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Baby in traverse position at 25 wks!? Advice needed pls:o)

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Melanie150410 Wed 06-Jan-10 09:34:24

I'm now 25 weeks pregnant and my baby is lying across ways, which is proving very painful down my right hand side and wondered if anyone else has experienced this too? I have a low lying placenta and could this be the cause? Is this common? Is it likely that the baby will stay in this position for some time as I'm currently off work due to these severe pains.

I went to the hospital on New Year's Day and was told it might be due to ligament damage to my tummy muscles and that I need bed rest to recover and it might help the baby move. Now I'm restless.

Any ideas to help move the baby or pls share your experiences with me!!!


flybynight Wed 06-Jan-10 09:43:27

I'm about the same stage as you Melanie, and I was transverse until about two days ago. I also have an anterior, though not particularly low-lying, placenta that I was concerned was blocking my wee one moving into a better position.

I read up on the spinning babies website (, spent a lot of the time in the swimming pool or a deep bath and, at the risk of sounding a bit mad, had a serious chat with my stomach. I felt an almighty kerfuffle two days ago and now the wee one seems to be head down.

This ws probably nothing to do with the swimming etc, just the right time for it to move, but I felt I was doing something, which helped me. Doesn't help with your pain, though. Sorry.

AKMD Wed 06-Jan-10 10:18:42

Hi Melanie, I'm 31 weeks and this baby is still wiggling around like crazy. He/She wriggles round completely several times a day but its favourite position is transverse. I've been told not to worry, it obviously has plenty of room for now so getting stuck isn't a problem, but to do lots of swimming and sitting with my ankles up, leaning forwards, so that it is encouraged to stay head-down. Your MW can give you more advice on this.

allstarsprincess Wed 06-Jan-10 10:51:18

I used a birth ball instead of the sofa for a couple of days. She moved head down and thankfully stayed that way. Apparently the position you sit in when on one encourages the baby to prepare for descent. Don't know if it works in every case but for me it really helped.

blondieminx Wed 06-Jan-10 12:57:20

Spend as much time as you can on all fours (gives the baby more space to move) or sitting on an excercise ball (seems to help a lot of people)

FWIW BlondieBump was transverse till about 22 weeks, then turned 90 degress (the wrong flipping way!) and was stamping on my bladder for weeks on end so I totally sympathise re being uncomfortable cos of the baby being in an odd position... Now I'm just uncomfortable cos I'm 39 weeks and huge grin

After I spent every evening either on all fours or on the ball, the baby had an almighty fidget and went head down at nearly 32 weeks! So still plenty of time for your bubba to move smile

fernie3 Wed 06-Jan-10 13:46:59

hi I second using the spinning babies site Iused it with my daughter (third baby) as she was sideways pretty late on and she finally turned just in time (she was born at 37 weeks so she was pretty late turning!)

cece Wed 06-Jan-10 13:51:34

My DC3 turned at 40 weeks plus 4. Plenty of time yet, don't panic!

NorthumberlandBump Thu 02-Dec-10 16:14:56

Thanks for this sound advice - I'm 25 weeks and in pain! just been to midwife's who's told me baby is traverse - I was worried, as didn't get much explanation, except that I'd be referred to a physio if I'm still in pain in a few days. Was worried about all sorts of things until I read this - thanks all! x

sh77 Thu 02-Dec-10 16:26:23

Same position and nearly 25 weeks. Low lying placenta.

I find that after I rub the spot where I think baby's back/tummy is, he shifts and it becomes less painful.

mejon Thu 02-Dec-10 17:01:40

When you say painful - what sort of pain? Is it generally in one spot? Do you get an almighty pain if you sneeze or cough? I'm 33 wks and at last scan baby was transverse with anterior placenta (was low lying but has since moved). I'm getting a niggly pain on my left hand side just under my ribs and a couple of weeks ago it was very painful right across the top of the bump (where baby was lying). I had thought it may have been the 2 fibroids I have giving me problems but baby's position now sounds far more plausible.

tlise Thu 02-Dec-10 17:20:50

My DS4 was transverse, but they never said where my placenta was. But I was told by the mw to wiggle my hips as though I was doing a hula dance as much as I could. They had me admitted at 37 weeks as he hadn't moved and thats when she told me, so I stood for hours doing it. And it did work although it took some time. As soon as he was in the right position they had me down to theatre where they got me ready for a cs just in case, while they broke my waters (cos of cord coming down)

It also can depend on how many children you have had, I was in with someone who was only on her third, but me being on my fifth, was told there was more room to move.

For this one I am having a scan at 36 weeks to see, but the way they are talking it looks like its going to be a forgone conclusion.

You can get a lot of ligament pain anyway in your stomach though with it all stretching. It varies from pregnancy. Mine has never been too bad but I am noticing it more this time. Its got plenty of time to turn yet though and at 25 weeks it would more than likely be turning round still anyway so try not to worry x

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