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I have been so good but...

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dyzzidi Tue 28-Jun-05 15:12:14

I have now got to 12 +5 wks and I can't hold back the urges any longer I am about to have a Latte. I have been avoiding tea and coffee as i do drink a lot of soft drinks which have small amounts of caffiene in. I have not had an alcoholic drink since i found i was Pg and have no intentions pf having one (maybe one champagne at my wedding)

but I am dying for a coffee!!! I will just have the one! Anybody else got any naughty cravings anyone like me and buy sushi only to pick the raw fish off and eat cold rice and soy sauce.

I am such a bad person

flamesparrow Tue 28-Jun-05 15:13:45

A teeny bit of caffeine will be fine.

I drank through my pregnancy with DD (not to excess obviously) until heartburn kicked it. My doctor said it would be good for my blood pressure.

starlover Tue 28-Jun-05 15:14:20

what no caffeine?

blimey, hadn't heqard that one. i drank gallons of coffee when i was pg!

koalabear Tue 28-Jun-05 15:15:26

wow, through both pregnancies i drink a cup of tea a day, and the occassional diet coke - caffiene and all - that is, until I swapped it for a gallon of gaviscon a day

dyzzidi Tue 28-Jun-05 15:15:36

I am desperate for things to be ok so have been slightly obsessive but I am past three months now and feel it will do me good to relax a bit. Thinking of going for a hazelnut latte god i can almost taste it

Bagpuss30 Tue 28-Jun-05 15:15:53

Gosh aren't you good! I have been drinking tea and coffee all the way through! No other way I could cope with two small children to look after . I do intend to eat a large amount of blue cheese and also drink some wine after all this is over too!

koalabear Tue 28-Jun-05 15:16:05

and actually, i just ate the raw fish too (I am sure Japanese mothers do!)

dyzzidi Tue 28-Jun-05 15:16:53

I have been having caffiene but in soft drinks so have been cutting it out of other places! It has not been noticable until today with the heat it has been easier drinking cold drinks!

ChaCha Tue 28-Jun-05 15:29:29

Interesting...since giving up tea (still have the odd coffee) I am absolutely addicted to coke on ice (have to have the ice) It started off with just a 'treat' glass of coke a day and has now developed into a few cans or half a it really that bad

dyzzidi Tue 28-Jun-05 15:31:40

I don't think so but i must easily drink five or six cans of various fizzy drinks every day which i think is a lot but i am always thirsty. I also drink about 6 glasses of water I am not diabetic though they have tested me for that.

sweetheart Tue 28-Jun-05 15:50:40

Oh blimey I'm terrible in comparison to you lot.

I've continued to drink tea and coffee
I've eaten Brie, peanuts, prawns, tuna
and I've had alcoholic beverages - probably about 3 units a week

dyzzidi Tue 28-Jun-05 16:20:33

O h I eat loads of prawns usually cooked though.

I just thought I would let you know my coffee was absolutely lovely I wouldn't even let the men in the office speak to me while I sat and enjoyed it!

Iklboo Tue 28-Jun-05 16:29:38

Can't start the morning without my latte. I also have one diet coke/pepsi with lunch. Baby likes it .
I've eaten prawns (cooked) and tinned tuna.
Had roughly one or two units of alcohol a week since about 15 weeks. (I work and have contact with lots of doctors and they've all said one or two units once a week should be fine. To quote one "It relaxes you and it will relax baby").
Been desperate for peanuts until I discovered cashews! Now I'm mad for cashews!!!

lovecloud Tue 28-Jun-05 16:31:08

I stayed away from caffeine and alcohol for five months and then I tried to just have 1 - 3 teas a day and one glass of wine with dinner on the weekend - ok somtimes 2 but never more.

I tried to stay away from all the foods they tell you to but compensated with choccies and crisps now and then.

I definitely stayed clear from peanuts as there are so many allergies in my family.

But if you look around you, you see so many people totally abusing their pregnancy bodies and at the end of it giving birth to a healthy child but they all took that risk and that is somthing I can not understand that they could do.

Making a baby is like making a cake, everything you put in goes to them is some shape or form so as long as you do your best than that is enough. A few coffees, glasses of wine will not do any harm but its best to keep them as treats if you can.

MommyD Tue 28-Jun-05 16:45:37

I was VERY good in my first pregnancy.

I my second and third I have drunk coffee (one, occasionally two lattes a day), lots of tea, lots of prawns, blue cheese and camembert (deep fried) and a small glass of wine 4 or 5 times a week. All this AFTER 12 weeks.

ninah Tue 28-Jun-05 16:54:48

same as sh
and sure a latte you really enjoy can only be good

novadandypowder Tue 28-Jun-05 17:31:19

I feel naughty if i even have a fun size can of coke on the odd occasion! I've never drunk tea or coffee so thats not an issue, and I gave up most alcohol last year after discovering i don't make a very good drunk. My guilty pleasure is haribo sweets. I have a small fun size bag a couple of times a week and feel very very naughty!!!

Mama5 Tue 28-Jun-05 17:35:01

Had Feta today............
Any advice it was in a cafe so i dont know if it was ok -- would you guys have eaten it?

ChaCha Tue 28-Jun-05 17:35:24

Nova - NOW i feel really guilty...I have put down my coke and opted for a mint tea
I will have to start cokes anonymous...

sweetkitty Tue 28-Jun-05 17:36:20

I don't drink tea or coffee and limit myself to one (or maybe 2) soft drinks a day the rest of the time it's fruit juice and water.

Haven't had any alcohol this pregnancy yet but will have an odd glass of wine or cider. I think you can almost be too saintly.

I was down our local high street today and I saw a girl I went to school with I think she is on baby number 4 or 5 and there she was about 8 months gone smoking away so I think a Diet Coke isn't worth worrying that much about.

dramaqueen72 Tue 28-Jun-05 17:38:46

read feta supposed to be fine mama5 so dont worry

lucy5 Tue 28-Jun-05 17:45:41

Im not preggers but i live in Spain and really miss starbucks cafe mocha, although the coffee here is great. I do sympathise. I think the odd one would be fine. I dint stop when preggers although I did stop all the cheeses. Didnt really drink alcohol but had the odd cigarette

novadandypowder Tue 28-Jun-05 17:46:34

I think i am just being a bit over cautious. As i was so sick for the first 4 months and didn't eat much (and still can't) I want to try and make sure that everything i do manage to keep down is good for baby.

I've given up supplements though as i think they weren't helping with the sickness. My m/w freaked when i told her this and tried to get me to go to Zita West in Harley St. for a full nutritional analysis, but i refused. I wanted to retain a bit of sanity.

Nemo1977 Tue 28-Jun-05 17:49:30

dyzz im desperate for peanuts but as i have asthma and other allergies it is not recommended...sigh I also really really want an ice cream from the stupid van that drives up our road everynight at 7.30 sigh...

kangaruyu2 Mon 25-Jul-05 11:59:50

during my first pregnancy i didn't drink alcohol, coffee or smoke cigarettes (raw fish etc weren't on the menu... i was in greece) in the first trimester due to horrific ms. after that a coffee a day and the odd beer on occassion (when i went out) were ok. ditto with 2nd and now 3rd time... a coffee or 2 a day, again the odd drink of alcohol but a cigarette or 2 a day. sneaked, of course. definitely not pc here in aus.

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