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Would a test show if there was anything wrong, like no heartbeat?

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ixel Wed 29-Jun-05 21:12:45

Not that I'm paranoid or anything! Obviously, this started out as 'one of those' conversations with my friend because I'm so sure this time wont work out for some reason. But now we just want the argument settled. If you did a test in the first weeks of pregnancy and there was no longer any life there, but you hadn't seen any external signs of a problem yet such as bleeding, would it still show up positive due to hormones? I know its not a very nice topic for discussion, but it needs resolving now.

Whizzz Wed 29-Jun-05 21:18:27

I think once something has gone wrong - hormone levels drop off fairly quickly. Thats why they do blood tests to measure hormone levels after a MC

Nemo1977 Wed 29-Jun-05 21:18:38

hi ixel
when i had missed mc in dec i was 15wks but baby died at 9wks there was no sign at all hormones/sickness was still there positive pg test at 13wks cos i just felt wrong etc so unfortunately no u may not be able to tell.....this time i have bought a doppler to use as i am now nearly 16wks and it is fab to be able to check whenever i feel uneasy.

Busyalexsmummy Wed 29-Jun-05 21:20:40

Most pregnancy tests measure 20 MIU (the level of HCG)or above-the lower it reads, the sooner it can be used and the more accurate it is.

After a mc/mmc happens early on in pregnancy the levels of HCG start to platue(sp?)/ decline rapidly but it is possible that you could do a test in a few weeks and still have it become positive because the HCG levels havent yet gone below what that particular test reads.

hth liz

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