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What about Sex?

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bamik Wed 29-Jun-05 17:40:05


So me and DH had what I would call a 'steamy session' last night. The way I was acting U would have thought i'd just been released from a 10 prison year sentence (dunno what came over me .

Anyway - to cut a long story short, baba hasn't moved much since then! He have felt the occasional movement today, but he's not as active as usual. Do you think he could be traumatized

I mean, if U was watching from the side lines U would have actually doubted that I was 19 + 4 pg!

Flamesparrow Wed 29-Jun-05 17:41:14

Lol - He's probably just worn out from all the swuishing

I'm sure he's fine.

bamik Wed 29-Jun-05 17:46:28

Yeah - me and my cousin met up and lunchtime today and I was telling her. She found it very funny and said that if there was a problem that I would have known by now.

She said that he's probably scared to move at the moment - LOL. But I just thought I'd ask. I mean we were really going for gold last night

Flamesparrow Wed 29-Jun-05 17:47:24

show off

tex111 Wed 29-Jun-05 17:48:14

I'm sure he's fine. Pregnant sex is fab, all those hormones can make it better than ever and I've read that an orgasming womb feels like a massage to a baby. Try not to worry and enjoy it while you can!

bamik Wed 29-Jun-05 17:51:31

Thanks Ladies,

I feel much better now. I mean I dunno what came over me! I've never been like that. No wonder DH was in his element - I was like a wild animal!

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