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Snorring mad and struggle to breath

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Redhelen Wed 22-Jun-05 18:21:01

Has any one else experienced this? I'm 28 weeks pregnant, very blocked nose and find I wake up in the night - mainly my snorring has woken me - but occasionally maybe once/twice a week I wake up gasping for air. This quickly passes but is very scary.

I imagine its something particular to my pregancy as I've never expereienced it before?
Today my doctor has given me a nasal spray to clear my nose, stop the mouth breathing and hopefully stop the problems.

Thanks Helenx

RedZuleika Thu 23-Jun-05 08:13:45

A few weeks ago I started waking up in the wee small hours with my nose blocked and uncomfortably dry and caked inside. I also felt that I was struggling to get a good breath when breathing through my mouth. I've started putting a tissue with a few drops of Olbas oil inside my pillowcase at bedtime. Seems to have done the trick - I'm definitely sleeping better. My nose is drier than normal though (comparable to spending time in a hot dusty city) so I assume the peanut is stealing all my fluids. I'm 27 weeks pregnant.

Redhelen Thu 23-Jun-05 12:46:05


I am starting to feel a little better,I tried Olbas too yesterday and your right it is effective, I was sleeping well until 'the birds' woke my 5 year old up and 3.30am!! - Can't win!!!!!!

The heat dosn't help clear breathing and sleeping does it!

SweetFudge Thu 23-Jun-05 14:17:50


I've been getting the gasping for air moments as well. 31 + 4 weeks at mo. Not very pleasant when you've finally fallen asleep and are shocked in waking and gasping. MWs have said it is to do with pressure of growing body on heart,etc especially if you are sleeping on your back.

Are you sleeping on your back or on your side? I find the gasping problem resolves itself when I sleep on my side.

Redhelen Thu 23-Jun-05 15:05:08

Thanks sweetfudge - think I was sleeping on my back when this happened - I'm now sleeping on my left side as the doctor said this was best.Also using a decongestant to try to stop me breathing through my mouth - its difficult to stop though! - I still very bunged up!


RedZuleika Thu 23-Jun-05 15:20:19

I always tend to sleep on my side, towards my front (well - as far as breasts and bump will allow). Aren't you not meant to lie on your back after a certain stage of pregnancy, because of constriction of the blood vessels...? Difficult when you're asleep, I know - but you could always try the old sleep apnoea solution: a walnut sewn into the back of your nightclothes... Bizarre - but I bet it will stop your lying on your backs...

The pollen / pollution doesn't help either. I believe (from the bbc website) that the latter has been quite high just recently, with all the heat, lack of rain etc (in the south, anyway).

Redhelen Thu 23-Jun-05 15:35:54


Don't know why I started sleeping on my back - normally I sleep on my tummy - but bumb is stopping that! Think I'm going to try propping pillows around me to make movement more difficult - by the walnut is an idea if this dosn't work!

SweetFudge Thu 23-Jun-05 15:35:56

RZ, ouch..with the walnut idea for sleep apnoea.

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