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2nd Trimester Anxieties

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ChaCha Sat 02-Jul-05 17:08:44

Thank you

Have days where i feel great and full of energy and really enjoy my pregnancy. Have days like yesterday and today where i have to go and lie down resulting in hours of sleep, I have slept until 12pm this afternoon and again from 1-4pm!! Could quite easily eat and return to bed!! Is it normal to be so tired at 19 weeks pregnant?!?

I'm also feeling heavy. Have started to feel its movements too. Feel like i have a little bag of something sat in my tummy (had never really felt like it was there before).

I guess i just want some reassurance - feeling a bit down after having had some great weeks of energy and well being. Have used my doppler, heartbeat strong and i feel it move frequently, mainly nights/morning so hopefully he/she is fine.

Anyone else?

Nemo1977 Sat 02-Jul-05 17:12:05

hi hun
I am 16wks now and still feel permanantly exhausted. Averaging 2hrs in bed in afternoon whether ds permits or I get odd bursts of energy but not much. IS weird because with DS when I hit 14 wks i was bouncing with energy and was like superwoman which i had thought would happen again...cant even blame it on whether as ds was oct baby over a heatwave summer

So your not alone or abnormal we all take to this pregnancy lark differently and even depending on the beanie inside so it would seem.

ChaCha Sat 02-Jul-05 19:24:49

Thanks Nemo.
Still feeling terribly heavy, been lying on the sofa, couldn't eat with DH and am going to now retreat back to bed!!!!

novadandypowder Sat 02-Jul-05 20:20:49

Hi chacha at 22wks i still need an afternoon nap, and am feeling very 'unfit' if i do anything that requires energy. Also feeling very heavy - thought it was just me. Also getting a lot of 'growing pains'. Have to sit and rub bump and kneel on all fours to get comfy sometimes. You are not alone xx

Frizbe Sat 02-Jul-05 20:33:07

I've been feeling battered and I'm only in the 1st trimester, had a nice nap this afternoon myself, until dd woke up.....I've brought some multi vits, which I'm hoping might help? was starting to think I might be drifting towards anemia or something, as have also gone pale....

bebejam Sun 03-Jul-05 00:33:55

I'm at 20 weeks, and there are some days that I couldn't make through without a decent nap.

There is a major growth spurt at 19 weeks, and that would explain a lot of it.

I keep meaning to take a vitamin everyday to get energy from all those lovely "B"s (i.e. B6, B12, riboflavin- whatever that is) Though I don't always remember. I notice that the days where I eat very balanced I feel better... days where I eat nothing but jam doughnuts- not so good!

ChaCha Sun 03-Jul-05 12:04:32

Glad i'm not alone. Feeling much better today - managed to get a good night's sleep thanks to the good old grobag!!! I didn't realise there was a growth spurt at 19 weeks, that would explain it then, it actually looks like my 'two bellies' are turning into one (does that make sense?)
I know the baby is moving, but i can't tell whether its kicking or definitely doing one of the do you tell?

novadandypowder Sun 03-Jul-05 12:51:54

I def. feel like baby has been having a growth spurt for the last two weeks at least, it seems like bump is rising every day. I'm shocked at how painful it can be, i can't sit up for long periods, and bending and stretching can be uncomfortable. And it's only going to get bigger!!!

In my scan they said baby was breach so i know the movements i feel in the lower area are kicks. I rarely feel punches, so maybe you are feeling kicks as the legs are stronger (pure guess). When i'm laying on my side in bed baby moves sideways (must be like a little funfair ride in there) and it feels like it's somersaulting.

I found the vitamins i was taking (tried several brands) upset my stomach as it's very sensitive with all the sickness. I gave up taking them at about 16wks and felt much better. Just make sure i eat a fairly balanced diet, which is better for me in the long run than relying on supplements.

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