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Any experience of what to do with nasty dental problems 1st Trimester

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Mumfun Wed 22-Jun-05 07:37:55


Im having a lot of tooth pain and problems in first trimester. Im now 10 weeks 2. I must say my dentist is great and has done everything he can for me. This is no criticism of him. Its just that I am trying to hold off having root canal treatment until 13 weeks (or later if the mouth settled down). Im just not sure that Im doing the right thing.

My dentist's advice is that if Im in pain which I am sporadically I should have treatment now. He does understand my situation though and has says he doesnt think I am damaging my mouth or teeth by trying to wait.

He did open up the tooth a couple of weeks ago. There was infection in it and he left it open overnight to let the infection come out. He then filled it temporarily. I was realy ill after this as I reacted to the anaesthetic injections and the infection coming out. (Never reacted like this before when not pg)It would be standard to take antibiotics but we agreed not to do this due to stage of pg.

SO what Im really asking is:

1) Am I stressing baby by the pain I am in occasionally

2) AM I doing the right thing by trying to wait. I nearly could not get to sleep last night as pain came back - dealt with it by oil of cloves - apparently the approved way of dealing with toothache when pg. I am partly waiting also as I think Ill feel less ill if treated later because the treatment brought back my MS before.

The pg is definitely making the gums inflame more etc and making everything worse. I think one of the overall problems for me and I found it out a lot before when I was bf and very ill is that when pg or bf noone really know the effect of treatment - what it will really do. They cant run trials for this kind of thing.

Ive wittered on enough but would appreciate if anyone knows more about this kind of thing if they could advise



elsmommy Wed 22-Jun-05 07:53:28

I think you should have it done.

Your dentist would not do anything to put you or your baby at risk.

During pregnancy they use a different kind of anaesthetic injection and probably won't take any x-rays.

Not sure if you are stressing your baby with the pain you're experiencing but I really think you need to sort it out so you don't have to deal with the pain.


Redhelen Wed 22-Jun-05 08:09:33


I had very sore gums in my first 15 weeks - they settled down after. However I now have a wisdom tooth thar keeps trying to grow - I 've been trying to ignore it as I don't want any surgery now I'm 28 weeks - its a pain. I don't believe pain can cross the placenta - put stress hormones do - so try to keep calm. I also understand that Penicillin is safe to take in pregnancy - perhaps you should check with your doctor. Take care HELEN

tiffini Wed 22-Jun-05 09:29:39

Have all you possibly can done, I had problems with my gums while pregnant with twins and ignored it.

When i eventually went to the dentist, it turned out to be gum disease caused by a huge hormonal change in the body.

Now i have to go through a fairly long regime every day in the hope i wont lose my teeth, and i am only 28yrs. Not to mention the huge expense.

Mumfun Thu 23-Jun-05 13:12:18

Thanks for all the info.

Its getting worse so Im going to have to go in for treatment. Im going in tomorrow - lets hope its not too traumatic


Busyalexsmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 14:25:17

best of luck, i had 2 teeth out today which was hell, think baby could sense my fear as it was jumping around like mad all morning! hope it goes well x


chicagomum Thu 23-Jun-05 15:17:56

if you are having gum probs which is common in pg due to hormonal changes it is really important to work hard on your cleaning and would recommend seeing a hygeinist (if there's one at you dentist's otherwise ask him to do it) you're right that there isn't absolute evidence as to what's safe to have done during pg as it would be highly unethical (to say the least!) to "experiment on pg mothers and unborn children, but many a pg woman has had to have diff types of treatment at diff stages and have gone on to give birth to happy/healthy kids. as a general rule i try to do the minimal amount to keep a pt pain free during pregnancy but have given antibiotics done root canal extractions etc when its been necessary, i don't know medically what the effect of stress is on an unborn child but i'm sure 6-7 months of stress and pain can't be good (also once the baby's born it could be ages until get yourself sufficiently organised to make it out the house to see the dentist)

Mumfun Fri 24-Jun-05 06:56:17

thx for reassurance chicagomum and busyalexmummy.

yes I am really good on hygiene now - floss at least daily. hope to keep it up

let you know how it goes


dizietsma Mon 27-Jun-05 01:41:16

For the love of god- DON'T HAVE AN EXTRACTION!

At four and a half months into my pregnancy my dentist convinced me to have a molar removed because "it's best to get it out of the way early on in pregnancy". I spent the next 2 weeks in abject agony as I fought off an infection, I had to have two courses of anitbiotics and the only pain relief I could take was a piddling dose of parcetamol. I'm certain that the stress I was experiencing from the pain did not go down well with my baby, the poor thing.

So, absolutely get rotten teeth drilled, cleaned and filled, but for the sake of your sanity don't risk an extraction in pregnancy. If you think about it an infection is pretty much inevitable as your immune system is suppressed and your mouth is constantly full of bacteria.

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