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Night-light for breastfeeding

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GoingOnce Sat 09-Jan-10 20:31:35


Can anyone suggest a good bed-side lamp for breastfeeding in the night? A lot fo the ones I've seen plug directly into the mains which, for us, is on the floor, so I'd be leaning out all the tme to switch it on. Are there any with their own switches? And that I can dim very low?


Armi Sat 09-Jan-10 20:43:43

Why not go for a touch-sensitive one so you're not scrabbling around for the switch? They usually have three settings, the lowest of which is fairly dim.

truthisinthewine Sat 09-Jan-10 20:46:41

I just used to turn the tv on and mute it, can adjust brightness to make it dimmer.

Or ikea (and probably loads of other places) do little lights that have a battery in and you just press it on and off.

susiey Sat 09-Jan-10 20:47:42

we have an alarm clock which wakes us up with the light and has different brightness settings so I guess that would be quite good

humptynumpty Sat 09-Jan-10 20:47:51

I would second a touch sensitive lamp, and you could just put a really low watt lightbulb in it so it's not bright!

UniS Sat 09-Jan-10 20:51:39

We got on just fine with a regular bedside light with a switch BUT used a very low wattage lamp. 20watt or 15 watt. tis a smaller glass lamp than normal but has the same size/style lamp base so fits a regular lamp.
for pictures look at golf ball and pygmy lamps on this site.

Was enough for me to see where baby was and get him sorted but not so much that DH was kept awake.

corblimeymadam Sat 09-Jan-10 20:54:22

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Sat 09-Jan-10 20:55:25

I must confess that this was the one time I was glad of the streetligth directly outside our window...

otherwise the little rechargeable squeezy ones meant as kids' nightlights supercategory=BRN00006&branch=&wcategory=CAT00128&catdesc=&super=0040BRN00006~0010BRN00017~0120CAT00 128&treecode=TRE00009thus or similar are quite good, and you can take them with you if you suddenly need to do a nappy

MrsBadger Sat 09-Jan-10 20:55:40

ah cock

leggymambo Sat 09-Jan-10 21:06:03

We had this and i thought it was brilliant/ You just touch it to turn it off the light is nice and soothing (never goes torch bright! just on then off or auto fade) and the auto fade facility means you don't have to plunge them back into sudden darkness.

Ohwhatacrapmasfear Sat 09-Jan-10 21:18:44

We've bought that auto fade one too, I have been testing it out and it seems really good. You can have it at any level of brightness and the auto fade part takes the light down gradually over 15 minutes. We got ours from Amazon who had it competitively priced.

butterscotch Sat 09-Jan-10 21:23:38

We have an ikea night light for DD has been great they do red, blue or green, we have red! For xmas she got a new nightlight torch thingy so we're using the other light for when bubba arrives, i charges from mains and is soft touch and is easy to turn off and on when charged! More than enough light to feed/change a nappy by!

Sorry can't do fancy links grin

chocolaterabbit Sat 09-Jan-10 21:23:52

We have the autofade light too. Its fab. I have enough light to deal with DS and DH doesn't even stir. Brilliant.

We also used it as a nightlight for DD until she needed to be bribed encouraged gently to go to bed with fairy lights.

fifitot Sat 09-Jan-10 21:30:54

I second the telly idea. I used to watch it when bfing DD for up to 45 mins at a time during the night! Saw alot of News24! It was the only thing that stopped me dozing off when she was feeding. DH took to sleeping in spare room though.

NoahAndTheWhale Sat 09-Jan-10 21:34:39

I used a touch sensitive light, but do have a DH who doesn't wake easily.

BusyMummyof3 Sat 09-Jan-10 21:35:40

I would also suggest a touch sensitive light. I use one when feeding my DS and the lowest setting is quite dim. If using a energy efficient bulb you need to make sure it's dimmable.

blondieminx Sun 10-Jan-10 15:32:42

I've brought this - a "groclock" which is a nightlight/digital clock with 10 brightness settings and which can also be used later, to teach toddlers about when it's time to get up and when they have to stay in bed!

sleepevader Fri 04-Nov-11 06:20:38

Just bumping after looking at this myself

Any ideas?

LoveBeingAFirework Fri 04-Nov-11 06:24:21

I've got a ceiling fan/light combo with a remote including dimmer. It's been amazing when bf. I can alter the light for reading it nappy changing and turn it off altogether.

bumperliciious Fri 04-Nov-11 06:34:50

A philips lumie alarm alarm clock. It's one of those dawn simulator ones. Had mine for years and really helped with bfing both children. It goes dim enough that in the early days I would sleep all night with it on.

SuiGeneris Fri 04-Nov-11 06:47:27


fullup Fri 04-Nov-11 09:01:16

A lava lamp has worked well for me.

Fresh01 Fri 04-Nov-11 10:41:15

I just have a bedside light from ikea with a dimmer on it. It is set on the drawers as I go into the baby's room on the opposite side to where I sit and the cot is. On the way into the room I just turn knob slightly to give just enough light to see what I am doing. I found it too harsh for both of us to have light next cot/feeding chair.

saoirse86 Fri 04-Nov-11 10:51:17

In our room I have a touch lamp. It doesn't matter that it goes bright before you can turn it off because you get very good at the quick 3 taps and it's off. Barely even notice it getting bright for that second.

When I go into dd's room, I shut our bedroom door, put the hall light on and leave dd's door open while I'm in there. That's just enough light to see what I'm doing.

mcoalter Sat 05-Jan-13 12:10:13

Have you used - I bought a lamp off them when i was breast feeding and thought it was really good, just cant remember which one. If you email them im sure they will recommend a bulb for you.

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