-10 17:51:15

ande how long ago is it since you were expecting last time?

ande Mon 11-Jan-10 18:06:57

My "little" one is 11. The other two are twins of 17.

hippychick66 Mon 11-Jan-10 19:16:11

My 2 DS's are 9 & 6. Can't quite believe I'm back in the saddle (but v. pleased that I am). Have you told people yet? I guess you have ande cos you're further along.

What kind of reception did you get?

I'm imagining lots of, "Oh, was it - an accident?" or "Bet that was a shock!"

The answer is that we wanted it and tried for it and were delighted to discover that we hadn't left it too late.

I am worried that people will be a bit negative because of my age. I think alot of my friends would be horrified to be preg at 43 so will probably re-act accordingly.

It's nice to find people who are ready to take the plunge again.

MammyG Mon 11-Jan-10 20:51:25

My mum turned 47 six days before my brother was born. Physically it wasnt the easiest for her but I was 20 (eldest of 6)so she had oodles of support. With regard peoples reaction - a lot of people felt sorry for her! This stage of her life etc. But she didnt and she, indeed all the family, really wanted him. I think people just followed her lead then.Her attitude was really positive and people began to behave possitively. We live in a very small town and he was the most celebrated arrival!

stinkypinky Mon 11-Jan-10 20:56:20

Hi there, 40 yrs old, have DD age 3. No.2 due April 23rd. I will be 41 day before due date.

Fab idea for a thread smile

HeighHo Mon 11-Jan-10 21:01:33

Hello, can I join? Hi Hippy, I've been lurking on the 40s TTC thread and I'm 7 weeks today too! Am keeping everything crossed as have had 5 mc before this pregnancy (Am so fortunate to have 3 children before the miscarriages)

Anyway, got an early scan today due to the miscarriages and they found two strong heartbeats - aaargh, we are in complete shock. have been hearing some lovely stories about twins on the multiples thread, but at the moment all I can think about is the increased risk of mc and fears for this pregnancy.

Would love to chat to some other older mums to be x

HeighHo Mon 11-Jan-10 21:02:10

Sorry, should have said, am 41 xx

ande Mon 11-Jan-10 21:04:02

On the whole everybody has been very positive/supportive.

Yes, I've had a few I couldn't do it again, but even they have said "good for you".

As for telling people it was very difficult not to. Pre pregnancy I was a size 8/10 and by eight weeks nothing in my wardrobe fitted.
From being a night owl, I suddenly needed 10 hours sleep every night. And I was VERY grumpy (still am).

It's just I feel OLD. It feels so strange, my swollen belly, huge boobs,so tired I want to curl up into a ball and going through "A" level maths with 17 year old, then talking about periods with 11 year old....

All those geriatric mums out there................


asquashandasqeeeze Mon 11-Jan-10 21:35:27

Hello I will be 40 when my dc6 is born later this year (if all goes well - am only 8ish weeks atm).

i feel pretty shit - very very tired, and also finding that nothing fits me. I think I felt pretty much the same with my first though - 11 years ago smile

justbeme Mon 11-Jan-10 21:46:31

Hi I'm 41 and expecting number 3 on 2nd June - so am now 20 weeks!
My other 2 daughters are 14 and 2.6.
It's nice to know that there are others like me!!

liahgenisuptheduff Mon 11-Jan-10 23:25:25

heighho i remember you from a couple ttc threads,

wow huge congratulations to you. Hoping for a boring and healthy 8 mths for you.

So here we are,

40+ mums to be.

LittlePushka Mon 11-Jan-10 23:29:37

Lurking with a smile - (i was 7 and a half months PG on my 40th a couple of years ago).

Nice to be among friends!

Hippychick - squeeze dumpling out in August, you shall save a fortune in child care grinwink.

Good luck gals!

HelishAngel Tue 12-Jan-10 02:05:27

Hello ladies, I think I can safely join in here. I'm 28+5 with other LO are 18, 13, 12. I'm 40 in early April and this wee one is due 1st April!

This has been the hardest pregnancy to date. I'm really feeling it now in every respect. I'm also going it alone sadly due to splitting up with the bio-dad not long after finding out I was preggars...and he has no interest in the babe whatsoever. So it's not been easy on any level but what the hell I can do this!

I've found folks to be really positive about my ahem 'advanced maternal age' probably because I've had/shown that mindset. Anyone getting negative around me can sling their hook! ;)

Good luck to're doing a grand job! x

ChunkyChick Tue 12-Jan-10 10:20:58

Will be 36 weeks tomorrow with DC2. Had dd (2.3) when I was 39 and will have ds when I am just turned 42. Feeling very old and finding it hard to sleep/walk etc now. DS is measuring way ahead.

stinkypinky Tue 12-Jan-10 11:05:32

I am finding it really encouraging being on an antenatal thread as I am feeling the same as most of my bump buddies - some half my age, some not working full time, some on their first baby.

I think we are quick to blame age....

rainbowdays Tue 12-Jan-10 14:19:18

Hi all, I am 41 and just 5 weeks pregnant (following 5 early m/c in the last year). I had my dc3 when I had just turned 40, and it was fantastic..... he is a really gem to the family.

There was a 40+ thread here but I can't find it now! So a nice shiney new one is great, thank you.

Chynah Tue 12-Jan-10 14:41:04

I'm 40 and am due no 2 on 4 April. DS will be 15 months when she arrives.

shinysideup Tue 12-Jan-10 16:59:37

Hello all,
I've been lurking on the ttc threads for months now and finally got a bfp just before Christmas. I'm 43 and currently 6 and a half weeks (the half feels very important at this early stage...!).
This is my second, my daughter is (gulp) 23 and will be 24 when this one arrives please God.
Haven't told hardly anyone yet and just want to burst with the news, so glad to have found you all!
Good luck to you all, fingers (and legs) crossed

hippychick66 Tue 12-Jan-10 20:06:48

Wow, what a fab response. I'm well chuffed that I started this now.

I called for my blood test result today (despite getting 4 bfp's on hpt's I needed extra proof grin)

The lady on the phone said, "This is a pregnancy blood test, do you definitely want the results on the phone?" I immediately thought OMG it's all been a huge misunderstanding! So i said, "Erm yes - go ahead."

She then said, "A confirmed pregnancy 6-7 weeks (that was last Tuesday). I managed a muffled, "Thanks that's what I thought!" before hanging up and crying - just so darn relieved that it's all true.

The reason for my dounts - We had been to see a consultant privately cos i was having very short cycles. he said he didn't think I was ovulating (I thought I was), my womb lining was a bit thin and that I had a cyst. One week later I got the first BFP!! My GP says she doesn't think I have a cyst at all - she thinks it was the corpus luteum that he saw.

Anyway, after all that negativety from him I've been struggling to believe all this. But the blood test has helped a lot.

Great to see that not only are there lots of you lovely over 40's, but a couple of you are at the same stage as me.

Good luck to all, lots of sticky vibes - especially to the ones who've had losses in the past.

Can't wait to get to know you all.

Here is your free gift each for joining this thread - Hippy hands out the biscuits.

hippychick66 Tue 12-Jan-10 20:10:48

I had doubts - not dounts!!!

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