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hiring a doppler?

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ChaCha Fri 24-Jun-05 13:52:07

Anyone done this?
Any recommendations?

dyzzidi Fri 24-Jun-05 14:07:12

Just got mine from babybeats! see the other thread on home dopplers for some more info!

bayleaf Sat 25-Jun-05 18:41:17

NO I bought mine on ebay ( new) as only cost £80 inc gel and p&p - and I know I can sell it on again aterwards - much cheaper if you want it for several months - even tho baby is kicking lots MOST of the time now I still use it when he/she has a quiet spell and I 'need'(!) to check!

suzi2 Sat 25-Jun-05 22:26:30

Also bought mine on Ebay (new) for £75. It's the same model as is sold elsewhere for £150+. The seller was dopplermike and he's a great help if you're struggling to use it. I used mine plenty in the first/second trimester but less so as baby is moving around. Now I only use it if I take a panic!

Sus, x

Nemo1977 Sat 25-Jun-05 22:34:41

also used doppler mike chacha and the doppler is fab. Find heartbeat 99% of time and am 15wks. I love it as it gives me peace of mind.

Nemo1977 Sat 25-Jun-05 22:35:49

meant to add lots of ladie son dec thread hire theres but only reason i didnt is because it doesnt display heartbeat then so could be picking up ur own etc and i wanted to see heart rate...nosey so n so that i am

suzi2 Sat 25-Jun-05 22:39:08

The heartrate display is definately worth having. I knew I had found baby before my ears could really pick it out as tit was picking up a heartrate of 150 and I knew that wasn't me (mine was 120 though at the time becuase I was nervous!). A bit of adjusting and I 'homed in' on the signal!

bayleaf Sun 26-Jun-05 21:15:33

yep mine was from doppler mike too - maybe it wasn't £80 - could be my bad memory!
one of the hire sites ( babypulse???)has a place where you can listen and hear what it should sound like so that you don't get confused with your own heart beat - I agree that the display is really useful though. It showed me just how dramatically the heart beat dropped after my 12 week scan ( litterally from one day to the next) and thus what my stress levels were doing to baby - made me chill out BIG TIME!

ChaCha Fri 01-Jul-05 16:12:10

Just wanted to say thank you for the replies. I hired a doppler from babybeats (ordered at 1pm and arrived next morning!) and it's great. Was reassuring to hear i just need to work out bpm! Thank you xx

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