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exercise at 35 weeks

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moonymama Thu 03-Dec-09 12:06:27

hey ladies

I'm 35+2 and am beating myself up a bit for lying on the sofa trying to get myself off for a swim but not really managing it. I just wondered how much exercise everyone else is doing at this stage? This is my second pregnancy and normally I'm really active, running and going to the gym regularly. Now I'm lucky if I make it for a swim twice a week and do yoga once a week. Tho maybe running after an 18 month old counts as exercise.....i'm so tired!

emsyj Thu 03-Dec-09 12:11:55

((Watching this with interest as I am currently 13 weeks preg with DC1 and continuing exercise such as gym, aerobics etc as normal - very keen to know how long people are able to continue and what sort of exercise is good later on in pregnancy....))

BusyMissIzzy Thu 03-Dec-09 12:13:20

Swimming and yoga at 35 weeks? You're putting me to shame. I used to run 15 miles/week, did aerobics, kickboxing, yoga. I'm 27 weeks and have done absolutely no exercise for about 4 months! Have ordered a pregnancy yoga DVD though, and might buy Davina McCall's pre- and post-natal one after Christmas. I miss running, and sometimes think I could try a gentle jog at least. Then I walk up the hill from the car park to my work, feel completely knackered, and wonder if I'll ever exercise again

somewhathorrified Thu 03-Dec-09 12:15:56

Er...I've been sat on my butt since getting pregnant, I did keep saying that I'd start doing something, at 34wks I don't think there's much point in starting now. So don't feel guilty, just compare yourself to me and you'll feel better. grin

moonymama Thu 03-Dec-09 12:18:17

hahaha thanks for making me laugh....maybe i'll have a kitkat as well grin

gizmo Thu 03-Dec-09 12:19:38

From memory, Moonymama, I'd say I was doing pretty much exactly the same as you at 35 weeks (maybe a bit less swimming, but I was cycling around a bit more).

If you're generally active and were fit before your pregnancy, you'll probably be surprised at how long you can remain fairly fit with only gentle exercise. And there is something to be said for pacing yourself just prior to birth: think of it as tapering wink

SuziDee Thu 03-Dec-09 12:20:07

I am 35 + 5 with the 2nd and am usually a big exerciser too, I have a dog so always walk 30-60 mins per day, I swim maybe once a week and yoga once a week I also have some really good DVDs which I do when I feel like it...but.... at this stage I am finding it really hard to motivate myself as well looking after DS is a lot of work anyway so don't beat yourself up.

I think that when even us avid exercisers can't be arsed maybe the body is telling us something you need to hear! Good luck with the birth!

MillyMollyMoo Thu 03-Dec-09 12:50:56

My neighbour was out rowing until the day before she gave birth, god knows how.

However she snapped back into her size 8 jeans before she was home from the hospital, swanning around the maternity unit, everyone thought she was a doctor not a patient.

MarshaBrady Thu 03-Dec-09 12:53:52

A swim twice a week and yoga once sounds spot on to me.

I am 38 weeks and swimming 2 or 3 times a week. Am feeling pretty happy with that!

mistletoekisses Thu 03-Dec-09 12:59:35

Ha Ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!!!! Brilliant! Exercise at 35 weeks, love it!

As someone who could run a 10k a few times a week pre pregnancy, at 33.3 I today managed to waddle (slowly!) from a car park to a toy store to collect my niece a Christmas present. I kid you not, old people were overtaking me.grin

Havent exercised for months and was the same last pregnancy. Got fit post pregnancy without too much bother.

Thanks for making me laugh. Am now off to waddle from another car park to the post office to get aforementioned present delivered!

MillyMollyMoo Thu 03-Dec-09 13:06:01

Am I the only one not swimming because I am massively concerned that swine flu is a water borne disease and I don't want to catch it.
The Dc's and I are staying well clear of public and the gym's pools

MarshaBrady Thu 03-Dec-09 13:08:25

sf a water borne disease.... Oh blinking heck.

Bloody sf. I'm pretty much done with the swimming anyway.

