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Burning sensation at top of bump

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NaiveNewbie Mon 04-Jan-10 11:21:47

Does anyone else get this? The top of my bump, just below my bra, gets so sore sometimes it feels like sunburn! No redness though. What is this? I try soothing it with E45 and sometimes an ice lolly from the freezer but DH says I might be freezing the baby so am not doing this too often...wink

Sometimes it stings so much I have to lift my top up and blow on the area!

PanicMode Mon 04-Jan-10 11:34:37

I used to get this in the later stages of my last pregnancy - my MW told me that it's the baby kicking at the top of the bump and causing an internal bruise. Not sure whether that's the right answer, but DS2 is SUCH a physical child compared to the other two that I think she may have been right! Sympathies, as it's horrid and I'm not sure what else you can do, other than grin and bear it until delivery (have you got much longer to go?!)

NaiveNewbie Mon 04-Jan-10 11:40:03

I'm 35+5. I don't think it's a bruise as it can be all the way across the top or sometimes just in one place. Just feels very, very senstitive like sunburn. I thought it was probably just skin stretching although with it being right at the top there really hasn't been much stretching there...

PanicMode Mon 04-Jan-10 11:43:22

I was driven to distraction by it and my restless legs last time, and I didn't find a solution until the end - so I do sympathise. Perhaps mention it at your next AN appointment and see what answer you are --fobbed off with-- given grin!

Still, at least it's not long to go for you now smile

PanicMode Mon 04-Jan-10 11:43:56

Don't know why the strike out didn't work....sorry!

TakeLovingChances Mon 04-Jan-10 17:06:27

This sounds a bit like what I have. I'm 32 weeks and from about 28 weeks I've had that mad burning pain too.

I heard it was rib flare as the ribs are starting to be spread because of baby and internal organs being pushed further up as baby grows.

One thing that did help me was to get measured for a bra. I got re-measured a few weeks ago and got a new bra (underwired, of course) and wearing the right size really helped.

cloudydaze Mon 04-Jan-10 22:17:49

I am currently having this (26 wks with DC3) & have had it with previous two pregnancies also. I was told by a nurse it is the baby pushing upwards & will subside (hopefully!) once baby drops. My first baby pushed my rib cage out by 2 inches (& it never retracted unfort) & agree with TLC, you should get your bra size measured on a regular basis as I have found with my pregnancies that my bra size has changed quite often throughout the pregnancy.

HooperMummy Tue 05-Jan-10 16:34:13

I have been getting that feeling for the last few weeks (am 27wks) but I have absolutely no idea what it is.

I assumed that it was because my already enormous boobs are rubbing on my expanding stomach (despite a massive, ugly maternity bra) making the skin really sensitive but I am seeing my midwife on Thursday so will be asking her about it then. Will let you know if she sheds any light on this...

Selfishly, I am just relieved that I'm not the only one who is suffering with it - I tried looking up possible causes (and treatments) on the internet but couldn't find anything.

If it makes you feel any better, my husband laughs his head off at me sitting there of an evening, holding my boobs up to try to get some relief... Guess who will be doing the night feeds in our house

HooperMummy Thu 07-Jan-10 19:53:17

Hi NaiveNewbie. I just wanted to let yo know that the midwife suggested using Sudocrem (nappy rash cream). It certainly hasn't offered instant relief but I'm going to persevere...

lucy101 Fri 08-Jan-10 07:16:56

I have got something like this too - in fact it is by far my most irritating pregnancy problem and is just a nagging discomfort/pain which goes up and down but just doesn't go away.

My midwife, when she was having a feel of the baby, said she could feel a foot sitting up there so an internal bruise/baby pushing up the ribs and a big stretch all make sense (my scans all show a baby with very long legs so maybe that is why it is more painful!).

If I rub the area I think the foot goes down and it feels better for a little bit.. but then comes back on again. Not pleasant at all!

Pepsifergie2016 Mon 11-Jan-16 19:53:09

I feel for you, I have the same problem. I'm 28+3 days with no.2 and I had it with my son 8 years ago sad there was a cream in boys but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called and I can't seam to find it. My old midwife said it's your skin stretching and moving. I found stretching out eases it a bit.

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