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could my due date be wrong?

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missycantstop Wed 22-Jun-05 13:34:06

at my 12 week scan i was told iam due 3 august 2005 at my 20 week scan i was told they think im a week advanced therefore the baby would be due 27 july according to the 1st day of my last period im due 25 july therefore could the dates of the scans be wrong?

mogwai Wed 22-Jun-05 13:45:35

I'd go by the date of your last period. I was due 23rd June by this, 21st June by first scan and 25th June by second scan.

No sign of baby yet, I'm thinking "sometime around these dates" - no point getting hung up on it (if you are hung up now, the last two weeks will be awful for you)

RedZuleika Wed 22-Jun-05 13:53:52

The later a scan is done, the greater the margin of error, I believe. Therefore the earlier scan is likely to be more accurate. However, I'd go by what you know of your cycle - if you have an idea of when you ovulated and / or when you had sex, so much the better.

hollybelle Thu 23-Jun-05 09:58:08

Your dating scan is definately more accurate. Generally, we say if your dates are over a weeks difference to your Lmp use your scan date. You can't accurately date a pregnancy at 20 weeks.

Lexie100 Fri 24-Jun-05 13:35:50

All very interesting as, according to my 23 week scan, i am due a week later than LMP date but at my nuchal scan they thought i was due exactly on my LMP date. So which is more accurate early scan, late scan or LMP?

RedZuleika Fri 24-Jun-05 13:46:07

If your periods are extremely regular, or you know when you ovulated, or you only had sex once in that cycle, then I'd go with your own dates. If you're not sure of these, I'd go with the early scan - although even these have a margin +/- 5 days. Which might be comparable with the variability of one's menstrual cycle anyway. I wouldn't go with a late scan, particularly if it contradicts other information. Just my opinion.

kid Fri 24-Jun-05 13:57:02

When I was expecting DD, my dates gave me a due date of 28th dec, a scan date was 17th Jan. DD was actually born 15th Jan.

starlover Fri 24-Jun-05 14:18:25

i had a dating scan which put me at 6 weeks.

at 12 week scan they said they thought i was a week further on

at 20 week scan was told i was a week further on as well.

this would have correlated with my LMP date as DS being due on the 25th Jan

He came on the 7th feb! 2 weeks late by my dates, and a week late by the dating scan date!

RedZuleika Fri 24-Jun-05 14:27:15

But that doesn't necessarily mean that either your dates or the early scan were wrong, just that you had a long gestation (41 or 42 weeks)...?

starlover Fri 24-Jun-05 14:29:49

yes... at the end of the day not many babies actually arrive on their due date so it doesn't really matter does it?

we were prepared by the 25th just in case!

plus, most first time mums go to 41 weeks anyway!

gscrym Fri 24-Jun-05 14:35:53

There was one of those childbirth programs (Babes In The Wood I think) where a woman in her late 30's if I remember had her dates totally wrong. She had been given her due date at her first scan but when she got her next one, they had been about 6 weeks out.
Also, woman at my DH's work went for her dating scan and got told she was 21 weeks when she thought she was about 12. She had irregular periods and an empty nest before getting pregnant.

successful Sun 26-Jun-05 19:34:51

My due date was 4 January and the scan suggested that baby due 15 December. Baby born 11 December at 7lb 14oz. You may think I had my dates wrong and that the scan was right.

Well he was 4 weeks early (even though no one believes me) I know exactly when he was conceived and how, as he was an IVF baby.

missycantstop Mon 27-Jun-05 17:27:05

successful- i believe you if that helps. i have decided it is prob best 2 go by the last period and not the scan. when i was pregnant with my little girl the scan basically told me i fell pregnant on 26/1/03 i knew this wasnt right as i hadnt had sex a least 8days either side of that date and i spent that whole day down the pub with my family getting p...sed.

flamesparrow Mon 27-Jun-05 17:33:32

Successful - I'm like you in reverse!

Scan people are morons in my world (sorry anyone who performs them, but I was made to feel like poo, and had my partner doubting my faithfulness).

DD was 4 weeks late - bang on time by scan dates.

We only had sex once.

A heartbeat was heard on a doppler at just before 8 weeks by scan dates.

I had a +ve test at 2 1/2 weeks by scan dates.

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