bleeding and cramping - heartbeat there but also lots of blood

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ThisIsBloodyHardWork Mon 07-Dec-09 13:17:52

I am currently 7+3 - baby v much planned and looked forward to. On Thursday I had a couple of cramps and some (dark brown) bleeding which I took to the doctor but wasn't really too worried about. They booked me a scan for tomorrow to check all was OK but said to go to A&E if the pain came back.

This morning, the pain came back and also the blood - now dark red. Off to A&E, where I had a scan. There is a baby in there, with a heartbeat, but the sonographer said "there is a lot of blood" which really freaked me out as I keep imagining the poor little bean awash with blood. The doctor said about 2/3 of pregnancies go on to be fine, but 1/3 do miscarry.

Since getting home, the blood is now bright red, but no clots and no real pain - a kind of dull ache when I try hard to notice, but not realy.

So my question is, does anyone have any positive stories similar to this? I'm pretty much a wreck and I suppose am preparing myself for the worst, but I was just wondering if there is any hope at all.

Thanks for reading

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Fruitysunshine Mon 07-Dec-09 13:19:04

I have nothing of value to add except I hope this works out for you.

ThisIsBloodyHardWork Mon 07-Dec-09 13:42:01

Thanks. Seems like there isn't really any hope, given the lack of replies sad

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illuminasam Mon 07-Dec-09 13:42:45

I had a sub chorionic haematoma in early preg, tons of red blood and clots. I was given a bad prognosis but am now 30 weeks!

If you've seen a heartbeat, it's good news and you can just keep your fingers crossed that the bean will be strong enough to hang on.

It's the most you can do unfortunately - apart from keep your feet up!

MadameDuBain Mon 07-Dec-09 13:45:44

A friend of mine had lots of gushing (as she put it) bright red blood at 8 weeks and thought it was all over - the pregnancy continued and was fine. Wishing you the same!

maybebaby23 Mon 07-Dec-09 14:41:06

Another one here with sub-chorionic bleed at 10 weeks, quite a lot of bright red blood and some clots. Thankfully it cleared up at about 14 weeks and im now 37 weeks

Wishing you lots of good luck, rest up and go easy on yourself, i know how absolutely horrid and worrying it is

Take care x

ThisIsBloodyHardWork Mon 07-Dec-09 15:44:13

Gosh that is something to cling to then. Still quite a lot of blood but no clots - I'll try to keep my chin up and think positive.


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llareggub Mon 07-Dec-09 15:53:44

Oh yes, plenty of hope!

With my first pregnancy I had lots of bleeding around 8 weeks. The result of that pregnancy is now 3 years old and full of cold, sitting on my lap. Seeing a heartbeat is very positive.

Good luck.

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 07-Dec-09 15:56:30

I bled heavily from 11 weeks to 19 weeks with dd. It was very scary but she was absolutely fine.

Hope all is ok for you x

LizzyLordsALeaping Mon 07-Dec-09 16:01:47

When I was 8 weeks (had thought I was 10 weeks) I had a lot of bleeding, had a scan, it stopped and all was well, baby was fine. That baby is now 5.75yrs old and is building a trainset on the living room floor.

My Best mate bled for a good while (a good few weeks) with 2 out of 3 of her pgs.

A relative of mine bled heavily every month throughout both her pg's, almost like a period, she has 2 healthy children.

It doesn't necessarily mean bad news.

teletubby7777 Mon 07-Dec-09 17:21:49

My mother bled quite heavily throughout her pregnancy with my brother....I was 15 and remember being terrified each time we would have to rush to the hospital. He is now a strapping 19 year old boy.

Just rest and keep your feet up as much as possible. It's the best you can do at the moment.

Hope all is ok....xxxx

Julezboo Mon 07-Dec-09 18:10:51

With DS2 I had ALOT of bleeding from week 5 to week 17 due to a heamatoma - it is scary. If you feel you can't wait till wednesday then pop along to a+e tomorrow morning maybe?

Good Luck

J x

ThisIsBloodyHardWork Tue 08-Dec-09 08:34:01

Thanks to everyone for positive stories. The bleeding isn't as heavy now, although I still have a kind of dull ache in my lower abdomen which I can't help but think must be a bad sign sad I'm waiting for a call from the EPU to say when the next scan will be. It seems to be the case that a heartbeat is a really good sign, so I'm trying to think positive, but it's bloody hard.

I'm very lucky in that I already have a little boy, who is luckily being particularly cute and snuggly at the mo so that is helping me to get through the day.