BikeRunSki Thu 03-Dec-09 13:11:59

I was one of thoses active types before pg - 10K a few times a week, mountainbiking at week ends, cycling 17 miles to work. During pg I swam or walked or both most days, and did pg pilates once a week. But it was summer! I swam a mile the day before DS was born.

After DS was born I walked miles and miles iwht hime in his pram and started running again when he was about 5 months old. Did Leeds 10K when he was 9 months old.

Now I am back at work, I am lucky if I get to even think about exercise, but running after a 15 month old, and carrying around a 12kg weight seems to be keeping me in check.

CracklinRosie Thu 03-Dec-09 13:14:21

31 weeks and haven't done a stitch of exercise for months. Spent ages agonising over which workout dvd to buy and have done it a grand total of.... once. I'm lucky that I haven't put on loads of weight and I can see it's all bump so I'm not worried. I just don't have much energy and would far rather lie still and let baby rest and grow rather than bouncing him around in the gym.

My doctor friend says the women who have the easiest births are those who were "reasonably fit" pre-pregnancy and who remain "fairly active" during it. Those who have it hardest are the lard-arses and the gym bunnies - with the latter their muscles are so tight they take longer to relax in childbirth and tend to suffer more in the early stage.

It's funny though, pre-pregnancy, I always thought I'd be one of those women who does yoga and pilates and continues to go to the gym and for lots of walks etc. Turns out you just do what feels right for your body in the end. Pregnancy is hard work for your body - give it a break!

AgentZigzag Thu 03-Dec-09 13:38:57

I'm 35 wks and do at least an hours walking a day, sometimes two hours, but that's to take DD1 to school and back amongst other things, as I don't drive.

I don't feel too bad once I get going, obviously a lot slower than normal, but I'm sure I feel more awake and have more energy than the odd days where I don't walk.

What's pissing me off is that I'm still the size of a house lol, but wondering what specimin of beached whale I'd be if I didn't walk! shock

moonymama Thu 03-Dec-09 13:40:57

i'd say a SPERM whale wink

AgentZigzag Thu 03-Dec-09 13:48:28

Lol moony, those blokes have got a lot to answer for!

whensmydayoff Thu 03-Dec-09 14:07:33

Was walking everywhere with DS in buggy and car left in drive everyday. Swimming once a week for 40 mins, aquanatal once a week and yoga once a week.

I had to drop the walking 3 weeks ago as my hips can't handle it and they 'lock out' on me all of the time.

I was nice and neat and putting weight on very slowly.

Since stopping the walking I have managed to put on over 5lbs in a few weeks blush.

My enthusiasm for watching what I ate has gone out the window. Im Pd off now.

Im suddenly looking very podgy in the wrong places! (35 weeks)

heth1980 Thu 03-Dec-09 14:52:37

My excercise regime went out of the window with the extreme nausea and tiredness I had during the first 14 weeks. I'm now 27 weeks and have no excuse - I just can't be bothered!!

Chynah Thu 03-Dec-09 15:42:55

I am only 21 weeks but still running regularly. Ran til 36 weeks with DSbut was painfully slow by then!

crumpette Thu 03-Dec-09 16:31:04

I am 35 weeks and the most exercise I get is walking from the train to the office via pret a manger where I buy lots of chocolate or almond croissants grin

maygirl Thu 03-Dec-09 22:21:57

First pregnancy I was a gym bunny, was doing spinning, body pump, cross training and aqua till 39 weeks. Still piled on stones, and had a tough labour with 10 day latent stage.

32 weeks this pregnancy, not as much time at gym with 3 yr old to look after, but I'm still spinning, doing pump and body vive, but have added yoga to try and learn to 'let go' in labour this time!!! Probably average 3-4 sessions per week, plus toddler carrying and chasing.

I feel ill if I don't exercise, as used to it when not pregnant.

Oh, and piling on a decent amount of weight this time too...

LilllyV Mon 22-Oct-12 16:01:04

This is only my first pregnancy, and I'm only 4 months, but it's nice to see that there's a good chance i'll still be active right at the end (of pregnancy, not life lol!).
i think it's understandable to need to slow it down though xxx

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