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Am worried. Very faint line, 2 days late.

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BiscuitStuffer Fri 01-Jan-10 18:08:47

Does that mean that there's something wrong and that I'm about to miscarry. It was with a clear blue test and also a suresign test. I had a MMC a couple of months ago so am possibly more neurotic than I would otherwise be grin

DiamondHead Fri 01-Jan-10 18:11:48

Yes -you're over thinking this. The faint line means you're pregnant - no further information.

Congratulations grin

oopsandbabycoconut Fri 01-Jan-10 18:12:51

Not normally no - you could have ov's later in the cycle so may not be as far as you think but also remember they pick up a certain level of hormone and above, I'm not sure about the more hormone the darker the line, I only ever got feint positives with DD and with this pg (19+weeks)and all my m/c.

oopsandbabycoconut Fri 01-Jan-10 18:15:05

I meant to say no it is not an indicator of something being wrong.

DD is assisiting me and feeding me 'tea'

Heated Fri 01-Jan-10 18:44:49

Congratulations, you're pg smile

mama2moo Fri 01-Jan-10 18:45:22

I had 2 tests with very faint lines, I tested the next day with a clear blue digital and it was positive.

Im now 36 weeks pg smile Good luck.

lazyemma Fri 01-Jan-10 18:53:31

I tested on the day my period was due with a First Response (which can be used up to 5 days early) and got such a faint line that my husband couldn't see it at all unless I tilted it in a certain way, held up to the light. Then later that day I tested using a normal Tesco test - negative. Then three days later I tested again - ClearBlue - got a faint-but-definitely-there positive. Tested again three days after that using the second cheap Tesco test I had - obvious positive, but took what seemed like ages to appear.

I'm now 12 weeks pregnant, have had my scan and all is fine. So from my experience, I'd say try not to read too much into the faintness of your line - from what I've read, HCG levels in early pregnancy vary hugely, and your preg test is also affected by the time of day, how diluted your wee is etc. Good luck with your pregnancy!

BiscuitStuffer Fri 01-Jan-10 19:18:29

Thank you everyone for being so reassuring. The more I hear the better!

Joygirl78 Sat 02-Jan-10 09:07:42

both times with me the lines were very faint at time period was due and got darker as days progressed and more hormones released. I'd say your result is good news just early days is all.

BiscuitStuffer Sat 02-Jan-10 09:14:30

I tested again this morning using first wee of the day and it felt as though the line was taking longer to appear and was fainter.

oh dear. Now what.

BiscuitStuffer Sat 02-Jan-10 09:15:06

Today is day 31 and usually AF on day 28/29

NumptyMum Sat 02-Jan-10 09:41:37

I was in similar situation last Christmas - had an early m/c after I'd done pg test with faint blue line. With this pregnancy I also got a faint blue line when I first did the test; I asked advice of a medical professional and was told to try again a week later - sure enough the line was darker. So although I'm sure my cycle is short, somehow in pregnancy for me it doesn't work out that way...

NumptyMum Sat 02-Jan-10 09:44:17

Do try leaving it a few more days - I'm pretty sure I did the same as you with my pg this time (esp as I'm convinced I have a shorter cycle). First I got faint line, then tried again a day or so later with similar result; it was only nearer 5 days later I got a better line. And I'm still pg at 12wks+ so all's well so far smile.

EmilyStrange Sat 02-Jan-10 09:51:08

With all my pregnancies my lines were so faint I questioned whether I was in fact pregnant but I went on to have three very healthy babies. Please don't worry and congratulations

BiscuitStuffer Sat 02-Jan-10 10:19:54

Oh that's interesting. I had 'medium' lines with my 2 successful pregnancies so this is quite alien for me. I know every pregnancy is different but even so.

I've just looked at both tests again (ie well after the 10 mins they say not to read it after!) and yesterdays is def darker than todays.

I hate this!

NumptyMum Sat 02-Jan-10 10:34:29

First time around I had a good strong line, but I know I'd left it later for testing (as I hadn't expected to get pg on first time of trying!). So who knows... fertility is a mysterious thing. Glad to hear that things seem to be moving in the right/darker direction!

MayorNaze Sat 02-Jan-10 10:38:20

1st test i did looked neg, threw it away.

tested again 4 days later and v positive - fished old one out of bin blush and sure enough was pos but so faint was barely visible.

best of luck

BiscuitStuffer Sat 02-Jan-10 13:14:43

Numpty - that's the point, it seems to be getting paler not darker - but yesterdays was done at lunch time and todays first thing, so maybe not enough hours to be retesting. I also have low grade low back pain on and off so I'm not holding my breath on this one. Plus I have that 'feeling of doom'.

BiscuitStuffer Sat 02-Jan-10 13:17:15

and I was due on wednesday so it should be a really strong positive today shouldn't it?

acatcalledfidget Sat 02-Jan-10 13:19:15

I did a cheapio test and wasn't sure of the line so I splurged on a digital test as it clearly says Pregnant or Not Pregnant...they are expensive but it definitely left no room for misinterpretation! good luck!!!

BiscuitStuffer Sat 02-Jan-10 13:21:26

I'm confident that I'm pregnant but just feel that I'm about to miscarry
What will be will be and all that and on the bright side it's better to find out now rather than at 10.5 weeks like last time.

cece Sat 02-Jan-10 13:37:09

I have dc3 wiggling on my lap as I type. He was a faint line and continued to be for 2 weeks. After that I stopped testing !

I have also had two mc. One was faint and the other a strong line. TBH I don't thnk strength of line has anything to do with it.


cece Sat 02-Jan-10 13:38:37

and also here as well

BiscuitStuffer Sat 02-Jan-10 14:26:43

Thank you for the info - very helful
I am now wondering - I had cramps on monday (11/12 days after ovulation) so I could have implanted then which would mean that I've only been producing HCG since monday? I think I'm ok with the faint line, just I was hoping todays to be darker not fainter but it wasn't even 24 hours after the first one so maybe it doesn't mean anything.

I think I've got low grade low back pain too that it related to uterus rather than my actual back so that's worrying me too.

PandaEisGOTABFP Sat 02-Jan-10 14:32:06

congrats smile i got my BFP after 4MCs yesterday and again this morning sogrin you ARE preg as a line is a linesmile

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