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sml baby at 1st scan. advice

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CarlyP Wed 29-Jun-05 13:12:30

Hi, this isnt for me (2babies already!)

but my sil thought she was 13wks, tested 2wks after sex and got a +ve. fab so far. now her scan says she is only 11wks. how would she has got a positive at 4 wks, as that would have only been day of conception according to scan dates.

anyone been through similar?



teuch Wed 29-Jun-05 16:27:06

okay, I know it is wrong to assume but here goes...

Assuming she only had sex that one time, then perhaps the baby is just needing a growth spurt, may have been at a bad angle for measuring or could have stopped developing at 11 weeks - presumably there was a heartbeat so that's unlikely...

Assuming she had sex more than once, she ovulated late, got her +ve as early as 7days after conception and her measurements are only slightly out (mine were 8+6, 9+1 and 9+3 at the same scan!)

If she is still concerned, ask her MW for blood work - rising HcG levels are the best indicator of a normal, progressing pregnancy.

Best of luck!

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