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12nicola Tue 08-Dec-09 08:45:05

Just to add more hope, I bled and bled with my DS from 6 weeks to 13 weeks. I had red blood, brown blood, cramps, dull aches, clots, the lot. One time was so bad that my DH had to call an ambulance. I really feel for you as it was terrifying, but he was fine and is now a cheeky 17 month old. I have had a lot of ultrasounds and sonographers don't always remember to be sensitive with their comments. A lot of blood is just a matter of fact to the sonographer, whereas to you it is all your hopes for your little one mixed up with physical and emotional distress.
I'm sure things will work out for you, will keep you in my thoughts,

ThisIsBloodyHardWork Tue 08-Dec-09 09:03:13

Hi 12nicola

Thanks, that is very reassuring, especially about the cramps. One question - how do you sort of carry on with things? I've explained the situation to my line manager who has been nice about it for now, but if this just goes on for weeks and weeks, I can hardly take the time off work all that time, but right now I really can't imagine just going back to work (I have quite an intense job involving alot of face-to-face work) and "getting on with it" which is what the GAU doc told me to do. IF nothing terrible happens, I guess I might have weeks of uncertainty, and that feels so difficult to bear at the moment.
Any tips?

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ThisIsBloodyHardWork Tue 08-Dec-09 13:14:00

Well the bleeding seems to have stopped. no idea what to think. What is going on?

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paranoidandroidwithabobcut Tue 08-Dec-09 14:00:31

i bled this morning, period only due today but i tested positive nearly a week ago. i was terrified (still am to tell the truth).

i noticed the blood when i went to the toilet first thing (sorry if tmi but it was when i wiped that i noticed) i used some more papaer and has a few more smears of blood then it stopped and i have had nothing since (that was about 7-30a.m)

i bled with both my dd's but cant remember the bleeding being as early as this and it was usually after having sex with dh so we hardly had sex at all for either pregnancy.

i was taken to hospital when 10 weeks pregnant with dd1 as i had lost so much blood but she was fine.

its just so awful when it happens, i have been through it twice now and yet am still paniking about a small ammount of blood this morning.

just to add though my blood was bright red, i am sure that it is a better sign if it is "old" blood (brown)

Fruitysunshine Tue 08-Dec-09 17:24:47

I am thinking about you and keeping my fingers crossed for you!

When will you find out when your scan is?

ilovesprouts Tue 08-Dec-09 17:27:30

my dd had a bleed at 7+ 10 wks shes now 20 wks and all is ok !

ThisIsBloodyHardWork Tue 08-Dec-09 19:12:53

Scan is next Monday, so I just have to hope nothing awful happens between now and then, and hope that it's good news. Thanks for good wishes everyone.

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memorylapse Tue 08-Dec-09 19:27:13

Ive had lots of bleeding with this now 19 weeks..was diagnosed with a sub chorionic haemotoma at 7 weeks, its basically an area of bleeding behind the placenta so that may be what the sonographer saw..unless of course you had a vaginal scan and they were referring to the amount of blood on the probe!
apprently SCH'S are very common in early pregnancy and are a common cause for first trimester most cases, they resolve or bleed out..hopefully they will see better whats going on in a week..but stay positive..the fact that there is a HB is a good signsmile

ThisIsBloodyHardWork Wed 09-Dec-09 14:52:07

So I was back at A&E this morning with a different, sharper pain. internal showed the cervix is closed, but when they compared blood test results for the Hcg levels, it seems they haven't doubled in the last 48 hours as they are meant to. The doctor who gave me the results was really rubbish and didn't explain it properly (also told me in the waiting room rather than privately!) but said it was "likely" that it was bad news, but I have to wait til Monday for the scan to know for sure.
Am gutted but feel like I can't give up on the pregnancy til I know for sure - quick google search on hcg has given me a little ray of hope, but I know I'm probably living in cloud cuckoo land.
Just wanted to update you. Thanks

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BusyMissIzzy Wed 09-Dec-09 15:25:09

Nothing helpful to add, but sending good thoughts. Hope it all works out for you.

memorylapse Wed 09-Dec-09 16:50:56

I was told that once a HB was visible on a scan, HCG levels should not really be paid too much attention to as they can actually take much longer to try not to lose heart.

ThisIsBloodyHardWork Thu 10-Dec-09 08:30:46

Thanks memorylapse. I'm still taking my vits etc and my DP keeps saying "but maybe you're in the tiny percentage where it turns out OK" which is nice because it helps me to know that he is desperate for it to be OK too. I feel a bit more "what will be will be" this morning, just have to hold on til Monday and then do my grieving if it turns out how I think it probably will.
Will update.

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