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Did anyone feel sick before they tested positive?

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peppapighastakenovermylife Wed 02-Dec-09 09:04:58

After a couple of near misses we decided to start TTC number 3 this month. In both my other pregnancies I have suffered with hyperemesis and have been sick all the way through until I give birth. With DS it didnt really start until 5 weeks but with DD I was sick the day before I tested (but put it down to eating too much over christmas!).

Anyway my period is not due until saturday. Every night this week, since Sunday, I have started feeling sick in the afternoons and then by the evening I have been physically sick after eating dinner. Its definitely a morning sickness type thing - where you feel awful but are alright in yourself (and often I end up eating again later hmm).

Surely it is too soon for symptoms?! I took a test just in case but negative - it would be far too soon. Period due saturday or sunday I think.

Am I going mad? Some kind of very strange bug? Surely its too early or have others experienced this? I am worried if it is morning sickness just how bad it will get.

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Wed 02-Dec-09 09:11:59

With DD, I tested two days before my period was due and had a positive but I had already been feeling sick for about a week. Nothing too bad (no throwing up) but very definitely nauseous and off my food. My morning sickness was pretty bad but I didn't have hyperemesis.

sillyoldfatcatpuss Wed 02-Dec-09 09:20:33

Yes, I knew with all of mine before my period would have been due. Just as you describe, feeling sick in the afternoons. Sounds promising!

Igglybuff Wed 02-Dec-09 09:21:48

I felt sick a few days beforehand - similar to my morning sickness where I had to eat to get rid of the nausea. Good luck!

geordieminx Wed 02-Dec-09 09:22:22

Was it one of the first response ones?

peppapighastakenovermylife Wed 02-Dec-09 09:31:11

No just an internet cheapie test. I did order some first response from ebay but one of the DC's appears to have hidden them grin

I did take a CB (non digi) on monday night as I felt so bad and it came up with a faint cross - but strangely faded after about 5 minutes. Same with one on tuesday morning.

Typically DS (3.5) and DD (14 months) are being horrors at the moment and not sleeping - trying to make me change my mind I think grin. We shall have to see...

I keep having dizzy spells too and am bloated - put work trousers on today and struggled to do them up. Finger crossed (I think wink)

alana39 Wed 02-Dec-09 09:37:22

Yes felt sick about 3 weeks after LMP, did test at 4 weeks which was negative - felt more sick and tried again in another 4 days which was positive.

Danthe4th Wed 02-Dec-09 10:37:41

Yes I can remember having to leave safeways and wondering why, it was day 22 and I was on a drip by week 8 with hyperemisis and again at week 12 and doped up on drugs.

northender Wed 02-Dec-09 10:41:00

Yep me too, first time round. About 5 days before period due.

peppapighastakenovermylife Wed 02-Dec-09 10:55:25

danthe4th thanks for that grin

peppapighastakenovermylife Wed 02-Dec-09 19:17:06

Still sick but first response negative - was done this evening though. Will see what happens tomorrow - thank god for double pack tests wink

MumNWLondon Thu 03-Dec-09 09:09:34

My nausea didn't start until 7 weeks but the day before my test I got a train from Liverpool to London, and I had terrible travel sickness, so back that I had to ask for a sickbag - never happened to me before even though I do this journey around once a month for work.

PotPourri Thu 03-Dec-09 09:13:24

Later pregnancies I got sickness earlier. Was definately ill long before I was able to test with this one (4th). It could well be a BFP! Good luck! Hope you get the result you want - may as well wait til after your period is due if you ask me, it will jump off the stick if it's a yes

heth1980 Thu 03-Dec-09 11:00:19

with my 1st pregnancy I had nausea and dizziness (room kept spinning) for about a week before I took the test. This time round I had no symptoms at all til I got to 6 weeks......then the nausea kicked in big time!

WickedWitchSouthWest Thu 03-Dec-09 11:53:10

I was feeling very sicky and emotional for 3 days before getting a positive test - and that was 8 days before my period was due!

Have you done a test first thing this morning?

peppapighastakenovermylife Thu 03-Dec-09 12:05:42

Yes - and negative. Saying that with DD I tested the day before my period was due and got a negative then when I tested the next day I got a bright positive.

We shall see. As a bonus at least I will lose a few pounds wink

vanloadtovenice Thu 03-Dec-09 21:40:10

How did you go?
I'm the same as you ttc #3, and got the bfp on saturday. Been feeling nauseous for about a week. Just taking every day as it comes, and assuming the hyperemisis will arrive soon. Am absolutely dreading it, feeling very dizzy tonight.
Have already been to docs to warn her that I think it's coming and to get some dioralyte!

Horribly sick til 24 weeks with dd1 and 2.

Wishing you a positive result, but also know what that means you have to go through.

peppapighastakenovermylife Thu 03-Dec-09 21:43:39

Vanload - you have my sympathies - HE is horrendous isnt it and even though people can be sympathetic, if they havent actually had it they dont really understand.

I think I had a positive tonight - internet cheapier but definite faint line. Have been feeling rough all afternoon, dizzy...sick again tonight. Oh joys

I am still breastfeeding DD in the vague hope it will reduce it as I read anecdotally on kellymom that for some reason it reduces sickness in some mums. Anything is worth a shot.

Fingers crossed that you miraculously escape it this time - third time lucky and all that! On the positive I could do with losing a couple of stone!

GreenMonkies Thu 03-Dec-09 21:48:43

When pregnant with DD2 I felt sick for about 4 or 5 days before my period was even due, and it was a further 2 or 3 days after that before my test was positive. Continued to feel very, very sick until about 13 weeks, vertigo and everything. So bad I was signed off work, horrible. All very odd as didn't feel even vaguely queasy until about 6 or 7 weeks when pregnant with DD1.

CarGirl Thu 03-Dec-09 21:52:52

I remember feeling really unwell and wondering why on earth we were trying for a baby when I was struggling with the ones I already had. Turned out it was because I was pregnant and had started feeling unwell at least a week before my period was due.

peppapighastakenovermylife Thu 03-Dec-09 22:04:47

Cargirl - thats exactly how I feel!

greenmonkies I am so sorry you felt ill - am burying my head in the sand that it doesnt happen again hmm

WickedWitchSouthWest Thu 03-Dec-09 22:18:17

peppa how frustrating! You're going to lose a few pounds in the wallet too with all the tests grin. I'm now nervously waiting my first scan, such a strong early positive makes me wonder how many are in monster I hope!

peppapighastakenovermylife Fri 04-Dec-09 08:22:11

I was just thinking that wickedwitch! Number 3 would definitely be our last and I am relieved at never having to purchase a test again grin

I think I am pregnant - two ebay cheapies both with faint but thick coloured lines this morning. I feel so dizzy and sick already - what on earth have I done grin

Will pop out later and get a first response or seven...

girlsyearapart Fri 04-Dec-09 08:32:46

ooh exciting stuff Peppa. just marking for the First Resonse outcome grin

ShowOfHands Fri 04-Dec-09 08:55:42


There's nothing wrong with ebay cheapies. If they're positive, they're positive. Why buy them if you're not going to believe them?? grin

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