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Anyone fly without fitness to travel certificate?

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Katts Fri 24-Jun-05 16:25:41

Just went to pick up my Fitness To Travel certificate for travel tomorrow. Opened it up on the bus and discovered it's a medicall certificate stating my EDD not a Fitness To Travel certificate. I just don't have it in me to go and complain at the surgery. GP is probably gone now anyway. Easy Jet require the certificate for travel after 28 weeks inclusive. I'm 27 but will be 29 on return. Planning on just telling them I'm 25 weeks if they ask but worried they'll want proof. Anyone had similar experience?

hana Fri 24-Jun-05 16:28:44

i woulnd't lie - it may make insurance invalid in case you may claim for whatever reason. no chance to get it at all? I was pulled out of line coing back from Greece last autumn when I was 25 weeks - they asked me questions but never asked for proof.

WigWamBam Fri 24-Jun-05 16:29:03

It might be different now, but when I was pregnant I was just given a medical certificate from my GP confirming my EDD and how many weeks I was at the time it was issued.

Katts Fri 24-Jun-05 16:43:09

The insurance won't cover me after 28 weeks anyway, so that's not really an issue. And Easy Jet specify Fitness to Travel certificate on their website which is what I asked for. Idiot receptionist. Took them 2 weeks to sort it out and now it's the wrong thing.

WigWamBam Fri 24-Jun-05 17:02:00

What I meant was, when I was pg four years ago, a Fitness to Travel certificate was just a medical certificate with your EDD and how many weeks gestation you were. It might still be the same - can you ring the surgery or the airline and check?

Katts Fri 24-Jun-05 17:25:50

Oh right! Hmmm...maybe I'll get away with it then. I know my surgery do a separate Fitness to Travel Certificate because they charge £25 for it and only £7 for the "Sick note" with EDD. Hmmm...then maybe that is all the airline will need.

elastamum Fri 24-Jun-05 18:08:35

How far are you going? My GP did a letter for me which had no due date on it! I was flying up and down the country with my job up to about 37 weeks and nobody seemed to care. I decided the chances of having a baby on a 30 minute flight ware pretty slim and it was far easier to fly than get the train

bellomum Fri 24-Jun-05 21:27:02

I was recently kicked off of an EasyJet flight at 30 weeks. It was a rather unfortunate experience which luckily ended quite well. I managed to get a note from my consultant which basically was just a handwritten note saying I was fit to fly through 37 weeks. Later that night on the next flight, nobody even asked to see anything. What you got should be ok, especially if you are just 25 weeks. Maybe wear a shawl or something to hide the bump! Good luck and travel safe.

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