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Bleeding at 2 months - placenta too big - anyone know about this please?

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Babe Wed 29-Jun-05 11:08:09

After bleeding for a week at two months pregnant I went to the hospital to see what they could do and they told me that the placenta was too big. They did a scan and showed me the extremely tiny baby with its heart beating which was wonderful.

However, I have looked all over the internet and can't find anything about this apart from an extremely brief mention of it by doctor saying it could be chromosonal abnormalities which is really not what I need to hear at the moment!

Has anyone come across this before, and does it sort itself out, or does it mean that the pregnancy is going to be a tricky one the whol way through?

I'd REALLY appreciate any experience on this, it's making me very worried.

Thank you x

Nemo1977 Wed 29-Jun-05 11:09:19

not come across it myself hun but just sending hugs cos of the nightmare of the stress etc

kid Wed 29-Jun-05 11:13:52

Just looking on the internet about this, I found that it can cause Placenta Previa.
What did the hospital say there were going to do about it? If they are not worried about it then you should feel a bit reassured by that.

Babe Wed 29-Jun-05 12:36:46

Thank you both so much for replying -

It's all a bit complicated as I am living abroad and my language is ok but not brilliant but I'm sure that's what the doctor said. At the time I thought that either the placenta would lose blood and therefore size, or the baby would catch up.

They have signed me off work for 10 days and told me to come back if the bleeding continues after a week. So I am horizontal(ish) as much as possible but looking after a 2 year old and trying to do some work on the laptop makes it all a bit tricky.

Placenta praevia is where the placenta blocks the uterus, isn't it? So would mean a c-section? I guess if there will be a normal development of the baby that's OK. Or am I wrong?

kid Wed 29-Jun-05 13:23:36

yes, its where it blocks the entry / exit to the uterus. I know somebody that had this and did have bleeding towards the end of pregnancy. They had to have a section, mother and baby were fine though.

Can't you arrange another appointment or phone them up to ask questions. Or take someone with you that does speak the language brilliantly!

I find that if you don't ask, they don't tell!

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